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Friday, May 12, 2017

"To Whom it May Concern"

            I'm at a the part of my life when at times I think, will this be the last time I'll be doing this, will this be my last move, will this be the last trip I take and so on and so forth… Through the years I have discovered that as you get older, although I don't project into the future, acceptance to what is going to happen in the future becomes part of the thinking process.. Thank God I have learned to let go of the past and keep moving forward. I am always learning by my past mistakes.. Sometimes it takes years to realize that once that bridge is crossed, there is no going back. That brings me to why I am saying these things..
           The other day I received an anonymous, "I don't like you e-mail" from someone who can't forget the past, someone who won't let it go.. So to whom it may concern. You know who you are. Let me start by saying I got sober 40 years ago. Yes, you may think it is a Miracle and it is but not drinking doesn't mean instant brains and because of my drinking my mental growth was stunted and it has taken years for me grow mentally and spiritually as in the case of people who suffered because of the use and abuse of alcohol.  There have been times during the past 40 years that I have said and done things that were not appropriate and yes, I did hurt a few people as time went on. I am so sorry for that however I did not like that you mentioned my AA friends. You know absolutely nothing about them or how it works.  Just remember this, I could have never stayed sober for 40 years without a Higher-power and the support from my friends in AA. They have taught me to be the person I am today. They are my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me..  Again, I want to apologize if I have hurt you in any way… Thank you for understanding but remember "For some of us, it takes a little Longer"..

Monday, May 1, 2017

"Its Almost Time"

This is the newly repaired walkway where I am moving....

By the time you read this it will 7 days till move time and I can't wait. As each day goes by the anticipation gets greater. I told some of my friends here I feel weird about leaving now because I am going to miss them. I've had many hugs and people have shed tears for me because I'm leaving but I must remember I'm off to a more modern place. A home like environment where staff cares about people and helps them in this not so nice world.. I won't shoot this place down anymore because its served its purpose. It was an adventure and just another learning experience.. More on my travels in the future.. I'm thinking about going to South Carolina this summer because I really like it there.. Not to live but to visit some friends that I made when I was there that live in that area.. My life is amazing and I thank God everyday that I am still able jump in my Mustang and go anywhere I want at the drop of a hat.. Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future..

Monday, April 24, 2017


               Someone was angry at me at something that happened about 10 years ago and sent me a scathing EM anonymously.  I know who sent it.. This my response.

        Wow, criticism at something that happened before 2009. Talk about holding a grudge. However, you are not the first one to call me out. There have been others. I don't usually respond to anonymous criticism but thank you for your feedback and I truly and honestly want to apologize for anything I have done with my words or actions to hurt you and yours.. I'm glad you got to share what you did and I hope you feel better. I will pray for you and I really hope you lose all that negative energy.
Good luck and thank you... ~Lar

Comment ...... Many people ruin their health and their lives by taking the poison of bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness. Matthew 18:23-35 tells us that if we do not forgive people, we get turned over to the torturers. If you have a problem in this area or have ever had one, I'm sure you bear witness with what I'm saying. It's torture to have hateful thoughts toward another person rolling around inside your head.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Just remember its the Muslim Terrorists that murdered 3000 people on September 11 that want to infiltrate our country. This is not the 20s, 30's, 40's or 50's. Our country cannot continue to accept undocumented people intent on killing the American people and trying to change our customs and ideals with their primitive Religious ways... Yes, American is the land of the free but not to that element.. These are very dangerous people....

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"I'm Sorry"

Short apology letter I sent to someone named Lily.........No Lily, I never meant any of those things. I apologize if you took it that way. Are you trying to insult me because I said be careful and to think before getting involved in this kind sex? Do you jump in bed with strangers or people you barely know on a whim or fantasy? Are the cameras running when you do this? Are you promiscuous? The question is, why are you being threatening and oppositional? Do you have guilty conscience? Did something happen?

