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Friday, December 31, 2010

“Rerun 7”

I mentioned the other day that I was going to buy a gift for myself because of my 2 stubborn sons..Well, because of them I had the extra money. Remember A while age when I was complaining about the Cell phones and monthly plans and how expensive they were. I searched and searched and I think I found the perfect one for me on line at the T Mobile site. I’ve had T Mobile service for years so I ordered one. It should be here tomorrow..We will see… Stay tuned…

This was originally posted August 14, 2008

I am going over to the library today and if its true that bad things happen in threes I am in huge trouble. My world is slowing swirling down the drain. What am I going to do? Yesterday, after I forgot it was a holiday and the libraries were closed. Remember, every day is a holiday to me. I was driving home, Ok, you can stop laughing now. I seen a guy outside in front of his house, alone holding on to a walker. I could tell he has been sick for a long time. I could see his knees shaking slightly as he was slowing making his way down the sidewalk. I felt that the only reason he was out side was because it was one of those rare and exceptionally beautiful days. He was pale and sickly and it looked like he has a debilitating disease. I can imagine that he took a chance and did this with the risk of falling down because he was tired of sitting in the house looking out the window. The moral of that story, in case you haven’t figured it out, is if you think that you have problems take a look around you or visit a friend in the cemetery. Your minor complaints and irritations will fade away like smoke in the wind. I know, it did for me. We all need reminders once and a while and I guess that one was for me. It was worth passing it along.

"Originally Posted on February 23, 2009”

Ok, I’ve had it. I’ve listened to enough. I have got to write about this bail-out but first lets go back about a year and think and remember what it was like and why all this happened. We had Dopey and Mr. Evil, both friends of big oil and government contracts as our leaders and everything was going as usual. War, killing, troops dying, bombs going off killing kids and families. Black Water killing innocent civilians and the bodies of America troops being flown back from Iraq which they won’t allow us to see, by the way and just the normal everyday terrorist activities. It was another pleasant day in the United States. Yet nothing was happening in the good old USA until someone was reminded that “Look the other way George” was leaving office and this will be the last year they ( probably the oil companies or the Arabs) Remember Osama? His family are oil millionaires, would be able to steal money the legal way So they (and I really don’t know who they is) put their heads together and decided to raise the price of gas. It was determined that “Blind Man George” would look the other way so they started.. First a few pennies then a few quarters then they gave it to the American people with both barrels, no pun intended, and slowly raised the price to almost 5 dollars a gallon. THIS IS WHAT STARTED IT ALL. I called it “Economic terrorism“. We heard all kinds of excuses from, we are running out of oil, to we are using too much. It was the reason the price of food skyrocketed and all the prices to everything went up. Greed being the catalyst. They were right, our “Dopey” useless President traveled the world in Air Force One grinning that stupid grin, getting shoes thrown at him and all the people with those over priced homes and those huge mortgages which they knew they could never pay for if something like this happened, shivered in fear.. Yet the smirking fool just turned his back and took another trip. The stock market went berserk and soon the scoundrels at the bank started to foreclose and then the trouble really started. Everybody maxed out their credit cards and started selling things to keep their heads above water. I remember going to obscure low priced gas stations in another state to save 30 cents a gallon. While others waited in fear and worry on how they were going to heat their homes in the winter if they still had homes. Rumors had the price of heating oil up 10 dollars a gallon. The emotional strain on people living in places where it was going to be cold was tremendous. A lot people bought bicycles and those little motor bikes. The nation literally stopped driving and going on vacation and only used their cars for work. The commuter parking lots filled up and there was no room on busses or trains. Even the air was noticeably cleaner. Airline prices went up and some went out of business. It was too late! The credit cards were maxed out so no one could buy anything. While walking in the mall Saturday night I counted 8 maybe and more stores out of business. Famous coffee shops closed and no one bought cars. I counted 3 car dealers out of business Saturday night. What I just described is "Economic Terrorism".

Now that we have looked at the reasons we are in the position we are in today and believe me those are the reasons! It all points to the gas prices rising. To me it means that this bail out is contingent on the gas prices staying where they are. At around $1.75 to $1.99 per gallon. I have not heard anyone say that. Its my opinion that if the gas prices go up it will be the beginning of the end. The control that they have over this Nations economy is unbelievable. If they decide to raise the price of gas to the levels it was when “Dopey” was in office the bail out will be for naught. My biggest fear is that if our economy starts to show signs of recovery (they) will hammer us again. We just have to find out who they are....

