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Monday, April 30, 2012

"God Bless America or What is left of It"

God Bless America Poster God Bless America (2012)

Ratings: 7.5/10 from 3703 users

On a mission to rid society of its most repellent citizens, terminally ill Frank makes an unlikely accomplice in 16-year-old Roxy.

Director: Bobcat Goldthwait

Writer: Bobcat Goldthwait

Stars: Joel Murray Tara Lynne Barr and Mackenzie Brooke Smith

Detachment Poster Detachment (2011)  A substitute teacher who drifts from classroom to classroom finds a connection to the students and teachers during his latest assignment.

Director: Tony Kaye
Writer: Carl Lund 
Stars: Adrien Brody Christina Hendricks and Marcia Gay.

Comment.... These are two excellent movies about our society and what is happening to the minds of our young people today. I recognize this behavior everywhere. Look at what is happening in our schools. There is no limit setting and the parenting is almost non-existent. If you watch these two movies you will see what I mean...   



"Romney, Secret Service, GOP: Obama Mocks Them All"

Romney, Secret Service, GOP: Obama mocks them all | Detroit Free Press |

 President Barack Obama scattered the barbs during the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner as he poked fun at White House races past and present, the Secret Service and Donald Trump.
Even the entrance to his speech Saturday night was part of his schtick. The president walked off stage just before he took the podium with an alleged "hot mic," making fun of getting caught last month on an open microphone with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
"What am I doing here," he asks off stage. "I'm opening for Jimmy Kimmel and telling knock-knock jokes to Kim Kardashian."

Comment......As I said in a past post..The jokes and making light of some very serious issues is what he does. 

"Just Stuff"

     I don't know where to begin so I'll start with last night. I went out with my usual group of friends and seen an old friend of mine from years ago....I was about 20 feet away and noticed her. She was standing with a group of people and as I glanced in that direction she looked over shoulder smiling at me with that look in her eye...Needless to say I spent the rest of the evening with her reminiscing of a time past..."Priceless"...Makes life worth living...On the not so good news. I stopped in the local gas station to get my $20 worth as I do twice a week. The price there is $3.99 a gallon. I got out of the Mustang and as I was stepping over the pump island I said to the woman and I don't why I said this. It just came out. I hope the Arabs and all the oil company's all blow up..Must be a sign of the times...The lady pumping gas from the next pump starting laughing, telling me the not to feel bad the gas from where she is from in Upstate New York is $4.50 a gallon. She then told me a story about a guy who was so angry after gassing his new SUV, that he smashed the pump with a sledge hammer. The cops came and took him away. ....Of late, I am in the process of overhauling this computer. It isn't working fast enough for me. It makes it difficult to multi-task.  I must have deleted a million files and movies that I have seen...I am to the point where if I can't fix it, under the guise of updating my equipment I'm going buy another more powerful one..I really don't care. On the my abstaining from watching network TV and those insane shows and commercials. I am still holding fast. I listen to music and watch only Red Sox Baseball and of coarse Giant Football. Did you know they beat Patriots In the Superbowl again? That's called rubbing salt into wound. I faithfully wear my Giant Hoodie all the time everywhere I go. ...Lastly..I am watching a movie called "God Bless America" Its about a terminally ill guy and a teenage girl who are dissatisfied with society and TV today..I'll leave a link on another post. Well, so-far that's it..I can only say, hang in there and be careful out there because its not as nice as they say it is....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Kidnapped Red Cross Doctor Beheaded in Pakistan"

Kidnapped British Doctor Beheaded in Pakistan | South Asia | English

Pakistani security officials stand next to the covered body of British Red Cross physician Khalil Rasjed Dale in Quetta April 29, 2012.
Pakistani security officials stand next to the covered body of British Red Cross physician Khalil Rasjed Dale in Quetta April 29, 2012. The beheaded body of a British doctor working for the Red Cross has been found by the roadside in Quetta, Pakistan nearly four months after he was kidnapped by suspected militants.

Red Cross officials said 60-year-old Khalil Rasjed Dale had been managing a health program in Quetta for almost a year when he was kidnapped on January 5 while returning home from work. The identities of his captors are unknown.

Comment .....Keep in mind that we send Millions of dollars by way of foreign aid to this Rat Hole of a Country! Meanwhile Obama was laughing and joking with Jimmy Kimble at the White House last night.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Secret Service Tightens Conduct Policy"

Secret Service Conduct Policy: Agency Tightens Rules After Prostitution Scandal
Secret Service Policy Prostitution Scandal  WASHINGTON  - Seeking to shake off the disgrace of a prostitution scandal, the Secret Service late Friday tightened conduct rules for its agents to prohibit them from drinking excessively, visiting disreputable establishments while traveling or bringing foreigners to their hotel rooms.
The new behavior policies apply to Secret Service agents even when they are off duty while traveling, barring them from drinking alcohol within 10 hours of working, according to a memorandum describing the changes obtained by The Associated Press. In some cases under the new rules, chaperones will accompany agents on trips. The embattled Secret Service director, Mark Sullivan, urged agents and other employees to "consider your conduct through the lens of the past several weeks."

Comment.....When I was in the Military or working for the Government we were told that there were places that were "Off Limits" and we were given a little book called the "The Six Articles of the Code of Conduct". Yes, the first five rules were about if we were captured by the enemy...But part six reads as follows....  

"I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America".

We were also told that we were all Representatives and a Reflection of the men and woman in the United States...I thought it was still that way?

Friday, April 27, 2012

"US, Japan Reach Agreement to Move 9,000 Marines"

US, Japan Reach Agreement to Move 9,000 Marines | Asia | English

US Marines' CH-46E helicopter takes off from the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan, Okinawa prefecture. (File 2010)

US Marines' CH-46E helicopter takes off from the US Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan, Okinawa prefecture. (File 2010)

The United States and Japan have reached an agreement to move about 9,000 U.S. Marines on the Japanese island of Okinawa to locations outside of Japan. U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, traveling in Santiago, Chile, Thursday, is applauding the deal that will see the Marines moved to other locations in the Asia-Pacific region.
The agreement comes after years of protests by Japanese residents of Okinawa who have complained of crime, noise, and occasional incidents of bad behavior by U.S troops based on the island.

