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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Angry Nation"

Yes, we voted for this President for change and I actually had tears in my eyes when he got elected. I thought things were going to get better. What we got was someone who changed America into a nation of discouraged, angry and resentful people. This is his legacy so far….We have two major nations talking Nuclear weapons. Instead of talking peace about Korea, we send an aircraft carrier over there to intimidate them. We have thousands of American troops and equipment scattered all over the world costing billions in dollars and American lives. Crime and drug use In America are at a all time high and no seems to care. Psychopath Terrorists are coming out of the woodwork here trying to blow up Christmas tree ceremonies and Times Square. Gasoline is over $3 dollars a gallon. Illegal aliens are running around all over the place. Welfare is out of control. Our brilliant American kids are graduating High School and College and are working in fast food or as cashiers in other low paying jobs. Sometimes I think it’s a big conspiracy to get young people to join the military.Think about that. We are practically stripped searched if we want to fly anywhere and we are spied on from places you can’t even imagine. Buy something on the internet and you take the chance of having your identity stolen. There is more corruption and debt than you have ever seen or will ever be able to pay back. He froze government employee wages but did he freeze the Senators and Congressmen's wages? These people should voluntarily give up their annual raises for 5 years and donate their salary to the poor. This bunch of thieves could live on what the lobbyist's give them every year or the tax free money they get under the table. I was wondering, who pays for the bullet proof limo they ride around in? How about the private jet? If you think these bastards are going to be hand searched or x-rayed, think again. Who pays for their free medical insurance? And let me tell you its not the cheap kind. They don’t deserve what they get. Yes, I understand there are those that don’t believe they are corrupt. In Connecticut alone we have had a Governor not too long ago who went to prison and the Mayor of our capital city was just convicted of corruption. The new Mayor of Hartford Connecticut is a gay lawyer! Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just another thing to think about. Did you know we have a Drug Czar? His name is Gil Kerlikowske. His annual salary is about $170,000. That’s $3270 dollars a week plus free full medical and a 3 week vacation. Does it look like this moron has done anything to stop the flow of drugs coming into this country. The rumor is he for legalizing medical marijuana. If true, we will have rehabs and halfway houses on every corner. How about the Military? He should cut their pay too. Shouldn’t he?….How about his pay check? He makes $400,000 a year. That’s $7692 dollars a week and he gets a free house and the plane of his choice, plus meals, body guards and every fringe benefit known to man. They are all government employees. They may not realize this but they work for you and me. If they can abuse the the public trust, they can afford a pay cut. This is not a free country anymore and it hasn't been for a long time. We are being held hostage here in America by security cameras, x-ray searches, pat downs, crime, greed and dishonesty. Do they even teach kids to be honest in the schools today? I pledge allegiance to the flag….Wait, can I still say that???… Oh well, In God we trust. Wait! don’t shoot, I only mentioned God…Please hold your fire…. OMG, 2 more freaking years of his rhetoric, nonsense and lies.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Subliminal Suggestions"

