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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

TV Shows I Stopped Watching

Written on Oct. 23rd, 2014 at 5:45 PM
Revenge.. Boring, repetitive and stays in one spot. Parents are greedy, classic rich and evil. They introduce new characters that are not to bright.. Its been on TV much to long. Emily really needs to kill these people.. You kind of know this is going to happen. Not soon enough for me..

“American Horror Story“.. Lots of new faces here that need to learn how to act.. It is fake and you can tell so they try to make it as sick and gross as possible.. Sometimes I wonder who watches this crap.. Need more of a story line, not so much gore. Not scary, it just makes you want to throw up…

“Parenthood“.. People and family enter a room saying “Hey” instead of “Hello” then proceed to talk over each other.. I don’t believe real people are like this.. Of coarse these are not real people.. I know that.. Its become more fake than in the beginning of the series.. Makes you want to go “eeeeooowww”.

“Criminal Minds“.. Much to much violence. Yes, there are serial killers but I don’t believe they are this sick. I think they are making this stuff up for ratings and to give our youth ideas..

I still watch “Boardwalk Empire” but I don’t like where its going… Flashbacks huh, excuse me… Intro is much too long. It needs to be changed… HBO needs new management..

Any of the “CSI” series. Fake all the way.. And you can tell. I haven't watched this in years. I'm surprised its still on. They don’t even try anymore.. They hire has been actors and expect it to work..

“Once Upon a Time“.. This was a wonderful fairy tale story, right out of my book when I was a little kid… Actually looked forward to watching it because of the wonderful memories.. They changed it and made some of the characters badly unrealistic. They made up things not it the book.. They didn’t stick to what the character really was.. That turned me off cold.. I even deleted all the ones I downloaded..

Most of these shows are just that, Shows… Fodder for the ads, commercials and copy cats.. Thank god I don't pay for any of this stuff....

Monday, December 12, 2016

"Dead Drug Dealer Pablo Escobar"

              How many people died of addiction because of this Bastard..

Friday, December 2, 2016

Cemetery in Stonington Connecticut

Cemetery in Stonington Connecticut next door to the Stonington High School in the summer of 2015. Its overgrown with weeds now a year later...

Sunday, August 14, 2016


  Modern industrialization is no longer about steam power, ocean ships, and railways. It’s about herd immunization, the mass drugging of our population, and the industrialized production of cheap, storable food. We’ve ended up with an entire society getting sicker and sicker while the industrial powers get richer and richer. What were once considered farfetched conspiracy theories are now being shown to be stark irrefutable realities. Serious illnesses have been on a steep incline since the number of mandated vaccines has skyrocketed (starting with infants within their first hours of life) coupled with the advent of GMO foods since the mid 1990’s. But if anyone dares question these remarkable correlations then they are labeled anti-science and ignorant. We used to brag that we had the most remarkable healthcare system in the world, the last example of a great private healthcare system. Now we are waking up to the fact that we don’t have a private system, we have a pharmaceuticalized system and it has created the sickest species ever to inhabit this earth…our children. Your food, your health, your family’s health has been bought.

Comment  ..........  Today the United States is in the middle of a pharmaceutical, drug, alcohol, and electronic epidemic. They don’t want you to know this…Take a pill to feel good and if you feel good then have a drink to celebrate feeling good. Have a drink to watch a sport or celebrate a win… They want you to think If you don’t drink you will feel alone and left out because everybody drinks and takes pills.…This is what they are programming young minds to do. Kids actually think this is what real people do. They don’t want you to be an individual they want you to the join the crowd and spend, spend, spend. That is what they are really saying. They don't care who lives or who dies.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

This Bill Cosby Pervert Thing

Can't get this Cosby thing out of my mind. When I worked at Bradley Airport I met him passing through the Terminal building going on my daily chores as Airport Electrician. Of all the so-called recognizable actors and actresses I have met he was the most aloof. During those years at the Airport I have met my share of entertainers from Liberace, Sugar Ray Leonard and Robert Ryan just to mention a few.. Gene Pitney and I had coffee together in the coffee shop every time he traveled the world...
      I would say that Cosby's attitude at the time was stand offish. Like I'm better than you. All those other famous people were very social and shook my hand with a big smile saying something nice.. I had no idea Cosby was a predator that preyed on very young white actresses for oral sex. At that point in American history 60s, 70s, that was really not the thing to do. I guess being a token black actor at the time had its advantages... I think its behavior like this that sets a bad example for everyone not just black youth. They will continue to be called a "they" and not a "we" ... if behavior like this continues... I know that at the time I did not like him for treating me like he did. I remember seeing him a few times getting into a Limo on the lower level. And so again what goes around comes around. As it turns out, all he is a perverted dirty old man who used his popularity at the time and took advantage, embarrassed and hurt young woman. He got caught with his pants down... You could have at least said hello to me, Billy...

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lawyers and Corruption

There is a new phenomenon in this country…New Laws are being made that circumvent existing laws to fit the crimes of the politicians, the rich and famous or anybody that fits certain profiles. I will give you an example. In doing my research, yes, I do research. I have read and seen this happen, down through the years. The same crimes, lesser penalties. Special prisons for certain criminals. Years ago if you were a foreigner. Are you ready for this? You were deported if you committed a crime. Try that now. I think everyone guilty of committing a crime belongs in a Federal or State prison. Nothing in the middle. Do you want to save a few bucks? Close all those country club jails. Send the so-called white collar criminals (woman included ) to a real prison with no special privileges. I think a few years with a bunk-mate named Bubba or Abdul will help deter future crimes from that individual. More importantly the crimes committed by our politicians should be exposed immediately and the suspect sent to his home state until the problem is rectified. No press conferences whining about the miscarriage of justice they are being accused of. If you put yourself in a position for bad things to happen it usually does. The idea is when you are elected by the people and sent to Washington you to try to represent the people fairly and be a decent human being by setting an example for the good people of this country…It would also be a good idea to stop the lawyers from running this country and give it back to the people.