Oh, and by the way…..Happy New Year………..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"New York Giants"

The Giants would have won last Sunday if they had someone who could throw the ball to the right person. Had an offensive line that could protect the quarterback. Had a running back that wouldn’t lose the ball. Had a receiver who could catch a pass. Had defenders who could make a tackle. Had an offensive and defensive coach who would send in the right plays. If the game last week was the worst exposition of professional football I have ever seen, the game yesterday was pathetic and predictable…I would fine them for being a bunch of incompetents and trying to get those big salaries under false precedence’s by trying to impersonate real football players…

"The Future"

Some of this was written by me. The rest was sent to me in an E-Mail a long time ago…It’s a little tidbit about the future….

Ozone created by electric cars now killing millions in the seventh largest country in the world, Mexifornia, formally known as California.

Spotted Owl plague threatens northwestern United States crops and livestock.

Baby conceived naturally . . . scientists stumped.

Couple petitions court to reinstate heterosexual marriage.

Last remaining Fundamentalist Muslim dies in the American Territory of the Middle East (formerly known as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria and Lebanon).

Former country of Iran still closed off; physicists estimate it will take at least 10 more years before radioactivity decreases to safe levels.

France pleads for global help after being over taken by Jamaica.

Castro finally dies at age 179, Cuban cigars can now be imported legally, but President Chelsea Clinton has banned all smoking.

George Z. Bush says he will run for President in 2081.

Postal Service raises price of first class stamp to $17.89 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

Average weight of Americans drops to 287.50 lbs.

Congress finally completed an 85 year, $75.8 billion study: Diet and Exercise are the keys to weight loss.

Japanese scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed, they now can photograph a woman with her mouth shut.

Massachusetts executes last remaining Conservative.

Supreme Court rules punishment of criminals violates their civil rights and bans all criminal trials

Average height of NBA players now nine feet, seven inches.

New federal law requires that all nail clippers, screwdrivers, fly swatters and rolled-up newspapers must be registered by January, 2052. Homeland Security Department will vigorously enforce this new law.

Congress authorizes direct deposit of formerly illegal political contributions to campaign accounts.

IRS sets lowest tax rate at 78 percent.

And, last but certainly not the least,

Florida voters still don't know how to use a voting machine...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Rerun 5"

First posted on November 25, 2008

I have decided to end my self-imposed misery at long last…The winter is here and that’s that. Nothing I do or say will change it back to summer. I hung my bike from the ceiling like in the Seinfeld sitcom and have started my long walk, sometimes run regiment. Its usually dark so I don’t run in the unlit areas. I don’t want to get shot by mistake by someone thinking I am running away from a crime. I can’t go where its warm for any length of time because of Mom and I accept that, or do I.. Something evil inside of me wants to be angry and go and do what I want like when I was younger and more of a free sprit. The problem is I am not that person anymore. Its not really a problem. I just have a conscience now. The other day someone told me a conscience was the “Voice of God“. I thought about that and it makes sense and I truly believe that. Lately I have been in my teaching mode. I have a wealth of knowledge and quite a few years of experience in avoiding trouble and mistakes and sometimes I get angry because its too easy in our society to fall into the traps and pitfalls set for the innocent. If I can help someone, even if its only a pause to think before acting I have done my job. Don’t get me wrong, being a bit of a risk taker, at times I take chances that I shouldn’t. No one is perfect and I do or say things that are inappropriate and sometimes off the cuff. If you read my blog you know what mean. The thing is I admit my mistakes and I talk about it and tell the truth. Everyone makes mistakes and most of us learn by our errors but there are always the ones that make the Fruitcake news…. Ah, the Fruitcake news. The news that makes you glad that you born with a brain and had parents and grandparents that taught you the difference between good and bad. You know, the parents that said to pay attention to that little voice in your head that tells you not to use drugs, not to marry that guy he’s an abuser or not to put yourself in position for bad things to happen. In 2008 that whisper or voice you hear will help you avoid prison or some other disastrous fate.

In The Fruitcake news today a man In Enfield Connecticut is arrested and in jail under a Million dollars bond for beating his Grandmother to death….Enough said........

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Rerun 4"

Written on December 19,2008

Mom actually went out and did her shopping. I was proud of her. She tired early but at least she got out and had breakfast and got to feel the fresh cold air. She enjoyed that. The grocery shopping went well and because there will be storm today bought extra stuff. Like she will not be able to get out. She lives in an “Assisted” living center. Its like a castle. There are actually chandlers in the dining room. There is no chance to be snowed in. It’s a place that everything is done for you. During our shopping spree I seen a lot of people shopping, more than usual all buying more than they need. People are funny. This isn’t the old days, there is a freaking drug store or convenience store every 3 blocks with more choices than you could ever make. You don’t need 5 cans of tuna, 3 bags of ice, 4 jars of peanut butter and 5 loaves of bread. If your hungry go next door there is a house every 12 feet…I am just kidding but really, save your money The storm will be over before you even get hungry…

I haven’t heard from my ex-wife. I hope she is all right. I called and I know my name popped up on the caller ID and she hasn’t called back.. I am not a message leaver < (I just invented a new word) Definition (One who is reluctant to leave messages on a cell phone or regular phone.) An EM will do Hun. I hope you are OK…..

I’ve got to go now and buy, its 6 days till Christmas so I will buy 6 geese a laying whether I need them or not….
I took this picture last year. Its the park In Windsor Locks Connecticut at night.

NFC East: Giant collapse puts New York in precarious position

NFC East: Giant collapse puts New York in precarious position

Silent Monks Singing Halleluia

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"A New Face'

As you all probably noticed I have put a new face on my Journal page. The idea is to modernize and expose the morons and low-life's of our society. Yes, of our Society! Its not getting better, its getting worse every day. In fact its so bad that at times I feel overwhelmed, hopeless and lost. I stopped posting everyday because it was the only way for me to feel better and what's the difference, nothing changes anyway. I will now use the resources of Social networking, the internet and the news to expose all the corruption I can. I have joined with the masses who blog about these issues and from now on I will write, use Facebook or Twitter to expose everyone I can. I have discovered a while ago to my delight that I am not alone with the way I feel but I am still just one. by joining the others I feel that together we can make it very uncomfortable for the corrupt politicians and the fools with no morals. The more voices we have the worse it is for the greedy and the selfish…We are all watching you. Everyone is watching you when you lie, steal, cheat, accept bribes and write or promote things that influence our youth into negative behavior. We will see you when you sell drugs to young people and ruin their lives. Always remember, we will see you, we are watching you. Maybe it won’t be me personally but it will be someone just like me…Beware you fool. Your life expectancy is short but if you are lucky, just maybe but not likely you will get older. If you do, you will have those evil thoughts that will haunt and plague you till the day you die! I guarantee, It won't be pleasant.

Monday, December 20, 2010


I have been watching the Giants play football for years. This game yesterday, if you can call it that was the worse exposition of professional football I have ever seen. It was an embarrassing demonstration of poor coaching and mistakes. It could not have been worse. There is no excuse for the so-called players but most of all the coaches. If I was an owner I would forfeit the rest of the season. To lose a home game like that at this point in the season is intolerable….

"Rerun 3"

Written and posted on…March 26,2009

I think its about time I address this economy thing. First, I have never in my life seen our government spend these huge amounts of money to save, bail out or boost any economy let alone ours.. This is a free enterprise nation and the theory is to lower the prices to get business moving in your store or business. In other words, remember gas wars between two stations? Well, its like that only in regular stores. Now that gas prices have dropped and stabilized the prices of food and other things have stayed high in the stores. it’s the first sign of greed. They haven’t come down. Only a complete moron would pay some of the outrageous prices in those stores, yet they do. I just don’t believe what I see. I just see the lines getting shorter. Bail out! Give me a break! That was unheard of until now. It all started when the clown in the white house said send everyone $300. That was such a joke. I just heard the Post Office say they were operating in the hole losing money but they were buying very expensive homes for some of their employees. Some for a Million dollars. Give me a another break…I’d fire the Post Master General who signed off on that one so fast his head would spin. In fact I would have the police escort him off the premises. They are raising the price of stamps. I still don’t believe that? In the past if a store or business was losing business or was going to fail they had a going out of business sale and that was that. I’m afraid this country has been taken over by dishonesty, stupidity and greed. It didn’t matter how big the business was or what kind of excuse they come up with. They were done. When the government starts to give away this kind of money its open season on theft. AIG and Bush’s and Chaney’s oil pals for example. The thieves come out of the woodwork. There are just too many people and not enough space. There are too many stores and too much stuff. Too many kinds of products that we don’t need. There are too many people on welfare and food stamps. We all know who they are. Our environment is being ruined. Did you know that hundreds of Whales are beaching themselves all over the world? It’s the war machine submarines with their powerful sonar that confuses the whales. Nobody will admit that. If they do, they do nothing to help. Its like they don’t care about the creatures. There too many cars and not enough roads. On and on. Its out of control. I really think it is. Too many commercials and not enough money. If there is no money how can we buy all the junk they advertise? It doesn’t make sense. The prescription drug company commercials are like the slimy street drug dealers. Just ask your doctor he will give you that prescription to hook you…Its like smoke that cigarette and we will hook you on that too. Someone told me yesterday that the Connecticut tobacco sweepings are sold to a cigar maker in North Carolina to make cigars. Can you imagine what the fools who buy those things are smoking? I would imagine everything from spit to God only knows what. That’s the way it is to make you buy or spend money. They hook you on the product only to make money for themselves. I’m not going to talk about this but what’s in all the mass produced processed food? I can just imagine. You don’t have to know just look at the population and all the fat people. No one really cares about anything except making money.. Hurry, hurry, hurry, buy, buy, buy, like there is no tomorrow…Its also being hooked on instant gratification and that’s a sickness. People don’t have the knowledge or ability to wait because they have been told and programmed for years to buy or charge it now or else. Just have your credit card number ready. OMG……..These are the same folks that stampede into stores on Black Friday and trample people to death…. We will never be able to pay back or make enough money to get us out of the hole we are putting ourselves in. I like President Obama and he is trying hard to succeed but they have to draw the line somewhere. I fear that if the gas prices start to go up and the government keeps spending like they are doing we are going to go into such a depression that this country will never recover. During the “Great Depression” of the 30s people were literally jumping out of the windows from buildings in New York City and all over the country. The food lines were city blocks long and people were starving to death. Today its scams, stealing and hurting people. More and more people are buying guns and that is what this is leading to… The drug war is at our door step on the Mexican American border and if you think it can’t happen here you better think again. Maybe it already is? Remember, because of this economy people worry and what do people do when they don’t know any better and they want to forget their problems? Right, remember instant gratification? Well that also leads to using drugs and that leads to addiction and that viscous cycle. I am not going to post blame and I have no solutions. I am only saying to be careful and think before you buy anything. Remember the difference between wants and needs and save a few dollars for that preverbal rainy day, it may be sooner that you think…

Sunday, December 19, 2010

"In Memory of Walt Dropo"

Originally posted on August 15,2009

My friend.. Walter Dropo….January 30, 1923 - December 17, 2010

Yesterday I found a quiet isolated beach, yes you can still do that if you ride a bike on the Connecticut shoreline. I surprised myself when I came across this treasure especially on a Saturday. While there I had a chance to get in touch with myself and feel the calmness that I have normally but lately I have lost for no particular reason. I had the opportunity to walk along this stretch of beach and just pick my thoughts with the sound of the waves crashing in the background. At that moment I felt as though I belonged exactly where I was. I belonged at that spot at that moment in time. I was destined to be there at that moment. We can’t control what we think about because random thoughts keep overriding and interrupting by confusing us with the what-ifs and the, if that didn’t happen we would have, or I would have, or they will be, or whatever’s. Yesterday those, and this is the only way I can describe them, brain cookies were deleted and my thoughts were of the wonderful experiences in the past. It allowed me to think of the wonderful times I have had in my life just being me from when I was a little kid, I mean very little kid like going to kindergarten or first grade to walking on main street or going to the park with my beautiful young Mother. I thought of my Dad taking me to the Polo grounds in New York City in his 1936 Hudson Terraplane, he got so mad at that car when it wouldn't work, to see the Brooklyn Dodgers play baseball. I remembered going in his 1951 Ford to Fenway Park in Boston to see the Red Sox. I remember seeing Ted Williams, Jim Lonborg, Walter Dropo and Rico Petrocelli. Dropo said Hi to me as we stood by a fence waiting for them to come out after the game. After that it was like I knew him, like a friend of mine. I remember my first date, my first dance, my first car. My Dad gave me that car. Yes, it was a junk but to me it was new and it went 70 miles per hour. WOW!…..My first dog, my first cat. I was thinking how inexperienced and stupid I was then but who knew….I thought about the mistakes I made and what I learned from them. Oh, and how I thought I loved my first girlfriend. Nothing was ever going to change that. I remember someone told me it was puppy love. I thought that was nice. I thought of my friends back then and where they are now. All these memories, some wonderful, some not so good just wilted the nastiness and bad thoughts away… I know I should count my blessings and I do. I will continue to do that from now on, or I will try too. I always say they..I will try not to take things for granted and assume that I’m different because I’m not…… We are all the same and the same things happen to us only at different times. I am not unique.

If you don’t know who Walt Dropo was click the link…….

Friday, December 17, 2010


Post from April 6, 2009

I always have a problem on Mondays. Its always the same and I am not going to fight it. I am just going to let Mondays happen. At least I got a good nights sleep and I am not tired. I discovered yesterday that I really don’t like being tired. Well, I didn’t discover that but remembered from past stupidity. Being tired makes me grouchy and not nice to be around. I didn’t do or say anything bad to hurt anybody’s feelings but I could feel it. Its lucky I realize this because in the past I have been at times, a not so nice person. It’s an involuntary feeling that I am aware of now. If anybody knew this they could push that button and I would be someone that you wouldn’t want to be around. It seems that I have this energy tension that won’t go away. It doesn’t take much to trigger this anger. It doesn’t last long and its not a continuous but I know its there. I have no reason to be angry. I am not trying to control anything. At least I don’t think I am. To alleviate this anger I took 2 lengthy bike rides even though it was a chilly day. The only time I felt ok was when on one of these rides I met my friend Hillary and she gave my a big hug. You remember Hillary, the hottie I wrote about in a past Blog. I told her to stop dressing like an MTV bimbo. She was mad at me for 2 months but later thanked me for teaching her how to grow up. See, everything happens for a reason….Well today I feel great or at least not angry and I don’t have to hide from anybody so I think I will rejoin this troubled world and maybe return the favor and help someone. Thanks for being here and listening…


Glee….OK, give me a break…..Yes, this is a fictional story about high school kids that sing nice…What’s up with all the gay stuff? Not that there is anything wrong with that…. Is high school really that way? There are sad gay issues with young people, yes but do they need to get ratings based on the pain of the kids that suffer these things…The focus of this show should be on the singing not on the troubled kids…We all have to accept growing up and getting old. Its undeniable that the writers on this show are using pain and sexual situations with teenagers to titillate viewers into watching….Two female cheerleaders with uniforms on, in bed kissing is just a little much….

A while ago I mentioned that you could not duplicate the sound of a roaring fighter jet making a low pass over a runway….That is still true but this utube video depicts the feeling of the jet passing over you at about 50 feet…If you like these things you need to check it out……*

Charlie Sheen's Video Message to President Obama

"Rerun 2"

I wrote this on November 25, 2009. It was discussed on “Good Morning America” yesterday.

I find myself changing the channels on my already “Limited channel selection” more and more lately. The programs to me have a lot of objectionable material. Is it me or was I brought up in a way that has a built in, “No that’s not good for you to see button” your mind hasn’t developed enough and you might think its real and copy that insane behavior. Too many things now are OK or are slipping in and I get uncomfortable when I think of the affect some of these things have on young minds. I believe the young people are being programmed to act and behave in negative ways. Behavior that later in life, sometimes causes painful results or suicide. I sit here and just watch our world spin out of control thanking God that I am the age that I am. Later, when the results are in I won’t be here too see them. The problem is, the results are coming in too fast and I'm still here.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


First Posted February 2010. I was thinking about this yesterday…

Just a few more thoughts…

Didn’t go the party yesterday the guest of honor was ill….The party was postponed till spring which is in only 28 more days….

When I was working we used to have a guy that made homemade Pasta Vasul. God, do I miss that. I like saying that…….Pasta Vasul……

I wonder if the Shuttle crew can see things blowing up in Afghanistan?

I’ll never understand how or why a guy will wear his pants around the bottom of his bottom. I’m sure you have seen that….Someone told me they are called “Wannabe’s. Whatever that is. I think its some sort of club. Someone should tell them it doesn’t help them if they need to run for their life. It would be unmanly to run pulling up your pants.

My dad use to say, “Lorenzo behave yourself I don’t want to see any Monkey shines” I have no idea what a Monkey shine is……. I looked it up on Wikipedia and I’m not sure I like the definition.

Speaking of Wikipedia….I joined that the other day. Now, I’ve got to figure out why…..

I think my Dad had a thing for monkeys…..At times when I would copy something or do things that other youngsters would do. He would say, “Lorenzo, monkey see monkey do“……It could be why I like monkeys today……

My grandfather, father and grandmother called me Lorenzo. My mother called me Lawrence. My aunt hung the Monika Larry on me….Today most people call me Lar…

Every once and a while when I was young I would be upset over something trivial. My dad would say, “Lorenzo don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill”.

When I was young…Somewhere around 3rd or 4th grade. I was the victim of a bully. I’m sure there are many of us that have had that kind of trauma happen….I came home crying and my dad explained very carefully what to do when confronted with this behavior…..Keep in mind I was a slight, shy quiet kid and found it very difficult and painful to be in that situation as I’m sure many of us were. My dad took me aside and told me when this bully started to pick on me and push me around to pretend to run away and when he chased me to turn quick and punch him in the nose…..He said, “The force of the punch with him running into my fist would cause his nose to bleed“. He told me that if I did that he would never pick on me again. I never got a chance to do that. The bully died 6 months later of a brain tumor. Years later I worked with his dad in the same building. It just happened to be in the building where the guy made the Pasta Vasul. I never mentioned that incident to his dad…..I’ll bet he thought of his son when he seen me……We were the same age…..

Saturday, December 11, 2010

"One Thousand Entries"

This is my 1000th consecutive entry to LiveJournal. That’s almost 3 years with out missing a day. From this point forward, my entry's won’t be a daily occurrence. I have no reasons or excuses. To me it was a goal to post every day for a 1000 straight days whether it was with a movie, pictures or words. No, I’m not going anywhere, its just I set my mind to do this and I did. I am not leaving. I’m just going to take a break every once and a while and not feel guilty about it…I will post but not every day. Lets face it, everything ends, good or bad..I’ve reached a milestone. This has to end somewhere and I am going to let it happen. I am doing this mostly because all that is on my mind lately is our country is spinning out of control. Even our President is not trusted by his own party. I only see a future of sadness and fear. We, the people of America must realize we cannot save the world! We cannot solve the world problems! We cannot pay for the world debt! Someone has to make some hard decisions. There is more to life than to spend, spend, spend. Its virtually impossible to pay the debt we have now and there are some really insane things going on out there and its costing this country a fortune. I understand change but what is happening is happening too fast and its out of control. I am disappointed at the direction and the progress this country is making and I fear for my Niece's, Nephews and Grandchildren and all the young people that have and will have nothing in the future except overcrowding and an expensive greedy environment. They will never know peace and what it was like only a few years ago when I was a young man. What we have today is a drug and alcohol riddled society and promiscuous behavior with no values or morals. It seems like anything goes and if the greedy can take advantage of you they will with no conscience or consequences. They would hurt you financially, mentality, physically and morally just to take your money and they won’t feel a thing. Its like you are left by the side of the road to die. Only with them, its on to the next victim. With you its suffering, payments and credit card bills and if you are very lucky maybe you will have a real job to pay for all that. Success today means to join the madness. Yes, maybe for a short time you will be content but you will never be really happy because its only instant gratification. Anyone with a conscience will feel guilt and remorse later in life. I guarantee there will never be peace in your soul…

Behaviors and Words they rarely teach anymore.














Friday, December 10, 2010


I don’t know what it is..I feel down today. Its so cold that even I don’t feel going out. I worked outside all my life and loved it. It seems the cold now is different. Its too early for it to be this cold. This is deep winter cold not early December cold. Here in Connecticut it’s biting and painful . It actually hurts…Is it me or can everyone feel it like that..

Comment…Could it be that maybe, just maybe the Senate and Congress heard the millions of bloggers and taxpayers complaining that maybe they were sick of paying for the estimated 11 million illegal aliens in this country…Could it be, oh could it be? I said it has to begin somewhere..We cannot continue paying! Its got to stop…

Thursday, December 9, 2010

"Break In"