Its common sense. If you don’t buy anything the prices will go down. That’s the way it is. You should wait to buy the big stuff until after the first of January because new technology will be coming out in electronics, including phones and TV’s. You should pay off your credit cards now to have one less bill at the end of the month. Oh, and yes , if every one did this the interest rates will go down. Its not true that you have to buy and spend to help the economy. That’s a lie. In fact the less you spend the more it helps. These days its all about them saying how much money they earned during the holiday season. How much the suckers and fools will spend. Things have to change in order for it to get better. To help the economy do not charge anything to your credit card! Pay cash only! If you can’t pay for it, don’t buy it. With all the products and stores out there you can always find what you want or need a little cheaper somewhere else. If not, wait, you will probably find out you don’t need it or want it anyways. Before you buy anything really expensive think about it overnight before you make the decision to buy it. Mute all the commercial's on the the TV. The subliminal suggestions are programing you to spend. Its like an addiction. Over and over, on and on the same thing again and again. The advertising agency's know this. Years ago this type of advertising was illegal. Even then they didn’t have any morals or respect for you. Now they will do anything and I mean anything make you spend, just to get your money. Remember, these greedy bastards will say anything to suggest that you spend and buy stuff you don’t need. They don’t care about you, in fact they want you to suffer later so you have to spend and charge more to get better. It’s all a game to them. They have even changed the name from “Customer” to “Consumer”. Take a close look at that word. Its demining and insulting. You have become that part of society that spends, so the greedy can live in those big houses that you always see in the country. How many times have you wondered how they can afford to live in that big house with the three car garage in that town or area? I’ll bet you have even said that. Well, that's how they get the money. From you and where do you live and where did you think they got the money? Its borderline stealing. A con game. Anything goes. Years ago there were rules. Today anything or anybody is fair game. See, the word “Game” keeps popping up. It’s the game of selling. When you were buying something has anyone ever asked you if you can afford it or if you buy it will you still be able to pay your rent or have the money to buy gas for the week to go to work. Think about the heat, now that its the winter and how much that’s going to cost. Can you still pay for that? Will you have buyers remorse the next day if you buy anything? They indirectly inflict worry, depression and pain on you and laugh about it while you go to your Doctor for your anti-depressants and pain pills. Try this…Instead of spending, if you can, save your money, even if its only nickels and dimes. Believe me you are going to need it in the future because the American government is trying to extend the Social Security age. If and when they do and that happens find the tallest building or the highest bridge because all those material things you bought and who you bought them from is not going to help you.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

2005 Ford Mustang

Take a ride in my 2005 Mustang. Turn up the speakers for the full effect and the sound of the engine with the K&N filter and 5 speed auto transmission going through the gears. Top speeds during this ride are 100 MPH. The surprising thing is it there is so much left after it shifts into fifth gear......Enjoy, Life is short...


This is a letter I sent yesterday in response to a friend of mine about her thoughts about this Holiday Season.

Wow, I’m glad you got all that off your chest…Baby, as you get older the less and less you will actually want to be involved in the hum-drum of the Holidays. Its not the way it was and it will never be. We had it the best. Those dinners we made for Thanksgiving will never be the same, we did it the best and have the memories to prove it. Don’t try to make it like it was, it’s a waste of time. Christmas? Again, we had the best. Very few, if any people today have no time for tradition. They know nothing of the Baby Jesus. They don’t know what that is or how beautiful it is. When we gave a gift to someone it meant something. The only thoughts we had were to make someone genuinely happy. Greed was not the modification. I hate, I literally hate what its become…All the stores, black Friday. Its all bait and gimmicks to get people in the stores to max out their credit cards. People are so blind with greed they can’t see the marked up prices and will buy things for themselves and spend money they haven’t got for gifts that no one cares about. Now more stores are open on Thanksgiving and they want to sell booze on Sundays. Its all about greed and taking your money. I will not be called a consumer. Its demeaning and degrading. I only buy what I need, when I need it and only if I need it.…I will never, ever help pay for the debt this country is in or spend so someone can fatten their bank account. Only so they can say they have more money than the next person. Today its all about the ability to take your money so they can say they did. They lie, cheat and steal in Washington and it goes on from coast to coast in every State. Illinois has been notorious for that for years. You know that. Just look at your ex-governor. Welfare is out of control and you are paying for all those illegal’s that are working those minimum wage jobs in fast food. Yes, the jobs the high school kids should have but the illegal’s have so they qualify for medical and welfare money from the State. I am hearing talk now about your Social Security. As it is, the Seniors have not had a meager cost of living adjustment in 3 years. Think about that! When can you retire? Better look into it…I think you will be working till your 68 or 70. Who wants to hire a person that age? Can you hold a job that long? Believe me you won’t want to do that. Its really bad out there…You can take that to the bank. Its about all you will be able to take. Thank you for your nice long letter….I love it…

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"North Korea"

