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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

“Obama's New America”

   Update..... First published on 2/27/2013.
   On and on it goes... America is not a country anymore its a business... The greed gets thicker in Obama's new America! Have you become one of Obama's new clones? No, not one of those plastic human like machines on the Si-Fi channel on in the movies, not scientifically made but the kind made from your new environment. From now on, there is no middle class! You are ether rich or you are poor. Now you suffer or you don’t. For the poor, rage and anger are the new attitudes. Fear and Terrorism are the norm. For the rich, they just don’t care..There is no in-between. The majority of you have been programed and coerced into buying anything they are selling because of instant gratification and because they say you need to have it. Your freedom of choice is literally gone. You are doing these things automatically now. Your corrupt Illinois President and corrupt leaders in Washington are bought and paid for by the oil company's greed and big business. You are all blind or have been blinded to what is going on around you. You see and hear only what they want you to see and hear when they want you to see it and hear it. Everywhere you go, what ever you do. Whether its watching TV, being at the airport, buying food at the store, talking on your cell or just driving down the street. They know what you are doing, where you are and when you are doing it. They are watching and listening to you all the time. You have now become a statistic. You are just a number, a bar code. If you are too young to spend money they don’t need you. If you are old, you have become a throw away that is too expensive to take care of. They are slowly taking away your food stamps (SNAP) and health benefit's so you will die. Your peace of mind and serenity have been manipulated into buying material things and for the most part your freedom of choice has been taken away. They continue to lie and say everything is OK and you believe them... They want you to think that drugs and alcohol are to have a good time and not addictive. They don’t care because they want you to to spend money, That is what its all about. You are officially living in a very sick society…

The Ten Ways to tell if you are a Clone. Be honest if that is possible....

1. Do you walk around staring at your hand (Cell phone) for more than an hour a day?
2. Do you ever mute a TV show and watch commercials?
3. Could you NOT watch TV if you didn’t want to?
4. Do you let your kids play electronic games when the sun is out?
5. Do you play electronics games for more than 2 hours a day?
6. Are 2 of your 3 credit cards maxed out?
7. Do you buy things you don’t need when you can’t afford it?
8. Do you get up and watch Morning TV?
9. Do you charge things even if you have the cash to pay for it?
10. Do you think that Reality Shows are real?

If you answered yes to two of these questions you are a Obama Clone and you have been programed....Your life span has been shortened...

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Its My Responsibility"

    Ah, where to begin? Today I need to go to the car wash.. I know, don’t say it, I know the doors on the car will freeze and so will my hands but I want to have a clean car.. I don’t like all that salt and chemical stuff they use now. That’s the reason I am giving. Yesterday a complete stranger asked me, “How I could drive that beautiful car in all this slush and muck“.. I felt so bad the car was dirty I almost went last night but it was really too cold. Still, I have a responsibility to my Mustang fans to keep the car clean and I will.
    I bought a new coffee maker yesterday and would you believe it didn’t come with filters?  So on my way home late last night I stopped to buy some. The only place that was open was a discount kind of place that sells all kinds of stuff “Dirt cheap“. I found a package of 200 filters for 1 dollar plus tax. That’s correct, you read that right,1 whole dollar. I went the register with a big smile and said to the girl, “Hi, this isn’t going be a big sale because I  only want these coffee filters”. She said “How bad do you want these filters, sir”? I hate it when people call me sir… I replied, “Oh, I don’t know, tomorrow morning coffee bad”. She replied, "Well in that case you got it and to my surprise she said, 'thank you for the beautiful smile", she went on to say “These days no one is smiling and I needed that“. I told her that “I was glad that I was able to help her“. That statement along with those filters made my day… There was a reason there were no filters in that box. Sometimes it’s the littlest things you need to notice…

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Two Men Arrested in Cow Shooting"

2 men arrested in cow shooting - The Westerly Sun: News


NORTH STONINGTON Connecticut — Two of three suspects in the Palmer Farm cow shooting were arrested Tuesday. Max R. Urso, 18, of North Stonington was charged with reckless endangerment, first-degree criminal mischief, cruelty to animals, unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, discharging a firearm from a public highway, and conspiracy to commit the crime. The cruelty statute carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail and a $5,000 fine. Henry A. Williamson, 20, of Pawcatuck, was charged with hindering prosecution and making a false statement. Police believe the three men were in Williamson’s vehicle when they shot the cows. State police made two arrests in the case, but the man they say actually pulled the trigger of the 30-06 hunting rifle, 23-year-old Todd A. Caswell, was still at large as of Wednesday evening.

After the shooting, State Rep. Diana Urban, D-North Stonington, known as a champion of animals, established "The Angel Fund" at Chelsea Groton Bank to raise money for the Palmer family. More than $3,500 has been raised. Farmer George Palmer told state police the replacement cost of the cow is $1,500, veterinary fees were $139 and it cost approximately $200 in labor to care for and move the injured cows.