Comment......Bad Behavior? Is something else going on over there? All of a sudden the movement of the troops doesn't sound so good....Other locations? Very interesting...

"Pakistan Deports Bin Laden Family"

Pakistan Deports Bin Laden Family | South Asia | English

Newspapers headlines on death of Osama bin Laden, Lahore, Pakistan, May 3, 2011 (file photo).

Newspapers headlines on death of Osama bin Laden, Lahore, Pakistan, May 3, 2011.

Pakistan has deported Osama bin Laden's family to Saudi Arabia, nearly a year after the al-Qaida leader was killed in a U.S. raid.

Intelligence officials say bin Laden's three widows -- two Saudi nationals and a Yemeni -- and their children were taken to the airport near Islamabad shortly after midnight on Friday, where a plane was waiting to take them to the kingdom.

Saudi officials have not commented on the deportation.

Earlier this month, a Pakistani court convicted bin Laden's widows and two of his daughters on charges of illegally residing in the country and sentenced them to 45 days detention to be followed by deportation.

Comment....I was wondering what happened to them? Now they are finally back where they belong...They should fit right in...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

"N. Korea's Neighbors Oppose New Nuclear Test"

N. Korea's Neighbors Oppose New Nuclear Test | Asia | English

South Korean people watch a TV screen showing a graphic of North Korea's rocket launch, at a train station in Seoul, April 13, 2012.

South Korean people watch a TV screen showing a graphic of North Korea's rocket launch, at a train station in Seoul, April 13, 2012.

South Korea and China are warning North Korea of consequences if it goes ahead with a third nuclear test. There is increasing speculation North Korea will attempt to conduct another nuclear test, perhaps within the next one or two weeks.
While North Korea has artillery capable of hitting the heavily populated South Korean capital, the South and its U.S. ally have weaponry - including fighter and bomber aircraft - capable of striking anywhere in the heavily militarized North.

Comment.....I would be remiss if I didn't mention this... And on and on it goes like the drumbeat in a Katy Perry song, the insults and verbal rock throwing continue. Before you know it the United States will be sending more troops the the 38th parallel...

"NPR - Liberia's Charles Taylor Aided And Abetted War Crimes"

Liberia's Charles Taylor Aided And Abetted War Crimes, Court Finds : The Two-Way : NPR

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor, in court on Feb. 8, 2011.
Former Liberian President Charles Taylor is guilty of "aiding and abetting" forces in Sierra Leone that committed war crimes and other atrocities during a war that lasted more than a decade and left more than 50,000 people dead, the International Criminal Court ruled today.
Taylor, the first head of state since just after World War II to be judged by an international tribunal, "knew that his support" would assist and encourage fighters who were committing war crimes, the tribunal ruled.

He was found guilty of the following crimes
— Acts of terrorism.
— Murder.
— Violence to life, health and physical well-being.
— Rape.
— Sexual slavery.
— Outrages upon personal dignity.
— Violence to life.
— Inhuman acts.
— Conscripting children under the age of 15.
— Enslavement.
— Pillage.

Taylor's sentencing hearing is set for May 16. He's to be sentenced on May 30.

Comment.....I wonder if they have abolished the death sentence in that horrible country? Here in Connecticut we have..Now in this State you can commit any the crimes mentioned above or for that matter do anything, kill anybody you want or commit any horrible crime and the proud citizens of the State of Connecticut will pay for your lawyers to appeal your life sentence and feed you along with free room and board. They will also provide free TV and internet service. So if you are bored with the hum drum of everyday life on the outside feel free to commit the heinous crime of your choice and come to the Connecticut prison system to enjoy a lifetime of full benefits and a content life behind bars....

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Secret Service scandal so far - The Washington Post

Secret Service scandal so far - The Washington Post

The status of the 24 Secret Service and military personnel accused of misconduct in the prostitution scandal in Colombia.
Sources: Secret Service, U.S. Southern Command, staff reports. The Washington Post. Published on April 25, 2012, 7:08 p.m.

"North Korea Boasts of Ability to Destroy US Military in 'Single Blow"

North Korea Boasts of Ability to Destroy US Military in 'Single Blow' | Asia | English

North Korean soldiers walk past bronze statues of North Korea founder Kim Il-sung (L) and late leader Kim Jong-il in Pyongyang, April 25, 2012.
 North Korea is boasting of “powerful, modern weapons” that can defeat in a single blow the United States, which it accuses of plotting a war against it.

Chief of general staff, Ri Yong Ho, gave no further details about the weaponry in his speech to mark the North Korean army's 80th anniversary.

His address, from Pyongyang's House of Culture, was broadcast later in the day on North Korean television.

Vice Marshal Ri says the blood of North Korea's military and civilians is boiling in anger with a desire for revenge against South Korea's president, Lee Myung-bak. He reiterates a threat of “sacred war,” transmitted earlier in the week, to crush the bases of provocation in the South. North Korea's new, young leader Kim Jong Un was in the audience for Ri's remarks. But Kim - who holds the rank of a four-star general - did not address the gathering.
Comment...The other day I mentioned Kim.. Who now, by the way, all of a sudden is a four star General. Whats up with that? What is this leading up to? Will he test his power like I said...Why isn't our wonderful leader doing something to pacify this situation...Wait, he can't, he is busy stopping food aid for the poor over in that country and going on late night TV to make jokes about political issues and then calling the agents caught in the hooker scandal, "Knuckleheads". That was his attempt to play down the issue...Lighten it up a bit..."Like boys will be boys"....Remember....The only good thing about Obama is that he is so predictable...Its almost like Illinois politics as usual isn't it!


"Written On June 4th 2009"

2009 - I seen the price of gas in some places is $2.73 a gallon in Connecticut. The prices have been going up each day for 2 or 3 months. Here we go again. Keep in mind I said a while ago “The stability of our economy depends on the price of gas staying at about $1.97 to $2.20 a gallon“…If the price of gas continues to rise the real trouble will begin soon…Meanwhile Obama is at the horse ranch in Arabia bought with American dollars from people who can barely afford to feed their kids.

Comment.....Written and published on Live Journal almost 3 years ago by me! What is going on? Look at what has happened since Obama became our "President"? I never thought I'd ever say and I almost can't believe I want to say Bush was a Saint compared to the guy who won't set limits and does absolutely nothing. Am I the only one that knew what was going to happen? Isn't there someone left in Washington with a brain?  

"Obama 'Slow Jams' With Jimmy Fallon"

President Obama 'Slow Jams' With Jimmy Fallon - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando

"I'm President Barack Obama, and I, too, would like to slow jam the news," Obama said at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Obama slow-jammed about his position on student loan interest rates Wednesday night."Now is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people," Obama said."Stop. The love you save may be your own," Fallon sang after dubbing Obama the "Preezy of the United Steezy. "

Comment....Again I am at a loss for words.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Woman Who Booted 11 Secret Service Agents from Colombia"

Meet the ‘Steely’ Woman Who Booted 11 Secret Service Agents from Colombia | NewsFeed |

Doug Mills / AP
Paula Reid, at right, walks in a motorcade alongside President George W. Bush's limousine shortly after his inauguration on January 20, 2001.
Leave it to a woman to keep the boys in line. According to the Washington Post, a top female member of the Secret Service was responsible for booting 11 agents out of Colombia after they allegedly solicited prostitutes while preparing for the President’s arrival in Cartagena.
Despite supervisor Paula Reid’s best efforts to contain the situation, the sex scandal that splashed across front pages back in the U.S. completely overshadowed the agents’ mission at the Summit of the Americas. But while details of the scandal from bar to brothel to bedroom have been widely reported, Reid’s actions to stop the agents’ misdeeds has flown largely under the radar.
The Post Profile describes Reid as a 46-year-old black woman, tall and lean, with a reputation for being “exacting” and “steely.” The 21-year veteran of the Secret Service had recently been promoted to head of the agency’s Miami bureau, where she oversees the 150 agents that work throughout South America.

Comment....The way rumors are flying around in the news these days you never know what is true and what isn't..I call it, "Climbing on the band wagon". From what I can see this story makes the most sense...It sounds like this 21 year veteran stepped up and did the right thing. She is protecting whats left of the integrity and dignity of the institution and she did her job..I'm sure she is not the only one.. Why does stuff like this happen? Personally I don't like the, "Boys will be boys attitude" because that sort of makes it OK. I think its a combination of the way society is today and not teaching morals, respect and common sense. You need to explain to these guys that just because they do things on TV and in the movies doesn't mean its real... Can you teach common sense? Yes, my Dad did a good job pointing me in the right direction...

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Alexandra Pelosi Interviews Welfare in NYC"

Real Time with Bill Maher March 16, 2012

Pelosi's daughter is the one of the few who can get away with this. This is exactly what mush of our country has become, and its why a guy like Obama got into office in the first place. These guys are not the exception, they are the rule. I'm surprised a squid like Maher aired this on his show.

Comment....A good friend sent this to me...I thought I would share it with you...

"N. Korea Threatens South With Special Military Action"

N. Korea Threatens South With Special Military Action | Asia | English

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a military parade held to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the North's founder Kim Il Sung, in Pyongyang on April 15, 2012.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches a military parade held to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the North's founder Kim Il Sung, in Pyongyang on April 15,
North Korea escalated its war of words against the South Korean government on Monday, when a newscaster interrupted regular programming on North Korea's central television station and forcefully read an unusual announcement from a unit of the army's supreme command.

A special operation would reduce to “ashes in three or four minutes” the supporters of South Korea's president and their bases utilizing “unprecedented peculiar means and methods," said Ri Chun Hee, a senior North Korean broadcaster. 

Pyongyang blames President Lee Myung-bak for insulting the North at a time when the country was mourning its late leader, Kim Jong Il, who died in December, and then during this month's celebrations marking the centennial of the birth of North Korea's founder, Kim Il Sung.

Comment....Check out this kid..Its like he is a clone of his father only a younger version.. ...Gee, I wonder if? No, well, I won't go into that... On the serious side, these threats have been an on going thing for years and I always keep my eye on these people. Now that the United States has cut food aid to the poor over there...I've got a feeling this kid is going to test his power. I wouldn't be surprised if one of these days if he starts something..

"Dan Webb Named Special Prosecutor in Case Involving Daley Kin"

Webb named special prosecutor in case involving Daley nephew -

Dan Webb, considered one of the best lawyers in the country, today was appointed special prosecutor to look into the investigation of the 2004 death of David Koschman in a drunken confrontation with a nephew of then-Mayor Richard Daley.

Attorney Dan WebbCook County Judge Michael Toomin, who ordered the appointment of a special prosecutor, named Webb to the post this morning In his written order, Toomin said that he was directing Webb to investigate the homicide and determine whether "from 2004 to the present, employees of the Chicago P.D. and the Cook County State's Attorney Office acted intentionally to suppress and conceal evidence, furnish false evidence, and generally impede the investigation."

Comment..... This had better smell right...Especially with all those dirty cops...I was going to say something Illinois being Obama's home State but I won't...

"Jennifer Hudson Takes the Stand"

Hudson Trial Blog: Jennifer Hudson takes the stand -
Comment .......From American Idol to this.....

Actress Jennifer Hudson has taken the witness stand in the killings of her mother, brother and nephew.Dressed all in black with her hair pulled back, Hudson spoke in a soft voice and had to be told by the judge to speak up at one point.
She began to cry softly as she spoke about her family, especially nephew Julian, who was 7 when he was fatally shot.
"It was always me and my Tugga Bear. That's what I called him," she said of her nephew.
Hudson said she was extremely close with her mother, keeping in touch with her daily, and became worried when she awoke on Oct. 24, 2008, and hadn't heard from her mother yet.
Her voice cracked and she cried as she recounted how she had warned her sister, Julia, about William Balfour, who is on trial in the triple homicide.