North Korea! Things don’t look so good. We have troops there on the 38th parallel. Someone said 60,000. I could be wrong. Let me refresh your memory. We, the United States fought a conflict there in 1950 where 52,000 U.S. troops were killed and 670,000 were wounded. There was a big debate on whether to call it a war or a conflict. You be the judge. It was a political decision on what to call it because at the time, when the Politian's did listen on occasion to what the people wanted, the people of this country did not want war and didn’t want to go there. So at first they called it a conflict and said we were going to help them a little. There was a lot of finger pointing and denial on why we were there in the first place. During this war/conflict, there were huge issues where the North Koreans killed prisoners of war. They tied the wrists of the American prisoners with bailing wire and shot them in the head..The so-called peace talks (negotiations) went on for months. Years later, in 1968 the North Koreans captured a spy ship called the U.S.S. Pueblo. That incident almost put us on the brink of another war with them. They still have this ship and use it as a tourist attraction. One night I looked for it in North Korea on Google earth and found it. Its still there. Commander Lloyd M. Bucher was in command at the time it was captured in North Korean waters. We negotiated for a long time to get the ships crew back. The Commander died in 1968. We don’t need a war with the North Koreans but I guess we have a commitment to protect South Korea. I don’t know the details. I started hearing rumblings from that corner of the world about a year ago, thinking we had better be careful. These folks talk Nuclear like they talk about rice. What's happening could be the start of something really big and I don’t like what they are not saying. This administration better not screw this up. I’m sort of glad George isn’t in the White House because he would be looking for weapons of mass destruction and finding them this time…

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Lately I haven’t been doing anything and I am at a loss for words..I mean there are so many things but I just don’t know what to do or say. I’m just feeling blah…Anyways, Willie is doing good. I suppose I’d better not say anything. You never know..A cat is a cat. He will always have a little tiger in him…I have been walking on the beach every day. I have a heavy winter coat in the car and I actually used it the other day..Yesterday was nice so I didn’t need it. I remember when I was a kid I started writing a journal. Of coarse I wasn't successful. Think of the irony of that and what I do now. Almost a 1000 consecutive days of writing. Who would ever thought I could be successful at that. Lately, as I have been walking on the beach I have been thinking about the future for me and of coarse all of us...We are here on earth for such a short period of time it really doesn't matter. We will all have a legacy of sort but will soon disappear literally. We will actually be forgotten and if you think what you are doing now or did in the past will be remembered, forget it because everybody else will. Even the famous of not too long ago are not remembered. I told my Grandson a while ago that when he combed his hair a certain way he looks like JFK and he replied “Who's that Grandpa”? Did any of you remember JFK was assassinated 47 years ago on November 22,1963. Did you think of him yesterday? See what I mean? Even he is gone….Wow, that is sad. The kids and young people of the past few years have nothing to compare those years with except a few drug addict movie stars or singers. What a legacy that is. I’ll bet their parents are so proud. What is going on today is disgraceful and is changing too fast. I put a Wikipedia link below just in case you don’t know who JFK was…

Monday, November 22, 2010


Today its breakfast with friends and I can’t wait…I went out to a dinner party Saturday night and I had a wonderful time...It was sort of a pre-thanksgiving fun time with my other family…Today I’ll go hang with that same group. Notice I didn’t say anything about the Giants. After losing to the Eagles last night I have just about given up on them. Not much else going on here. Its like a void or that waiting period before a Holiday, feeling anticipation. Its one of those days that I don’t feel like writing. In the meantime I‘ll kick back and upload some TV shows and movies from last night…I don’t like saying that, the writing part but its true so I’ll finish here…

Sunday, November 21, 2010


11/7/2010...A few words about the game of football. Lately there have been fines for certain types of hitting and hurting players. This has been going at least once a season for years. Players have been crippled for life and some have walked away OK but have never played again because of career ending hits…All sad but true. I have seen it many times. Players play because they want to and they know the risks very well. They get paid huge amounts money to endure the pain of the game and believe me there is plenty to endure. I don’t care what position you play, it literally takes a week to recover from the pain and stiffness of a game. The uniforms and protective equipment were designed in some cases for each individual player.This is a sport that most of these guys have trained their whole lives to play. From a very young age playing Midget football, High school through college they compete to get that prestigious job as a player in the National Football League. Take my word for it, its in all their minds and dreams. Some make it, most don’t. Its always that way, they pick the best of the best to play …The moral of the story here is they know the risks and they know the bottom line. They train with the best trainers and coaches with the best medical care and doctors. A $50,000 fine to you and me is devastating but to a player it’s a minor issue. That player will do a commercial for a beer company and make that back in a afternoon times ten…Its more of a warning than anything else. To who? I really don’t know. The commission has been doing this for as long as I remember. It will never stop because the integrity of the game will be lost.

"18,362,831 hits"

There was a time when I would look for and find the most insane thing in the news to write about. Now its all crazy and I’m at loss of where to begin…Its really bad out there. Here is an example..It occurred to me yesterday that not only do surveillance cameras watch every move we make in every possible way. I have even written about that a few times before. Now they touch us in the most intimate parts of our body before we fly in a commercial airplane. I mean who would take a job that involves touching people in their private areas? So if you didn't feel dirty before you got to the airport you will when you leave. Under the guise of protecting us, now they are invading our privacy in every way shape or form. Now that’s crazy. We are characterized, numbered and photographed. Statistically they know what we will do or won’t do now or in the future. We are watched on the highways, stores, roads and even when we walk on the sidewalk. Google watches us from satellites in space. In the more sophisticated versions the Government not only watches us from space but listens to our cell calls and monitors our computer activity. Who in Gods name told them they could do that. They are supposed to be watching the bad guys. The only people who don’t have to be subjected to be x-rayed or pawed over are the rich and the folks who can afford a private jet…I wonder who will have the first see through x-ray on YouTube of a famous person? I can see it now…Lady Gaga naked in x-ray form or Angelina Jolie being patted around her crotch and boob area. Imagine that on YouTube with 18,362,831 hits…

Saturday, November 20, 2010

" Bar Code Amy"

Long Comment................Before I went north yesterday, I went to the library and spoke to the lady who has the daughter the works for the publisher. Its amazing how I find out these things. She said, That she would ask her daughter if she would look at my manuscript or give it to the person who would“. Its nice to know someone with a connection like that. Just to have gone this far makes me happy.
Shortly after that I went to Wal-Mart for some things and when I went to pay I met “Cashier Amy“………. I said “Hi cashier Amy, how are you“ ? She replied with a cute smile, “I’m fine sir but I’m not a cashier…..Its at this point I wondered why it said on her name tag “Hi my name is Amy” and right under that, the word Cashier written in black letters on a yellow background and she was on the cash register. So I asked her with my best smile. I said, “Why does it say cashier on your name tag“. “I don’t work in the front anymore I work in the back and I just haven’t taken it off the thing yet.” She said looking and pointing at the badge. “Oh, then how are they going to know what you do?” “Are you going to have the bar code on your neck or on the inside of your arm? Wait a minute…….Now, you probably realize I’m kidding, right. I am saying this to her and I am very serious and really trying not to smile…Meanwhile this kid is serious when she replies, “I not going to let them put any tattoos on me“, and in the next breath says, “Piercing I don’t mind but not tattoos“. I said, “You do know that sooner or later that’s going to happen, Wal-Mart always wants to know where its employees are and what they are doing”. At this point I said, “Sooner or later they will tell you to do that“. Its either that or you won’t have a job. She seriously agreed and the line was getting longer. I left before I started laughing …..In the future this will happen…..I said the other day, that there so many people in this country that we don’t know who are enemies are….The only solution is a neat little bar code or a GPS implant somewhere on your body….They have them on dogs and cats why not humans? It just makes sense….Cashier Amy wasn’t shocked and she actually thought I was serious. To her the idea was just one of those things that will happen sooner or later and acceptable……How do you know there isn’t some kind of locater on your body right now? A microscopic pin point that can hear and find you…….Wait, there is and its called a cell phone…..Wait again, the reason the Government doesn’t care how many people there are in this country is…What’s the first thing they buy when they get to this country? A cell phone…Wow…. I could be on to something……………..


Comment......... I was half listening to the TV as I was typing this morning and someone was saying something about people dieing, gunfire, explosions and lots of smoke and fire….Half listening and just about ready to mute the TV I glanced up………They were talking about Chicago Ill……………L.J. Ferrari

"Mermaids Tears"

I have a new hobby….Wanna guess what it is?….. I have become a Sea Glass collector. That’s right Sea Glass. So far I have found no pieces of this kind of glass. When I am wandering the beaches I look for this rare piece and hope to find some soon. I’m not alone out there looking. There are always a few of us “Beachcombers“, yes, that title comes along with being a glass collector looking for this rare find. It’s a time consuming craft and the only risk is a nice tan or breathing in all that sea air…..I don’t care its worth it. My next project will be finding a suitable container for all the treasures I will find……For your information only and in case you want to become a collector I’ve put a link to Wikipedia so that you can tell this a very serious hobby. Everyone is welcome. There are thousands of miles of beaches to explore. Actually, I started looking for these “Sea Gems” about two weeks ago and so far I have found only a few, almost ready pieces….Just, not qualified enough to become “Mermaids Tears” so I threw them back into the ocean so that maybe in a 100 years or so someone else can find them….Today I will look for a container to store my treasures…Good luck to all you future glass hunters and I hope you find that elusive piece you have been looking for your whole life….. L.J. Ferrari

"The Real Questions"

"The Real Questions"

I must come from a different world. A world where common sense and morality rule over the insane behavior and ridiculous decision making. A world where consequences are what I think about before I do something stupid...I am not going to live forever but that doesn’t mean I take unnecessary chances. I say all that thinking of all the people that have never learned that life is short and when you die you don’t comeback like your favorite actor in the movies. If continue doing the same dumb things over and over you will die. Pain is real…Death is forever. Because of Utube a lot of the dumb or dumber are being hurt or losing their lives…..I’d like to be around for a little while longer...
Yesterday the car was fixed and it cost less than expected. Not much less but less. It didn’t take as long. Now its back in Mustang form and all systems are go….After thinking about it, the problem started a long time ago because the performance has improved 100% in other areas. Fixing one problem fixed others. It doesn’t do what it did before, it seems tighter and quicker and it corners with confidence. The test will be today when I go to visit my son and friends…

Comment……Last night the President talked about a BP and how bad the oil leak is but did he say when it would be stopped? Did he say if it can be stopped ? Did he say what we are going to do if its never stops? His pointless chatter was politically motivated and he did not try to help anyone but himself. He knows now that money can’t fix everything. Oh, don’t get me wrong your taxes will escalate and prices will go up in subtle ways. When the panic starts and there will be panic, if it leaks forever. Crime and death will prevail….Wait till it starts to effect other countries. Wait till everybody from the Gulf States moves to your home town because of the sickening smell of oil on the coast line…Wouldn’t it be fun to have the population of New Orleans move to your city or town? ….Think of all the wonderful barrooms they would build. You would have to build more schools too for all those great kids.. Hey, anything is possible in our messed country…Hang in there guys things are going to get really slippery…..

"Still Leaks"

"Still Leaks"

The Mustang is running good. The trip was as expected…Great. I love when things go uneventful except for good things. Well, I suppose that when you hang around with nice people that are intelligent and have seen the consequences. It Happens that way…
Still no word on when the leak will be stopped. Its always all about the money its going to cost. That’s all right but I want to know when this oil leak will be stopped. Is it going to leak forever? Does he know the answer to that question and won’t say anything? I think so. I think they are afraid to say. BP pacifies the crowd by talking about how much they stopped so far. How long is the question? They call it a spill. Its not a spill, it’s a leak and it continues to leak, 59 days worth of leak. They try to deflect the news by talking about those poor well workers. Its about that but they need to say when will they will stop it. Even our President uses the time on TV to talk about the money and political issues….I don’t care about his future ! I care about the wild life and the ecosystem. Now its, we are, get this, picking up the leaking oil and by July expect to be picking up more. Did I hear that right? Nothing about stopping the leak….Picking up oil and selling clam cakes is the last thing I want to hear about. Its not our fault that you chose to fish for a living. Did you think it was going to last forever? Dude ! Welcome to the real world…. Meanwhile the Gulf of Mexico gets blacker and blacker. The sea life fades away and dies and the commercials keep running…Its like OK it happened, its leaking lets move on. This needs to be fixed. Maybe they will when the oil slick starts to move up the East coast in the Gulf stream and down to South America. Lets see how much oil PB can pick up then. Having said all that, I think it almost time for the “Future News”

Mean while Its time for breakfast for some sane friends…Hang in there guys, they are coming at you from every angle…..

"Lies and Promises"

Three months to go before the election and I’m already sick of the political commercials. Hell, they started these things 6 months ago. The continuous flow of lies and promises is stomach turning...Think about this! Who would want to be a political pawn these days except someone who is motivated by greed and self-interest? The last honest politician I have ever met was my brother, he was a 4 term Connecticut legislator. Last night I didn’t turn on the television. Honestly, I didn’t. I watched commercial free movies, (26 inch monitor) on the internet and I think I found a new movie site… I’ll send you the link Adam….On Hulu they have 30 second spots which I mute so it isn’t that bad. That is where I watch my favorite TV shows…What I do now is watch morning TV, well actually what I see out of the corner of my eye are figures moving silently around the screen because its muted most of the time…Later, in a month or so, the plan with the big TV, (“40 inches”), is to watch the world series if the Red Sox play and all the Football I can no matter who plays. The best news I heard this morning was that they are getting rid of those obnoxious fools on “American Idol”. Where do I send my praise and thank you’s? The even better news is they are being replaced by my favorite kind of people….One of the best Rock singers in the world and a great actress….The news I’m waiting for is that they are getting rid of Ghetto Nick Cannon. The other person on “Americas got talent“ he certainty is not the host as he pretends to be. …He couldn’t make as a rapper so. I don’t how he qualifies as a pretend host. His bio on Wikipeda is like an inch wide. Hell mine is at least 2 inches…Just kidding….I try to watch because some of the people who try out are very good. I have to turn it off because of his monotonous drivel. OK, OK, I’ll stop but he is such a waste of time and space but I had to say it and I feel better now…..Later guys….


…Last night I stopped for gas and was surprised that an American young woman was behind the register. I commented that I was astonished, and after months of buying gas that it was a real American that was working in this convenience store gas station . Nancy told me that “Cumberland Farms” was owned and operated by an American family and she would only work for Americans. She has a bumper sticker that says that on the Chevy pick-up she drives. We got to talking and it seems she feels like I do. In fact everywhere I go I mention the Arizona illegal issue and, now get this, NO ONE DISAGREES. Everyone has their own horror story…Not one person is on the side of the illegal’s and that’s a good thing. Everyone comments about their displeasure with doing something, it could be just walking down the street or being at an event and feeling like they are in a different country. Some have said they are afraid and just go home…Usually I let national issues go or leave it to the crooked politicians to get paid under the table to take care of these things…This is something we can’t let go. Real Americans are suffering because our government refuses to act and deport the illegal’s. More and more States are getting involved so this is very far from over. This problem is more than just another issue and will not go away by burying your head in the sand…We have a President who looks the other way while real Americans suffer and pay…Real Americans with no jobs. Tax dollars being spent on stimulating the economy and saying that its starting to get better. They have been saying that months. News Flash….. Its NOT going to get better. They are the only ones who believe that, it’s a lie.…I don’t believe this President. The only thing he is good at is talking in circles… All the candidates that are running for office are talking about having a plan for getting everyone jobs. If you want to win an election and you really had a solution share that information now before the election. When am I going to hear one of these wanna-be future crooked politicians say, sorry folks there are no jobs available because there are just too many people and not enough things to do. Hey, you can only have so many fast food restaurants and landscaping jobs. Sorry folks but the illegal’s are doing the things that you did before. It must be true because one of the Bush Presidents said that. They should be saying…If you vote for me I can’t promise anything unless something is done with all the foreigners that are here illegally here in this country. Send me to Washington so I can sign legislation that will reinforce the law that only citizens can be in this country. Then we can deport all the non-citizens and ease the strain on our pocketbooks and stabilize our economy. Only then will there will be jobs….Remember, with the over population in this country there can only be so many opportunities and nothing for the American People.