Comment..... Did you ever find yourself at a loss for words? I mean I could call these three cowards bad names. I could wish evil things on them. I could say that I wish they dream of calf's crying every time they try to sleep for the rest of their lives. Classic High School bullies is all I can come up with. They deserve everything the Connecticut court system imposes on them. I hope the stigma of what they did stays with them all their lives. I hope every time they try to get a job, this felony pops up somewhere on their job application. I also think the parents of these three monsters should pay for all the damage and suffering done to the Palmer family and son Asa...

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Not Going Back"

Well, its been almost 5 months and I'm still a Vegetarian. I never thought I could do it but once I make up my mind to do something I usually do. The benefits are, I'm getting slimmer around the waist, now 34 plus and I feel much better physically. It seems like its taking too much time to lose the weight (like I want everything done yesterday) but my stomach is disappearing and I'm not as tired. I'm down to 162 pounds. I know I have lost a few pounds of fat around my waist line. They make all sorts of foods and veggie burgers. There are also recipes and web sites for vegetarians. Its a big market now and getting bigger. When I was very young I asked my Dad what was in a hotdog? He was a part time butcher at the A and P (Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company) supermarket before it was called a supermarket. Then it was more of a big neighborhood market on our street. I remember walking to the store when I was very young by myself. It was at a time when the streets were safe and I went to see how he did the meat. I remember thinking that. “How he did the meat” At the time you could eat meat safely because it was just meat. The cattle, sheep and pigs weren't injected with steroids, hormones and chemicals and chickens weren't fed tainted grain. It was at a time when they butchered the cows and pigs with a reasonable semblance of dignity, if there is such a thing. When I was young I was also very curious like most kids are. The "How comes" and "Whys" were part of my vocabulary. I said and I remember saying this, "Dad, what's in a hot dog"? He said, after a moments hesitation, "Lorenzo, they put anything and everything they can sell on a cow". (Now I realize what that is.) He went on to say, "They don't waste anything". I said, Oh, but how do they make them? How come they look like that? Pointing at them from behind the counter in the show case. I was so short I could barely see over that wooden cutting board behind the counter. He hesitated, and did have a look on his face like. Should I tell him this stuff? Well, he did and told me that guts are intestines and they are stuffed with ground up cow parts. I don’t want to say what parts but if you think about that today and how its all about making money you can just imagine. A year or so later I walked down stairs into the cellar in my Grandfathers house and I seen my Grand Father making Genoa Salami putting stuff into those intestines from a butchered pig. It was later around Christmas where I have vivid memories of my Grand Mother killing a very young Lamb in the garage for Christmas dinner and hearing it scream. I watched her as she held it upside down so the blood would drain out of its slit throat into a pot. I can still remember my Aunt Mary chasing me out of the garage. I have never in my life eaten Lamb or Sheep. That was years ago and now with the way they mass produce sheep, cattle and pigs, the way they slaughter them and poison them with steroids I will never eat meat again. The Beef and Pigs are injected with growth hormones to mass produce them. Veal is made from baby Calf's kept in those small plastic cages you see on the side of barns only to slaughtered very young for the meat. The same thing with Chickens. They are locked in small cages suffering and crying used only for their eggs and then slaughtered for fast food nuggets. Believe me, they mince and feed you everything on that chicken including the fat and skin. It’s the same with fish. If you knew how they make Fish-sticks you would never eat that crap again. The oceans now are poisoned with mercury. Remember the Mercury warnings? They don’t say that anymore so you assume its not bad but believe me its worse now. Now its oil and what ever else they dump in the ocean. Don’t you ever believe that they care because they don’t. Remember when you could trust the producers of food. Well, now you can't! Stop and take a look at all the fat over weight people limping around this country. Believe me, No one cares!  They make all that garbage to make money and you eat it. Don't believe or trust any of them...

This link is for a Vegetarian recipe site.... Check it out you won't be sorry...


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

“Diversity In America"

 When I post my work from the past it reminds me of how we as humans are so much like sheep and robots. By posting this now I am reminding myself that I am free to do as I want and I am not just a little different from the norm... I will never change! I will do what I want when I want and only if I want to....

This is sort of an updated version that was written on Mar. 4th, 2011 and posted on LiveJournal.....