(Update) "The TV Addiction"

 At long last...An update on the TV Issue,,,No, I didn't give in to the compulsion to watch network TV and thusly end my crusade to bring light to the poor souls who still have this disgusting habit. The keyword being still. I am beginning to believe that our numbers are growing. As I go along in my quest at times mentioning my addiction (not in so many words) to this, "corruption of the mind" problem in this country, people have ether said, "Oh, I don't watch the news or I don't watch it ether". One lady said, "I still watch a little at times but my husband watches all the time". She went on to say, my kids don't watch any TV commenting and I'm not kidding here, she really said this. "They don't watch because, they don't understand how anybody could watch that repetitious "Crazy stuff". Or words to that effect. See, I told you! I knew I'm not alone.."I knew that someone somewhere felt the same way I do". All this pretend that nothing is going on or it can't happen to me, reality TV, adoration of actors and actresses, buy, buy, buy, spend, spend, spend, sale, sale, sale, you need this, get this now, buy this now because your friend has it or if you don't have the money just charge it, its that easy, never ever save for the future, go on welfare or food stamps, never own a home, always drive a junk car, we don't care just spend the money you don't have and do drugs and take anti-depressants or drink alcohol....Liver disease, kidney failure, sickness and death.....They don't care...Don't you dare say it can't happen to you or it will never happen to you. That's exactly what they want you to believe and if you do they have succeeded. Don't let this happen!   

Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Flood of Anti-Depressants Keeps Today’s GIs Fighting"

Flood of Anti-Depressants Keeps Today’s GIs Fighting | American Free Press
Perpetual warfare has taken its toll on the young American service men and women the U.S. enlists to maintain its global empire. According to figures recently disclosed by the U.S. Army surgeon general to L.A Times “more than 110,000 active-duty Army troops last year were taking prescribed antidepressants, narcotics, sedatives, antipsychotics and anti-anxiety drugs. Nearly 8% of the active duty Army is now on sedatives and more than 6% is on antidepressants—an eightfold increase.”
Comment....We all assume now that when these poor guys come home everything will all well and good. Well, I'm sorry to say its never going to happen...How many will return home addicted? As my mind is going around and around like the loader circle on your computer. I am thinking about how many suicides will we have? Last night alone, among a group of my most trusted friends, suicide was talked about 5 times..Five people committed suicide in the past year. One just last week...The future does not look to bright for the guys that are protecting us from the monsters over in those God-forsaken places...

"White House Fires Back On Sarah Palin Criticism"

Secret Service Scandal: White House Fires Back On Sarah Palin Criticism

Secret Service Scandal Sarah Palin
White House spokesman Jay Carney called Sarah Palin's criticism of the Secret Service "preposterous."
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney fired back at Sarah Palin's criticism of the Secret Service after a recent prostitution scandal, saying "it is preposterous to politicize the Secret Service."
On Thursday, Sarah Palin spoke to Fox News about one of the Secret Service agents caught up in the Colombia prostitution scandal, noting that he had been in her security detail during the 2008 presidential campaign. She reacted to a comment the agent made that he was "checking her out" and managed to work in a jab at Obama for eating dog meat as a child. "Well check this out, bodyguard, you're fired," Palin said. "I hope his wife ... sends him to the doghouse -- as long as he's not eating the dog, along with his former boss."

Comment.....I like to think I am in the middle on issues like this...I believe that somewhere along the line the problems started at the top...Well above the two morons that got fired..Their behavior and the lack of supervision when the boys are away, made it OK to play...Where did they get this attitude? We all like to think and need to believe that leadership at the top would never condone this kind of behavior. I mean we "The People, have to trust somebody, don't we? Not politicize the Secret Service? Its too late, they are stuck in muck up to their ears and sinking fast. The way we stand now, add a corrupt Secret Service along with the corrupt politicians, greed out of control, way to high gas prices and I don't care what the polls and numbers say, an economy that is sinking fast. I don't know if anyone can fix what is going in this Nation but this administration is not helping at all! Something needs to change...   

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Two Senior Secret Service Officers in Hooker Scandal Identified"

Two senior Secret Service officers in Colombia prostitution scandal identified - The Washington Post

 One of the Secret Service supervisors ousted from the agency this week for their involvement in the Colombia prostitution scandal made light of his official protective work on his Facebook page, joking about a picture of himself standing watch behind Sarah Palin. David Randall Chaney, 48, posted several shots of himself on duty in a dark suit and sunglasses, including one that shows him behind the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee during that campaign. “I was really checking her out, if you know what i mean?” Chaney wrote in the comments section after friends had marveled at the photo. He is married and has an adult son.
 Several people familiar with the matter have identified the other supervisor as Greg Stokes, who was assistant special agent in charge of the K-9 division. Stokes has been notified by agency officials that he will be fired, although he will be given an opportunity to contest the charges, those with knowledge of the case said. Chaney and Stokes have each worked at the Secret Service for nearly two decades, and both have served significant time with the presidential protection detail, people who know the men said. Both are based in Washington.

Comment....What a way to end a career..Twenty years of government service..One will be forced to retire the other one will be fired..I can't imagine what that feels like...They can joke about what they did and they will but later on when they are alone in the dullness of their Washington homes making excuses and trying to justify that behavior, the horror of what happened will surface. Two men who for years have made the right decisions are disgraced in the eyes of their family's and friends. Did they actually think no one would ever say anything? The consequences of those decisions are life long. There is no excuse for what they did....

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"(CNN) - Secret Service Clears Nugent After interview"

Secret Service clears Nugent after interview – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Secret Service clears Nugent after interview
April 19th, 2012
The issue has been resolved," and the agency "does not anticipate any further action," Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary told CNN after the interview.
Earlier Thursday, Nugent issued a statement of his own, writing, "I met with two fine, professional Secret Service agents in OK today." The musician was in Ardmore, Oklahoma, to perform a concert. Nugent described the meeting as a "good, solid, professional meeting concluding that I have never made any threats of violence towards anyone. The meeting could not have gone better. I thanked them for their service, we shook hands and went about our business. God bless the good federal agents wherever they may be."