"Government's Fault"

The windows on the car look great. Its like riding around in the shade.Today a trip to my son’s house is in order…..Comment… In my state, a guy with a gun went to work yesterday morning and killed 8 people…To exploit this, TV is saying it was racial. The truth is he stole something, it was on tape and they fired him. It was a normal day in this country and it gave the police a chance the bring out their armored vehicles and swat team… Things are not good anywhere…I read all my friends posts and there are, more than normal who don’t have a job. Not having a job used to be sort of, one of life’s little problems. Its much different today. These young people CANNOT find a job. I read their journals and can feel the pain and desperation in the words. I want to help them all but even I can’t find the words. They only thing I can say is keep trying….Its our governments fault that you can’t find work so I encourage you to apply for every one of the programs in your state to get benefits. Its OK to do this. Welfare, food stamps, health benefits, rental rebate, energy assistance or anything, anything your Town and State will pay for.. Including weekly food at the food bank. Don’t be proud you will be surprised to see many of your classmates or friends there… Its not easy anywhere anymore…You are not alone and its not your fault…Treat it like a job because it is….Again, please try not to be proud….Just do it…


..…About this election…Have my questions been answered? Lets see…Welfare? Is anyone going to fix the welfare system so if you are unemployed you can only get food if you are a citizen of this country. I mean, “Only food”, not cash, cigarettes and clothes? Are there going to be any rules about how long you can be in this country before its mandatory to become a citizen, say for example, 6 months. If you don’t become one and learn English you are deported back to where you came from. Has anyone talked about no more bailouts no matter who you are or who you know! If you are going out of business, you go out of business. That includes Wall Street or any of the major car companies or insurance companies. When these places are going out of business, believe me, it usually means the bonuses were too big or the money was stolen by the CEO’s. No bailouts means anybody and everybody! No bailouts for anyone! Has anyone mentioned punishment for corrupt politicians or those guilty of crimes while serving in the public trust or having a stiffer prison term in a real prison? There are signs on the side of the road, “Fines Doubled” for speeding in a work zone. For corrupt politicians when they take the oath of office it should say “Sentences Doubled” if caught betraying the public trust. Has anyone talked about bringing the troops home from anywhere and everywhere? Has anyone talked about the price of gas, now at $3.00 a gallon and going up? How about heating oil? Has anyone even mentioned that? I didn’t hear anything about terrorism in this country. We haven’t had any bombs go off in the Malls but the crime rate is out of control. There are mass murders everywhere. The question is, who doesn’t have a Swat team in their town or city and why do they have one? The Suicide rare is climbing, husbands are killing wives, children are killing children. Bullying is out of control and real anger is everywhere. Has anyone talked about drug abuse, smuggling drugs and the drug wars and death on our borders and in the cities in this country. Have they mentioned the thousands of sick young addicts that die and are dying as I write this? Have they talked about over population and highways jammed with cars. When was the last time anyone of these morons went to work in the morning rush hour? Hell, when was the last time they didn’t use the Limo or private jet should be the question? Do any of these fools know how much it really cost per week to feed a family of four or heat a 3 bedroom house? I don’t think so. Did they talk about how they make a 2 or 4 year job into a lifetime and retire with a full pension and full medical? Did they talk about the benefits of that job and their $3000 dollar suits? I don’t think so…What they talked about was each other and what they did and didn’t do. According to the commercials they are crooks and liar’s before they get to Washington! Its all denial and lies! It will never change. They are experts at giving answers without giving answers…No! They didn’t answer any of my questions and I didn't expect them to….

Friday, November 19, 2010


11/10/2010...My drill instructor used to say, actually yelled “The U.S. Army is about uniformity and discipline!” That’s how it began and I learned what that was and it stuck with me. In other words each man is the property of the U.S. government and will look the same and that means dress the same every day, unless of coarse you are told to do different. What I’m trying to say here is, sorry about the type size and color lately…As you know by now I like uniformity but sometimes I have to expedite and leave. I need to get the job done without all the perfection. Its like, always being on time…Lately I am arriving at places just a little late to break up the monotony of becoming predictable…I think I’m going through some kind of change. That happens once and a while and I can actually feel it…I still have the need apologize but that’s just me.

Yesterday morning I went to leave and the battery was dead in the Mustang..No panic and after looking it over, checking things out and some thought, I realized that I couldn’t have left anything on because in that car after a short period of time it would shut off automatically. I figured out that the battery had died. It had a 6 year life and with all the electronics in that car 6 years is a long time. It was then I called AAA. He came to my house in about 40 minutes…The guy put his electronic gizmos on the posts and sure enough it had a dead cell. 20 minutes and a Hundred and twenty dollars later I was the proud owner of a brand new battery with a 3 year full replacement guarantee. The best part is I didn’t get mad. I was glad that I had AAA insurance. As you know, I don’t name products, stores, or restaurants unless they are really good. Well, AAA in this area is great. They are fast, expensive yes but I didn’t feel like the price was that high considering he came to the house checked every thing out and installed the battery. Now I feel confident and having this type of protection is a absolute must…Thank you AAA…

“Code of Conduct”

I live my life by certain rules. Its more of a “Code of Conduct” than anything else. I said that to someone the other day and surprised myself. I started to think about it and this is what I came up with. I mean, I know that there are things I won’t do or lines I won’t cross. Its also knowing the consequences that prevents me from upsetting the apple cart.

1. I must realize that I can’t control the things that happen around me or the decisions that other people make.

2. I have to remember each day, that somewhere there is a God that will help me to NOT wonder why everything is happening, not only to me but to everyone else.

3. I must remember each day to let that God take care of me and the people around me but I cannot to stop caring about everyone.

4. Take a long look at myself and my behavior now and in the past and try not to repeat the negative things.

5. Discuss and tell the truth to someone or my God about my negative behavior.

6. I have the desire and the ability to let past discretions be forgiven and not to hold grudges.

7. I must have humility realizing that everything isn’t always about me.

8. If necessary make a list, on paper of people I have hurt or have been at fault for hurting.

9. I will apologize to the people that I have offended, not getting anyone angry while doing this. This could be complicated but it is possible.

10. Each day I must remember the things I have done and if I do anything to hurt someone voluntarily or involuntarily, immediately admit it and apologize.

11. I must work on these rules each day, not expecting things to change overnight.

12. Having discovered that by living by this code, I should be helping others with kindness and patience and living each day being tolerant with everyone.


The only good thing about this Charles Rangel thing in Washington is that he will be forever be known as just another crooked thief politician. His family will feel the shame of his greed and dishonesty. His legacy will be another poor example to the black people he represented and the blacks that fill the majority of the prisons we pay taxes for. He is in the category of, Oh! him he's just another crook like the rest of them. You would think because he's black he would be more vigilant and careful but no he's just like the rest the scum that’s locked up. Charlie just slipped through the cracks and blended in with the rest until he got caught. So instead of being a drug dealer he's worse! He’s a crooked public servant who betrayed the American people and cares only for himself, disregarding the people he serves. I have got to be careful how I use the word servant. I don’t want Charlie to say I’m picking on him because he’s black…


Someone paid me a compliment yesterday and it made my day, hell it made my week. Its hard to explain what it was. It was something that I suggested to her and she actually talked about me and what I said in a speech she made to a of a group of people. It was about something I taught her and she mentioned my name and where to go to see me. This is the second time this has happened that I know about and I am so pleased that I am getting to someone and they are learning. I realize that my experience in what I do is vast and at times overwhelming to some people but when I hear that I have touched someone in this way I feel like I am accomplishing something and maybe saving someone from a life of misery. I needed that compliment yesterday. When the holidays roll around I get, well its not depressed but wishing my family was closer, not in distance but in friendliness..I know I am not alone with these feelings and some of it is my fault but it could be better. I have many friends in fact I am going to a dinner party Saturday night. These people are my second family and I love them all like they were blood relations. I have been invited to 3 parties so far this Holiday. Its hard to say no so I’m not going to.. I am going to go to as many as I can. No, I’m not a famous or an important person and its difficult to write about myself like this. This is not really about me it’s about a brave young lady doing something that is really hard to do. I just gave her a nudge to point her in the right direction and I feel good about that…


The only good thing about this Charles Rangel thing in Washington is that he will be forever be known as just another crooked thief politician. His family will feel the shame of his greed and dishonesty. His legacy will be another poor example to the black people he represented and the blacks that fill the majority of the prisons we pay taxes for. He is in the category of, Oh! him he's just another crook like the rest of them. You would think because he's black he would be more vigilant and careful but no he's just like the rest the scum that’s locked up. Charlie just slipped through the cracks and blended in with the rest until he got caught. So instead of being a drug dealer he's worse! He’s a crooked public servant who betrayed the American people and cares only for himself, disregarding the people he serves. I have got to be careful how I use the word servant. I don’t want Charlie to say I’m picking on him because he’s black…