In this country we have the people that think reality TV shows are real. There are the Millionaires that live on one side of town and the criminals that live on the other side. We have 20 year old kids who live in a bubble and write their memoir because they have a famous Mom. Huh! Now if that’s not all about the money, what is? We have the people that think they live in a free country. Forgetting that every move they make is watched and scrutinized by satellites, security cameras and God only knows who else. Remember that free country you lived in a long time ago the next time you are x-rayed at an airport and they look at your private parts. More odd than that is, you accept it and let them do it. If you think about it, that in its self is terrorism. Never mind when they run their hands up your legs and buttocks. I always wonder what kind of a person looks at crotches for a living. I mean what kind of person really does that....If someone did that to you on the street now a days they would be shot or arrested for assault. Next we have the victims and the crooks. More crooks though and its getting worse. We have the people that actually believe all the TV commercials and max out their credit cards buying that junk. We have some honest Politicians. The ones that are public servants. Can I still say Obama is a public servant? Wait! Huh, Where? Honest, just a minute I’m looking for the honest one! And then we have the corrupt. There aren’t many honest ones and now its hard to tell the difference. Now they are all Lawyers in Washington and have changed all the rules and laws to make everything that was illegal, legal...Like donations, deals and favors. I keep thinking of Blagojevich, Jessie Jackson Jr., Charlie Rangel and that slime that had the money in the freezer. Aren't they from Illinois like Obama? Hey, I could be wrong. Then there are the drug addicts that think they are special like that dead drug addict pedophile who died thinking he was better than you because he could hire a Doctor drug dealer to shoot him up. Then there is Whitney Houston, oh, shes dead too.....They always seem to end up dead....Of coarse there are the drug addicts that are out of control and will kill you and your family for material things. There is Charlie Sheen who criticizes the AA Big Book. Ask the millions of sober Alcoholics about that one. At this point in his life I think Charlie thinks he is better than God. I feel bad for his father and brothers. I don’t know who his Mom was but I feel sorry for her too. Then we have the radical Muslims and the regular Muslims. They have 2 Gods. One is the killer God who kills children. The other isn’t. Its hard to tell the difference. You never know which one will walk into grocery store and blow it up to kill everyone. We have the Christians, they are all the same. At least for now they are. You never know about later...Remember the crusades. They weren't so nice then. We have a lot of black people and white people. Most are good but there are mostly black people in the prisons. I wonder why that is? We have Illegal and legal aliens. Most are honest but some spoil it for all the others and steal from the welfare system. It hurts everyone when they do that. They don’t seem to care and laugh at you when you pay for their groceries and then can’t buy gas for your car to be able to go to work to pay taxes to buy their grocery’s. We have our own oil wells in this country but we send the oil to other countries and then we buy oil from the countries that hate Americans and kill our soldiers that are trying to protect them. There are the people that sue the State and the Government. Who they are really suing is the people in this country. We pay for the Lawyers and they are suing us for tax dollars. Connecticut has a State Income Tax. It was supposed to be temporary. They lied... That was 20 years ago. They allowed the Indians in Connecticut to build Casinos so tax dollars on revenues could pay for education in Connecticut. Now they are closing schools and cutting school programs. The result is dying communities around the Casinos and schools filled with the children of casino workers and their Illegal children. Now they want to tax the coupons that save you a dollar. Its Insane…There is so much more but I’ll save it for another day....

Sunday, February 3, 2013

"If You Didn't Know It Was There"

Its late and I have to get going…but I just want to say that all the stuff happening in Washington D.C. is absolutely insane. There are no words to describe the behavior of the all the corrupt and crazy people there. I fear that all the things that are happening now are far from being over. It seems to be never ending. In this case the light at the end of the tunnel is very, very dim and if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t see it.

Written by me and posted on LiveJournal on March 20th 2009....

Friday, February 1, 2013

"The Rumor Mill and Gossiping"

Yesterday the discussion at my Thursday morning breakfast meeting turned into a lesson of character defects to the extreme. Examples of what crazy things we do and can happen when we become envious and gossip. These things do happen to all of us at one time or another. We talked about what to do and what not to do when confronted with feeling angry and stressful in these times of uncertainty and what to do when you are grateful that things are going your way. Personally I think it takes years to learn how to manage your life and be successful and comfortable with yourself at the same time. Some never learn and are stuck in a groove, living a life of hate and contempt trying to take down other people. However, smart people learn by consequences and the mistakes they make. When all around us, especially in the building where I live I am surrounded by people who are jealous and want to be like me or want what I have. Which is by the way, a quiet happiness and the mystery of a real smile. Some of these people I might add are the kind of people that try to, "eat Chop Suey with one chop stick" . I do know that none of us want to feel that guilt and remorse later when we hurt someone by gossiping or slandering them, causing them to be angry. Lets face it, we all want to be safe, have the kindest and most beautiful girlfriend in the world, no bills and the nicest car. Today, I think we have to expect less and be content with what we have and like it or not some of us have to step aside. Its really not important to be perfect and be in the front of the line all the time. The idea is to stop criticizing and let the other person step in front of you. You should do this with the compassion and kindness you lost but can find buried somewhere in your soul. You should help just a little. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself.