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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Thanksgiving

           Holidays have always cause me to think of my past and how fortunate I am to have had such a wonderful family and memories.. For as long as I can remember I have had a dreamy relaxing history and a life of peace and rewards.  From all the places I've lived. All the small towns and quiet country settings. The places I have worked and the wonderful friends I've made. I remember being very young and in the beginning my Dad pointing me in the right direction. He has given me a life one could only pray for. I can remember being loved, pampered and taken care of by my Mom. I remember my beautiful Aunt Mary and both of my Grandmothers and my Grandfather and how much I was loved and cared for with hugs and kisses.. From my short pants and suspenders to the Catholic Church and the real beauty and feeling of a Christmas season. I remember Aunt Ann and Uncle Francis, Aunt Grace and Uncle John, Uncle Joe and Aunt Helen, Uncle Louie and Aunt Betty. I was blessed with the most wonderful family ever. I can remember each and every smile and hug and when they greeted me as a little boy.  Those memories are loving precious moments and treasures and something I will always have. They become more vivid every day... Now I have Cathy. No one will ever understand what a blessing that is...
                                                      Happy Thanksgiving  Everyone...
                                                                 Thought to Ponder . . .
                              "There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude; a quiet joy."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

WARNING….. Beware of Advertisements on Twitter!

The other day I noticed there were advertisements for a soft drink. Don't you love the way they say "soft drink" like it can't hurt you so sit down and pour that bowl of sugar down your throat. Or eat this Pizza it tastes good. Failing to mention the grease alone will raise your cholesterol blood pressure to heart attack levels.  Anyway I digress, read the directions below to get rid of those ads..

If you want to block those ads the tool is on the advertisers site.. Go to the Twitter site and click on that little gear and then click block. It will disappear.. There is also a disregard button. You can use that also..Since Twitter has changed things around it is a little more confusing...Gee I wonder why they changed....

Note!...If advertising appears on my Tweet page and I see it I will tell every one NOT to buy or spend anything you sell or try to sell.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Best What!

I went to very popular Electronic store yesterday to look for a CD or Cassette player.. Yes, I know what you are thinking but I like the way I listen to books on tape or books on CD and now pay attention here, I am not going to change! I feel better because the sales manager said he will “order what I am looking for and send it to me“.
       I mean this store has turned in a giant phone store and I felt like if I wanted to buy a TV a camera or computer I could maybe get there also. I mean its really messed up.. Things are backwards.. It looks like selling high tech phones is keeping them alive...If it wasn’t because everything is free for me on the Internet I would hate it…

Sunday, November 2, 2014

"Call Block"

The worst enemy of phone solicitation are phones with call block. The second worst enemy is people that know how to use it.
     Stop phone solicitation. The people that do this job are trained to make you feel bad so you will send a donation or buy something. They focus on Seniors, young people and low income people. Remember the freedom of information act and the way they watch you. Your trusted phone servers sell your number to the scammers. They call them servers now not company’s… Did you know that every time you scan that store card you carry to get that so-called discount. That bar code on the back has all your information…They know who you are, where you live, where you go and what you do. If you give your credit number to someone on the phone will your credit card be safe? Never give them any numbers or buy anything over the phone. Never pay for anything on that auto payment plan.
     Please Note! If you decide to get a new phone or just feel like replacing your old one because of those annoying calls. Go on the internet or get a friend to help you find the model number of one and make sure it has the call block feature. These days it will be on the box or in the feature section of the manual. Yes, it may cost a little more but its worth it not to have listen to these morons try to scam you out of your life savings. No matter what they say or how nice their voice sounds, they lie to you, they don’t care about you. When buying your phone from one of those workers in the electronic dept. at your local Wally Land most don’t have a clue about what their talking about so just don’t buy anything. Make them show you where it says, this phone has the “CALL BLOCK” feature. I’ve have one for years and when a unwanted call comes in, it rings once then shuts off. (Hangs up) The call has been blocked. Too block a call you save the number and it will say on the screen, delete or call block. Click on Call block and its done so when they call again and they will, it will block the call from that number. The sophisticated scammer will have two or three numbers. Block them all! They will do anything to catch at your weakest moment…Good Luck and I mean that.. The more we do to keep this scum at bay the better we will feel...