Comment....I couldn't have said better... 

Update - "Secret Service to meet Ted Nugent Today"

Secret Service Investigates Ted Nugent Remarks on Obama - ABC News

The U.S. Secret Service is looking into the incendiary and potentially threatening remarks  made by rocker and Mitt Romney-backer Ted Nugent at the National Rifle Association convention over the weekend.
“We are aware of them and we are conducting the appropriate follow-up now,” Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie told ABC News.
Nugent told a crowd of convention goers that “if Barack Obama becomes the president in November, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”
“If you can’t go home and get everybody in your lives to clean house in this vile, evil, America-hating administration, I don’t even know what you’re made of,” he said. The comments were caught on tape and posted online by the website Right Wing Watch.

Comment........Mr. Nugent commented, "We actually have heard from the Secret Service, and they have a duty, and I salute them. I support them and I'm looking forward to our meeting." He went on to say "I'm sure it will be a fine gathering backstage here in Oklahoma"
There isn't much more to add..I sure we will hear about the results of this meeting. Will they threaten him, warn him, advise him or suggest to him. We will see what happens..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Satellite Captures Giant Eruption From the Sun Today" (Picture)

Satellite captures giant eruption from sun today

NASA's solar orbiter captured an enormous eruption from the sun today,  reports.
The "beautiful prominence eruption" occurred at 1:45 p.m. ET and was captured by the Solar Dynamics laboratory.   Although visually spectacular, the resulting solar flare registered only in the middle of the intensity scale (M1.7 class).
It was also reported that this is no danger to Earth..

Comment... Amazing! This reminds me of how small we are..

"Ted Nugent says he'll be 'dead or in jail' if Obama wins again" Entertainment - Ted Nugent says he'll be 'dead or in jail' if Obama wins again

Reuters reports that Mitt Romney's campaign was calling for civility on Tuesday after Ted Nugent's comments before an audience of U.S. gun lobbyists. The Democratic National Committee seized on Nugent's remarks on Monday night in a fundraising email, pointing out how Nugent has endorsed Romney for president. Nugent called Obama a criminal and denounced his "vile, evil, America-hating administration" which is "wiping its ass with the Constitution." Nugent said. "We'll be a suburb of Indonesia next year. Our president, attorney general, our vice president, Hillary Clinton -- they're criminals, they're criminals."

Comment ......Wow, Mr. Nugent is angry..The best part he has a microphone to scream into when gets like this....When he says something negative the world listens..A lot of people feel like this and they take it out on other things...When will they tell him he can't talk like this? He will remember the freedom of speech part of the Constitution and tell them all to F--K Off...ROCK ON Teddy.......

Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama"

Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama While Partying At Colombian Brothel - Yahoo! News

    Exclusive: Secret Service Bragged About Protecting Obama While Partying At Colombian Brothel (ABC News)CARTAGENA, Colombia - ABC News has learned exclusively that the Secret Service officials accused of misconduct in Colombia revealed their identities by boasting at a Cartagena brothel that they worked for President Obama.
     Partying at the Pley club Wednesday night, eleven members of the president's advance team allegedly bragged "we work for Obama" and "we're here to protect him. The officials spent the night throwing back expensive whiskey and enlisting the services of the club's prostitutes, according to a bouncer at the club and a police source.

    Comment......I don't want to believe this happened because when I worked for the Government we would never do these things..Believe me, there are dedicated men and woman that take their job seriously. It was an honor for me to be in the position I was in. I like to believe I was chosen because of my experience and the fact you could trust me...When I took that oath I had tears in my eyes. I was doing something not everybody could do...These few morons and their Boss, believe me have ruined their lives. It happened on Director Sullivan's watch, the blame starts there! I mean where was the supervision? They were given a position of trust and threw it all away. My job wasn't even close to what they were doing but I know a lot of guys that put their lives on the line. I can only say they must have have lowered the standards..These days with all the freaks trying to do harm to the people in this country and around the world its not the brightest thing to do. When things like this happen it usually means they weren't supervised very well. Maybe what they did was a reflection of what their Boss or immediate supervisor would do. Is this a reflection of what the administration would do? I know that if you run a tight ship the job will get done without problems. They can spin this anyway they want but this is one of worst things that could have happened....And in Columbia no less the Drug center of the world...Kind of tells you something doesn't it. Read between the lines....



    Tuesday, April 17, 2012

    "My Odyssey"

    As I move along on this odyssey of not watching Network television. I am discovering its like kicking any other bad habit. The monotony of getting up, walking over to the remote and turning on the TV, knowing you are going to see and hear the same drug, carpet, furniture, car or beer commercial is gone. Of coarse it depends on the time of day which audience is the target. It feels so good, "Not" to be a target anymore. That was the up, the downs are. It was habit forming but I'm very slowly breaking that nasty rhythm of doing the same thing over and over again.. Its not as bad as drinking, smoking or using drugs because there are no intense cravings a or constant desire to do it. It was a subtle desire to watch TV with my mind thinking its OK to do that because everybody else does. Its just a really bad habit anybody can break. Its almost like trying to stop biting your nails...  I just feel sad for the people who watch the commercials unconsciously doing what they want not realizing they are wasting their lives being convinced that it doesn't hurt you. So on and on it goes, walking in the house turning on the TV just for noise or to give the kids something to do then realizing you are staring at the constant flow of mind numbing idiots telling you that you need this or that...Only you had better get now while the sale is on or before they run out of whatever they are trying to sell you..Those are lies.... They don't say its a constant sale or its impossible to run out of anything...  It simply means you are a robot doing what they want and you don't even know what you are doing. Meanwhile those kids you put in front of the TV are being programed to be just like you and the ad agency's that do these things know this....