No I never got a reply...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Historical Terrorist Facts"

          Whether you call Pres. Trump's geographic immigration pause or a temporary ban on travelers from Muslim countries or an unconstitutional executive order. However, it does seem appropriate that some cautionary activity is taking place in light of the partial list of attacks shown below. Muslim aggression against the West. Here are a few selected Muslim aggression's against the West. If these battles had not been won, we would most likely be speaking Arabic and Christianity could be non-existent. Judaism certainly would not exist.
          In 732 A.D., the Muslim Army, which was moving on Paris, was defeated and turned back at Tours, France, by Charles Martell. In 1571 A.D., the Muslim Army/Navy was defeated by the Italians and Austrians as they tried to cross the Mediterranean to attack southern Europe in the Battle of Lepanto.
           In 1683 A.D., the Turkish Muslim Army, attacking Eastern Europe, was finally defeated in the Battle of Vienna by German and Polish Christian armies.
           In 1823 Greece revolted against the Ottoman Empire(Muslim) that held Greece for some 400 years. 1919-1922: the Greco-Turkish War of 1919-1922, known as the Western Front.Turkish War of Independence in Turkey and the Asia Minor Campaign, and also known as the Asia Minor Catastrophe. Fought between Greece and the Turkish National Movement during the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire (Muslim) after World War I between May 1919 and October 1922.

Here are some recent historical facts as far back as 2002 not to be forgotten..

1. In 1968, Robert Kennedy was shot and killed by a Muslim male.

2. In 1972, at the Munich Olympics, Israeli athletes were kidnapped and massacred  by Muslim males.

3. In 1972, a Pan Am 747 was hijacked and eventually diverted to Cairo where a fuse was lit on final approach.  Shortly after landing, it was blown up by Muslim males.

4. In 1973, a Pan Am 707 was destroyed in Rome with 34 people killed when it was attacked with grenades by Muslim males. 1973 Rome airport attacks an hijacking were a set of Palestinian terrorist attacks originating at Leonardo da Vinci Airport-Fiumicino International Airport in Rome Italy, resulting in the deaths of 34 people. The attacks began with an airport terminal invasion and hostage-taking, followed by the firebombing of Pan American World Airways Flight 110.

5. In 1979, the United States Embassy in Iran was taken over by Muslim males.

6. During the 1980s, a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by Muslim males.

7.  In 1983, the United States Marine barracks in Beirut, Lebanon was blown up by Muslim males. The 1983 Beirut barracks bombings were terrorist attacks that occurred on October 23, 1983, in Beirut Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing Multinational Force in Lebanon peacekeepers, specifically against United States and French
service members, killing 241 U.S. and 58 French peacekeepers, six civilians and the two suicide attacker, An obscure group calling itself 'Islamic Jihad
claimed responsibility for the bombings and that the bombings were aimed to get the MNF out of Lebanon.

8.  In 1985, the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked, and a 70-year-old American passenger(Jew) was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by Muslim males.

9. In 1985, TWA Flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a United States Navy who was trying to rescue passengers, was murdered by Muslim males.

10. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by Muslim males.

11. In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed for the first time by Muslim males.

12. In 1998, the United States embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim males.

13. On Oct 12, 2000 the USS Cole (DDG-67) was bombed at port-side, while it was being refueled in Yemen harbor. Seventeen American sailors were killed and 39 injured in the deadliest attack against a United States naval vessel since 1987. The Muslim terrorist organization al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack.

14. On 09/11/01, four airliners were hijacked by Muslims in USA.  Two of the planes were used as missiles to take down the World Trade Centers.  One plane crashed into the United States Pentagon, and the other plane was diverted and crashed by the passengers.  Thousands of people were killed by Muslim males.

15. In 2002, reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and beheaded by a Muslim male.  (Plus two other American journalists who were beheaded.) 16. In 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing resulted in four innocent people, including a child, being killed and 264 other people injured by 2 Muslim brothers.