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Friday, November 22, 2013

John F. Kennedy



Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Herman Cain Announces HUGE Fundraising Numbers

Herman Cain Announces HUGE Fundraising Numbers:

"Despite the sexual harassment allegations that have ensnared his campaign, businessman Herman Cain is posting massive fundraising numbers.
In the 41 days since October 1st, Cain has raised $9.4 million, his campaign announced. He raised just $4.7 million in the four months prior."

Comment...........Will this pervert have to return this money?

"My Definition of a Bastard"

       Lately I've found myself using the word Bastard or Bastards...I don't swear when I post but at times I can't think of a more descriptive word to describe some of the people, if you can call them that, that I write about. I don't like name calling and was taught by my parents not to call people names and I don't...Years ago the definition of a Bastard was a child born out of wedlock and was called, when describing this event was, he or she is the Bastard son or daughter of so and so. Whether or not that was said out of malice was what tone of voice you used.
      The bottom line here is that I have my own definition for the word Bastard. To me a Bastard is someone who would intentionally run over any confused defenseless creature on the road. A Bastard is any hunter that kills creatures in the forest or woods for sport. And lastly, we all are familiar with someone who betrays the public trust and would steal money from people who can't afford to eat or pay their bills. The politician who does this is obviously a Bastard that didn't have parents who taught him or her about honesty. They have also been described as scum, lowlife or a bottom feeder...I prefer Bastards...

Monday, November 11, 2013

They Are Setting a Precedent


 Washington D.C.  Oct 4,2013 - I notice more and more every day that they are coming up with a lot of excuses about the black woman that crashed her car into the White House gate. They are saying she was ill or despondent but nothing is being said about her being unarmed. Are they overlooking this on purpose hoping it will go away? I notice they are talking about past shootings. Making more excuses. I hope you realize that what they are doing is setting a precedent. She was despondent like the thousands of others here, in what is left of this country. Think about it! This woman being black was probably elated when Obama was elected President. Imagine her disappointment and rage now and what she was going through. She was a unarmed black woman in a car with a baby and they shot her to death. They, in effect murdered her...Where is Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton? Why aren't they speaking now? Are their heads in the sand? And what is really special here is, her black President is not saying a word...Believe me here...If nothing is being done about her being killed the way she was, its open season on you. It gives them permission to kill you and make up a story later on. For example, if you don't stop when they tell you because just maybe you didn't see or didn't hear them, believe me some of these gunslingers will shoot and kill you. I think you get the point. The police officers or the Washington GSA security guards that shot and killed this woman should be made and example of. They should be arrested and fired. They should have their carry permits and guns taken away.
              Yes, we are at war here in America but she was not the enemy.  In the past their motto was "Protect and serve". Now all the trust is gone! I do notice the change in their attitude when I talk to them. There is an underlying resentment, a dislike for someone they should be respecting. Its all over their faces and behavior. Exactly like the thugs from the Old Saybrook Connecticut police department who stopped me that fine day. The police of yesteryear are gone. They have been replaced with bullet proof vested, disrespectful thugs.

             By allowing them to get away with murdering this woman you have given them permission to kill your Grandson because he didn't hear them say stop. 

Its now 12/8/2013 - I notice more and more unarmed kids and people are being shot and killed and nothing is being said or done about it....