    "Obama Has Confidence in the Secret Service Director"

    Obama has confidence in Secret Service director

    President Obama is backing Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan as the agency investigates allegations that its personnel procured prostitutes during a recent trip to Colombia."The president has confidence in the director of the Secret Service," said White House spokesman Jay Carney."The director acted swiftly in response to this incident, and is overseeing the investigation," Carney added.Sullivan does have his critics. They include Ronald Kessler, author the book In The President's Secret Service. "This incident is a symptom of the corner cutting and laxness that has been going on under Director Sullivan," Kessler said.
     Comment.....He has confidence in the Director? He has no choice...Wait a little while. I am going to say, I'll bet he resigns to spend more time with his family..Wanna bet within 3 months he's gone.  What did they do lower the standards to find people that will qualify for this job?
       Read Mr. Sullivan's bio on this link


    Monday, April 16, 2012


    "Prostitute Who Exposed Secret Service Agents Wanted her $47"

    Prostitute who exposed Secret Service agents in Colombia wanted her $47 - National Conservative |

    The Hotel Caribe in Cartagena, Colombia where U.S. Secret Service's prostitution scandal erupted.  The prostitution scandal during the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia has become even more embarrassing now that reports indicate that as many as 20 Secret Service agents from the United States may have been involved, as well as five military personnel.
    Granted, prostitution is legal in parts of Colombia, but many of the men involved with Obamas fleet of protection are reportedly married. The incident began when a female overnight guest at Hotel Caribe in Cartagena did not leave the hotel by 7:00 a.m., which is the policy of the hotel for overnight guests. When the hotel management went knocking on a hotel room door looking for her, the woman was arguing with the agent in her room who refused to pay her $47 for the night.The agent eventually paid her, but it was too late for the scandal to be avoided.  The hotel management had already called the police, and a report on the argument between the prostitute and the agent was written.  As customary with such incidents where police reports are written regarding American foreigners, the police report was given to the United States Embassy in Colombia....The U.S. Congressional House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is investigating the incident.  The committee’s chairman, Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, told CBS News.
    Comment....I didn't say anything about this earlier this morning because the stories are becoming less accurate...I think the Government spin doctors are hard at work confusing the details.. We know Obama is upset. Hell, I would be upset also...The spotlight is not on him and this is nothing to joke about like the gas prices that are bringing the poor to their knees. However I will venture to say that I'll bet you will see the famous Obama smirk when he talks about this issue in the future. I'll also bet that he will joke about it while trying to make it a guy thing...You know its something guys do, Hookers and all...

    "Subliminal Messages"

        I don't usually advertise on my web sites, in fact I deplore any kind of commercial or the selling of anything attached to the entertainment media or network television. As you know or don't know. I have not watched network television for 3 weeks except for Saturday Night Live...I guess you could call it a self-imposed boycott refusing to be told what to buy or what human insanity to watch...The truth is these days nothing is Sacred. Anything goes. That is sad. There is no thinking about the consequences anymore. They don't want you too. The commercials and suggestions are designed so you won't think, you will just do what they want......What is comforting to know is that I'm not alone. I was talking to someone last night and in the discussion the topic of instant gratification was discussed and how children are being taught to buy, buy, buy. Taught to max out that credit card and keep themselves in debt if only for the high interest payments. They do not care about your pain and suffering. They will repossess your car or take your house and they won't think twice..You know how drug dealers will give you a free sample just get you to come back and buy more...In a sense the advertisers are doing the same thing. I'll even go out on a limb and say they using subliminal messages. Believe me those Bastards will do anything to get your money. Stating low prices, sales and the best one is, buy one get one free and they keep saying the same thing over and over..Its called repetition. They are force feeding you. It goes on and on, over and over till you give in... The sad part is young minds are being tempted and falling into the traps they've set and they don't realize what is happening to them...

    Check the link for the meaning of Subliminal...


    Sunday, April 15, 2012

    "After Secret Service flap, Biden Tax Form Lists a New Rental Income"

    After Secret Service flap, Biden tax form lists new rental income - Washington Times

    U.S. Secret Service agents walk around the Convention Center in Cartagena, Colombia.

     Amazingly, this story came to light because one of the prostitutes complained to the police she wasn’t paid! The police alerted the State Department, which alerted the White House, which told the Secret Service. Stiffing prostitutes? Unwise. If you’re guarding a President? Priceless.

    Joe Biden reported earning more than $12,000 in rental income last year, months after the White House acknowledged that the U.S. Secret Service was paying rent to the vice president so that agents could stay in a cottage on his property in Delaware.

    Another version of the same story...   

     The agency paid Biden $20,900 to host agents on his property -- for his protection, reports Keith Koffler, who runs the White House Dossier website. The rent, which has been paid in past years, was for a “cottage” on Biden's property.

    Another version...
    The controversy also expanded to the U.S. military, which announced five service members staying at the same hotel as the agents in Colombia may have been involved in misconduct as well. They were confined to their quarters in Colombia and ordered not to have contact with others. 
     It’s an appalling story, an embarrassment to an agency self-described as “one of the most elite law enforcement organizations in the world".

    Comment......Wow ...Talk about what Obama doesn't need right now...It will be interesting to see how much they can sweep under the rug...I can see the damage control working overtime...Who was the supervisor and his immediate supervisor....Can't you hear those idiots trying to explain this away? The bottom line here is, this is unheard of and disgraceful. Sort of makes the United States a laughing stock of the world...Gives new meaning to the phrase "opening a new can of worms"......

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    "Obama Secret Service Agents Sent Home because of Misconduct"

    Obama Secret Service agents accused of misconduct

    A dozen Secret Service agents on President Obama's security detail have been sent home from a summit in Colombia over allegations of misconduct involving prostitutes, officials said.
    "A U.S. official, who was not authorized to speak publicly on the matter and requested anonymity, put the number of agents at 12," reported the Associated Press "The agency was not releasing the number of personnel involved." Obama is in Cartagena, Colombia, for this weekend's Summit of the Americas.
    Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan declined to comment on specifics, but said that "these personnel changes will not affect the comprehensive security plan that has been prepared in advance of the President's trip".