I was in the grocery store yesterday and while putting my Holiday social skills to work, I commented to a rather attractive lady in isle 9 that I thought there were too many items to choose from. She immediately agreed and commented its confusing and how at times they, “Deceived you into buying certain products”. She said she “Spent more time, reading label's then it was worth”. The conversation led to our children and the Holidays. I got the feeling and I sensed that she needed to talk, it was like something was on her mind…Well, I guess there was…She said, “Her sons house was broken into last night and a rather expensive camera was stolen”. The thing is, they were sleeping at the time and never knew this happened. They woke in the morning to find the Camera and the Christmas presents missing. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Amherst Massachusetts but it’s an affluent community about 30 miles from the Vermont border just off of Route 91. It’s a College town. Her son and his wife live next door to Amherst College. Lets face it, it’s a school for the rich and famous. I didn’t ask too many questions, I just let her talk. She said her son and his wife slept through this ordeal and were grateful for that. She commented that her son felt that the items stolen, “Could be replaced and that at least they could afford to do that”. I told her that I felt bad for them but thank God they didn’t wake up and frighten the burglar. He could have been armed and hurt them. She was relieved and thankful that it didn’t happen but visibly shaken. We talked a little longer and when I felt that she had calmed down and felt better by sharing this. I reached up to the top shelf and retrieved the baking soda she was looking for. She thanked me for listening and told me to keep my sense of humor, she then gave me a hug and walked away…Then of coarse I started thinking. To wake up and walk into the living room only to find out that someone was in your house. Wow, what a feeling? A stranger, a villain, someone capable of God only knows what. Standing in your bedroom doorway looking at you in bed sleeping. What was he thinking while he was looking at you? Did he have a weapon? I feel violated and and this was someone else's story. Of all towns for this to happen. This is a very rich community. The homes there cost millions. When they say things like this don’t happen here well, this time its true, things like that don’t happen there. Not next door to a Collage like that. I’m not rich but living where I live at times I have the opportunity to rub elbows with the wealthy. I don’t care how much money you have, you are not bullet proof and you still have issues and problems. Remember this old clich√© ? “Money can’t buy happiness”. Well. its true it can’t. Just because you have a few dollars doesn't make you exempt from violence.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I just happen to be going to the store yesterday when I seen the police arrest this guy for shoplifting. Note the handcuffs. Someone told me that when I went into the store. I was glad there was no shooting. I didn’t want my car to get any bullet holes in it. That’s it in the foreground plus I wasn’t wearing my bullet proof vest…I always have my camera with me and I felt like maybe the cops would say something. Then I thought people are taking pictures of anything and everything these days. Why not take this. This is the second shopping mall parking lot arrest picture I have taken. Anyway, I did get my new glasses. I like the frame-less kind because they are light and I forget they are on. Now I have a backup pair in case I lose one. I did that a long time ago while riding my bike. I think I wrote about that a long time ago. I stayed home last night. It was too cold to go anywhere. The wind off the ocean is unbearable but I love it. This afternoon I will take a walk. I don’t care how cold it is…On a sad note. So far this month I have heard only one TV channel say anything about Pearl Harbor. This cowardly attack happened 69 years ago yesterday. The picture above is the Battleship U.S.S Arizona after it was bombed as it sank in the harbor. If its taken that long to forget this act of terrorism. The Assassination of J.F.K. The World Trade Center and all the senseless killing going on now all over the world will soon be forgotten. All we have are the graves of the dead to remind us.. This is not a History lesson. Its just a reminder that the Japs killed a lot of civilians and United States Military that day. Approximately 2500 …If your interested in the facts, the link from Wikipedia will tell the story…

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I went to breakfast yesterday with my friends. What a wonderful bunch of people. Its really nice to have a sort of a second family here at the shoreline. Its where I spent Thanksgiving. I suppose I’m going to have to go up to see how the other half is doing pretty soon. My real family. I haven’t been there in a while..I don’t know this for sure but I’ll bet they are doing just fine without me..I’m getting the Mustang ready for the trip. I had an oil change done yesterday..It was 500 miles over the time but it really doesn’t need that much work. I spent a small fortune on it this past year..Plus I just got car insurance bill. Isn't that a nice Christmas present? A freaking car insurance bill. Oh well that’s life..Nothing much else going on. I went to the beach at sunset last night. I only say that because it was so cold that I could only stay for 40 minutes. I did find some sea glass and a dime so the the time was well spent..Boring huh. Well I love it..I have those little heaters for my mittens and a warm parka. Its cold but I go prepared. Its like when I worked on the runway at the airport…

Monday, December 6, 2010

"Willie Update"

I started his Meds 3 days ago. Its easy. Its called “Twist a Dose”. A one month supply is $22 dollars. A little drop on the applicator then rub it on his ear tip and its done. There is nothing to it. See the Arrows on the illustration. One turn clockwise until the arrows line up. A tiny drop of medication will appear. Then just sweep it on like its like a magic marker. No strain, no pain. He just looks a little suspicious when he sees me putting the gloves on. I give him a treat right after and he is a calm Happy boy…Yes, There is a God…

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Today I'm Speechless"

I went out last night with friends…What a great time!…I needed that. It was a break from the normal hum-drum of a healthy, happy, content single guy with no responsibility's and no bills. Lately I have been thinking back to when I was a guy who grabbed the bull by the horns and tried to tame the world…I did what I had to do to become successful. I did not become greedy or selfish but just took what I needed to survive. I left more than enough for the next guy…I did make some mistakes, like anyone would that has no experience but it was all repairable and it was nothing bad. I have some wonderful memories that I think about every day. There is no moral to this story. If fact I have no idea why I am saying all this stuff…Now! ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??? A miracle will happen and the Giants will finally get their act together today and beat the crap out of the Redskins…35-10…

Friday, December 3, 2010

"Step Up and Tell the Truth"

I don’t know, I am at a loss for words. I got a haircut yesterday and my barber who is a woman, a very nice one I might add, feels the same way I do about our elected officials. I didn’t bring it up either, she did. It was like she read my Blog. Lately its been like that. I hear on the street, what I wrote about month ago. Now I hear what I wrote about on TV, when its not muted. Its safe to say this is not a happy country…The Rangel thing I wrote about came to be. They should have sent him home and taken away his lifetime healthcare which you are paying for by the way. From what I heard, he was a hero in that North Korean Conflict I wrote about but he still betrayed the public trust and ruined his career. He is a classic case of denial. The Social Security issues I wrote about are happening. Our country is literally falling apart. No one is content or even remotely happy. Its like all the people are miserable. Its like we are waiting for the ax to fall. Greed is coming to light now. People on the street are talking about that. Now Congress is doing something about TV commercials. I wrote about that a long time ago. I feel weird writing about the crooks and sickos all the time. I can’t help it. Its how I feel. In the past, things happened, it was fixed then it was on to the next issue...Now this country is stagnant, polluted and out of control. Nothing is fixed. No one will make a decision on anything. There is too much poverty in the world. Too many people are coming to this country attaching themselves to us. WE cannot feed and clothe the world. We cannot help everybody. We are overburdened and overtaxed. The “Send us your tired and your poor” days are over. There is no more room and we are out of money and jobs. They wait to make these major decisions until the last second then they say it has to be done. Then blame each other and us. We end up paying the bill. I heard they want to raise the Federal gas tax…Will someone please tell them that gas is over $3 dollars a gallon now. Its all about denial, lies, excuses more lies. If those morons extend unemployment benefits again we are doomed. Who in Gods name is paying for all that? A few years ago if I ran out of unemployment benefits that was it. Boy, did I get a job fast. They are giving away the future of America. Someone has to step up and tell the truth about why all this is happening and have the guts do something about it. Its only get worse for everyone…I wrote about North Korea and I feel very uncomfortable about that.

The National Debt Clock………..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"Willie Update"

Good news for all you Willie fans..…Your friend and mine, The cat who would be a Mountain lion. You remember, the cat who won’t take his pill in the morning, the one who actually learned how to spit it out after holding it in his mouth for 10 minutes. Yes, that’s the one…Well, after doing some research, not really but sort of…Actually someone told me that they have Amitriptyline in Epidermal form. Amitriptyline is a medicine that calms down cats with anxiety issues. So in an attempt to perhaps give my handsome pretend Mountain Lion a longer life span. I am going to help him by trying to do this method of medication. The idea is to put on a glove and apply a tiny bit of this liquid to the tip of his ear, changing ears every day. He has been pretty good lately but knowing him like I do, there are times when he is unpredictable. I promise I won’t take away his kitty curiosity, his spirit or cat pride. I will only try to calm him down. This is sort of an experiment so I don’t have to try to push pills down his throat. Not that would anyway. The meds do work, although I don’t like his listlessness. Say that fast 3 times….Maybe I can control it with this method. He's not as bad as it sounds because most times I know what he going to do. It’s the surprise's I don’t like. Plus he gets to be with me on this earth for a long time to come….In his case though, it’s a one day at a time deal….