    The Washington Post also noted that "there have been other incidents involving Obama's security detail over the past year:"

    In November, Christopher W. Deedy, a federal agent with the State Department's Bureau of Diplomatic Security, was charged with second-degree murder after shooting a man during a dispute outside a McDonald's in Hono­lulu. Though Deedy was off-duty at the time, he was on the island to provide advance security arrangements for Obama's trip to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
     In August, Daniel L. Valencia, a Secret Service agent, was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Decorah, Iowa, where he was helping arrange security for Obama's bus trip through three Midwestern states. Valencia, who was off-duty at the time of the arrest, was recently sentenced to two days in jail with credit for time served, and a fine of $1,250.

    Comment..... I have seen a few Presidents in my life but I never seen anything happen like this. What did they do, lower the standards? It looks like they are hiring Alcoholics and Professional killers...They are in Columbia so it leaves nothing to the imagination what they did there of all places...Being an ex-government employee I know there are high standards for getting that job...With this agency its 10 times as high. You will have a background check to end all background checks...I mean they will dig back to your parents, parents. There are lie detector tests and special psychological tests, physical training and a willingness to take a bullet for the boss by standing in the line of fire...In other words a very, very special person...What happened here?

    "Ryan O'Neal Diagnosed With Stage Four Prostate Cancer"

    Ryan O'Neal Diagnosed With Stage Four Prostate Cancer - E! Online

    Ryan O'Neal 
    Ryan O'Neal is fighting a new battle.

    The 70-year-old actor, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2001, has just revealed that he was recently diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer.
    "Although I was shocked and stunned by the news, I feel fortunate that it was detected early and according to my extraordinary team of doctors the prognosis is positive for a full recovery," O'Neal said in a statement. "I am deeply grateful for the support of my friends and family during this time, and I urge everyone to get regular check-ups, as early detection is the best defense against this horrible disease that has afflicted so many.

    Comment.....As an actor he was one of my favorites..I say was because he hasn't done much work in the past few years...Life goes on and that means none of us are exempt from the sicknesses and the crazy things that happen in this world..Its sad to think Ryan has felt the pain of most of those things...People put actors, actresses and singers on a pedestal or in the so-called spot light but these well known individuals are known only because of what they do for a living. They are still human. No one is untouchable. Don't throw rocks or ever say "It can't happen to me" because when you least expect it....well, you know the rest and if you don't you will soon figure it out...

    Friday, April 13, 2012

    "FBI Raids ACT College Campuses"

    FBI Raids ACT College Campuses | NBC4 Washington

    FBI Raids ACT College Campuses

    The FBI and the U.S. Department of Education raided all three ACT College campuses in Virginia Friday, News4’s Erika Gonzalez reported.
    Agents arrived at the Manassas campus about 3 p.m. They filled dozens of boxes and left Friday evening.
    The school shut down last week. When students arrived for classes April 3, they found a letter from college President Jeff Moore apologizing for the shutdown and blaming it on the Department of Education for withholding funds from the college, which followed an audit that uncovered problems at the school.

    Comment.....A few years ago I would have thought this has to be a mistake...These days this doesn't look very good...


    "World Reacts to Failed North Korea Rocket Launch"

    World Reacts to Failed North Korea Rocket Launch | East Asia and Pacific | English

    Effigy of North Korea's Kim Jong Un on burning mock missile at Seoul protest, South Korea, April 13, 2012.

    Effigy of North Korea's Kim Jong Un on burning mock missile at Seoul protest, South Korea, April 13, 2012.

    U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and many other international leaders have condemned North Korea's launch of a long-range missile, even though the test was a failure.  The rocket fell into the sea about one minute after liftoff. North Korea's official news agency acknowledged the missile broke apart, preventing its cargo - described as a weather satellite - from reaching Earth orbit. 

    Comment....First, I didn't know the missile fell into the ocean...So much for Chinese technology and scaring the crap out of people around the world...This morning I published a story about something falling in a lake in Connecticut. Actually, I was just being my wise acre self...In some way, just maybe it could have happened....It would have been neat if it did...I like these kinds of odd stories as you must know by now..Just because this Missile failed doesn't mean they won't try again...Stay tuned...  

    "Mysterious Object Falls from the Sky"

    Mysterious object falls from the sky - WFSB Channel 3


    People in northwestern Connecticut have been buzzing about a mysterious object that was seen falling from the sky Wednesday night.
    Police said nothing was found after a Connecticut State Trooper and others reported seeing the large object fall out of the sky in Litchfield.
    Someone was driving in Litchfield around 2 a.m. when they reported seeing a green, glowing object the size of a whale fall and crash into Bantam Lake, according to the Waterbury Republican-American.
    Around the same time, a state trooper reported seeing the same thing about 10 miles away in Warren.
    Emergency officials made several attempts to locate the mysterious object, but nothing was found.
    The search was called off shortly thereafter.

    Comment......Hey, I don't know what this was but wasn't a rocket launched from North Korea yesterday? There could be a connection? It was the first thing I thought about. That and I hope it didn't hit any fish. a State cop seen the same thing so I thought I'd mention it...Like I said many times in the past, you can't make this stuff up...

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    "Toy Grenade Forces Evacuation of World Financial Center Tower"

    Toy Grenade Forces Evacuation of World Financial Center Tower | NBC New York

    Toy Grenade Forces Evacuation

    A World Financial Center building across the street from the World Trade Center was evacuated Thursday because of a suspicious package that turned out to contain a toy grenade, police said.

    Comment...."A Toy grenade". In our wonderful safe environment here in the United States a Moron decides to bring a, and the way I understand this is, "a toy hand grenade" to the WFC. I really don't care what they do in New York City but this has to be the work of a truly, truly stupid person. I'll even bet that when this dope, he or she was the same kid who brought a toy gun to school and didn't learn anything. I mean you have to be a total moron to even think you can play a joke like this. I hope who ever did this was stupid enough to leave finger prints on this toy just so they will arrest him or her and I can tweet his or her name for all the world to see and make his or her parents really proud.


             Someone sent this to me..said the picture was taken in Florida..

    "Convicted Killer's Execution Set For Today"

    Convicted Killer's Execution Set For Today - Orlando News Story - WESH Orlando

    David Alan Gore is set to be executed nearly 29 years after murdering 17-year-old Lynn Elliott. In all, Gore killed four teenage girls and two women. Elliott's murder is the only one for which he's condemned. He's scheduled to die by lethal injection at 6 p.m. today.

    Comment.....Meanwhile in Connecticut the powers that be are wanting to repeal the death penalty...

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    "Houston's funeral costs anger hometown residents"

    TODAY Entertainment - Whitney Houston's funeral costs anger hometown residents

    New Jersey fans wave at Whitney Houston's hearse
    Whitney Houston’s funeral cost her hometown of Newark, New Jersey, $187,000 in police overtime, and some residents aren’t happy about footing the bill.
    Local authorities staffed nearly 200 police officers at the New Baptist Church, where the funeral took place, as well as at the funeral home and a private gathering for friends and family. The nearly $200-thousand bill represents about 5 percent of the department's $4 million annual budget....

    Comment.......I've had this story for a while and I kind of feel bad for the taxpayers that must foot the bill for the unexpected death of this singer....What usually happens when someone dies the normal way like old age the estate pays the funeral bill. With the unexpected of a drug addict. Lawyers must get involved and sue the estate....I wouldn't get upset I would freeze or attach or whatever they do to the estate until I got paid...Or send the bill to her drug addict ex-husband or what ever he was....

    "Former Coach, NFL player Found Dead in Apparent Suicide"

    Former LB Found Dead in Apparent Suicide

    MOBILE, Ala. -- South Alabama associate head football coach and NFL player. He spent 2 seasons in the NFL with the Oilers and the Green Bay Packers. Kurt Crain was found dead at his home from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, a coroner said Tuesday. He was 47.
    An autopsy would likely be performed on Wednesday, said Baldwin County Coroner Stan Vinson. Spanish Fort police discovered Crain's body on Tuesday afternoon, according to a university news release.

    Comment ....More sadness...

    "Framingham Mass. sweep results in 32 arrests on child pornography"

    Statewide sweep results in 32 arrests on child pornography charges

    FRAMINGHAM (FOX 25 / - Massachusetts law enforcement officials announced the results of a week-long, statewide sweep of suspects on child pornography charges. The sweep, known as “Operation Corral,” resulted in the arrests of 32 men on charges of possession or dissemination of child pornography.

    Comment......If there are any Illegals in this group of scumbags they should be deported...This link provides names, addresses and pictures of all these losers... 

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012

    Tom Petty - Runnin' down a Dream - Lyrics


         Comment.....One of the best Guitar solos ever

    "NBA Cheerleaders - Sldeshow"

    NBA Cheerleaders - Photos

     Comment ....Actually no comment is needed...This is one of a 208 picture slide show of NBA cheerleaders.....

    "Firefighters Battle fires on Long Island. Picture from Connecticut Beach"

    Firefighters Battle Major Brush Fires for Second Day on Long Island | NBC New York

    Helicopters dumped buckets of water Tuesday over burning swaths of Suffolk County on Long Island, where brush fires have raged across nearly 1,000 acres, injuring firefighters and destroying homes.
    The flames were contained on three sides by early Tuesday, but the eastern side raged on. The National Guard was on standby and a state of emergency was declared for Suffolk County.

    Comment ....I actually took this picture with my cell phone camera yesterday from the beach near my house. I was taking my daily walk on the beach when I noticed the smoke...I took the picture thinking that it was very unusual to see that amount of smoke from my side of Long Island Sound...


    Monday, April 9, 2012

    "Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Nudity"

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Nudity |

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Nudity

    Jennifer Love Hewitt Talks Nudity

    Although Jennifer Love Hewitt is playing a racy role in her new series The Client List, which premiered on Sunday, she revealed that she wouldn't have signed on for the series if her role had included nudity.
    "I wouldn't have done nudity," Hewitt said in a conference call when prompted as to whether she would have accepted the role if it were on a different, edgier network. "That's not something that I feel particularly comfortable with," she elaborated.

    Comment..........I don't know what it is but I really like her...

    "Rising Gas Prices Fuel Criminal Ingenuity"

    It's A 'Mad Max' World: Rising Gas Prices Fuel Criminal Ingenuity | Fox News

    Gas station pumps.jpg With gas hovering around $4 a gallon, more and more people are deciding they'd rather steal it than pay for it.
    Theft of fuel has traditionally risen and fallen with pump prices, but now crooks are going beyond simply siphoning gas from a parked car or driving off without paying after a fill-up. Around the nation, thieves are using ingenious methods and breathtaking brazenness to empty the tanks of trucks, industrial fleets and even gas stations themselves.

    C0mment.....Some of the unusual incidents that have occurred in the past two months include...Click the link above to see what lengths some these crooks will go to..

    PHOTOS: Strip Club Surveillance Shows Armed Robbery Suspects | NBC New York

    PHOTOS: Strip Club Surveillance Shows Armed Robbery Suspects | NBC New York

     Police are looking for four men who fled in two cars
    Strip Club Cams Show Robbery Suspects
    Police released surveillance photos Monday from strip club cameras that show armed robbery suspects who brazenly hit the New Jersey establishment last week.
    The four armed men walked into the Taboo Men's Club in Linden shortly after noon on Thursday and pistol-whipped the manager, forcing him into another room to open a safe, according to Detective Lt. James Sarnicki.
    They took several thousand dollars in cash, as well as jewelry. About eight to 10 employees and customers were also in the club at the time, and they were herded into a bathroom.
     Comment.......OK, all well and good and I hope this Video helps in catching the morons that did this but I was thinking....Can anybody watch the guys getting a lap dance or other things and don't say what other things? How about a wife who suspects her husband of doing such a thing?...How about the owners or guys sitting in the back? Hmmmm, interesting..