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Saturday, August 8, 2009

"So you want to be a Whore"

There are too many commercials on TV to get interested in anything good and I was bored so I was flipping through the channels and I seen Montel on a home shopping network. I’ll bet Oprah wouldn’t do that. I think poor Montel needs a job. Maybe Oprah could hire him as a co-host. Then I noticed all the shows that people make fools out of themselves…Oh my God I seen the has-been actors and actresses, the wanna be stars, the overweight people that lose weight for competition on TV. They exploit half naked teen girls and young woman. They show young woman getting breast implants then having a facelift and botox injections. They show guys with their oversized clothes and gold chains and much to large hats on sideways or backwards dressed like pimps. The actors and actresses in Drug rehabs and on the next channel they advertise you have more fun if you drink and use drugs. They have shows that promote indecent behavior and shows where the participants have too much money not saying where they got it or where they earned it. Its twisted and sick and there is nothing funny or interesting about the shows that corrupt the morals of impressionable young minds. Don’t these freaks and weirdo’s know that kids learn by example and what they see on TV. Hmmm, maybe its why they do the stuff they do? Its all under the guise of making money. The almighty dollar rules and it doesn’t matter whose mind they screw up in the process. They take advantage of the families who have to work and leave kids home unsupervised. Its open season to corrupt a young mind. I know they plan and do this… I can hear them laughing at the staff meeting now. These are strange sick freaks. The worst part is they must have an audience or it wouldn’t be on. Would it?….A few year ago I happened to see a show with a guy named Jerry Springer. Is there still an audience for that freak? That was or is the worst display of human ignorance and indecency I have ever seen. Rats and mice have a thousand times more dignity that the psychopaths on that show. I would be embarrassed to be in the same room with those freaks of nature. I sometimes write about Fruitcakes (the nuts) on the news. I guess these are the Springer people that couldn’t make to cut and get on TV.

The worst I have seen so far I happened see the other night. I guess it’s a show looking for whores to work in states where that activity is legal. This is a show about a young girl who took a job at the “Mustang Ranch Whore house” in Nevada because she said, she “Couldn’t get a job. She said she, “Filled out many applications for office and retail jobs and couldn’t find one“. No one would hire her. So she has decided to become a whore. How do you decide to become a whore? Do you say, “I think I will get a job so people will use and abuse me and I can never quit” Or do you say, “I will get a job that will hurt my parents and grand parents and have sex with as many strangers as I possibly can“? “Will they be proud of me because I have sex for money“? “When I am done being a whore I will find a husband and have kids so I can tell them the story about when I was a whore and how many men had sex with me and what I did to them.” “I am so proud“…Where are her parents or grand parents? Do they know what she is doing? The show started as the fat ranch pimp lady picked her up at the airport in a limo and whisked her off to the ranch where she will be trained to be a whore. I turned it off because I couldn’t stand to watch anymore. I didn’t need to watch. They will glamorize it but I know what they will do. Does this twenty year old know that she will have to have sex with more than one man at a time and sometimes with woman while men watch? Does she know she will have sex in every orifice on her body in every position known to man sometimes by many men at a one time. At first it may turn you on but your pleasure means absolutely nothing. You are there for the mans pleasure or the pleasure of whom ever is using you at the time, not yours. You will never climax because you will be too busy serving and making the men and woman who are using you, climax. Thats your job. Nothing more. You will have no friends in that business. Men who go to that kind of whore house are usually single and lonely and are fantasizing things to do to you. They are married perverts who need a whore to do things that a regular nice girl or wife wouldn’t do. Seldom are the men handsome or nice. If they are its only to use you and get what they want. They are usually drug users or dealers or pill poppers who are overweight and older and will ask or tell you to do some very unusual things to them. For example, her tongue will be in places that are, to say the least, very unusual. Some men will want to tie her or whip her. Some will want urinate on her or in her mouth. While others will want to do more disgusting things to her. At first she will try to set limits but that won’t last long. The clients or girls won’t want to be with her because she won’t do the things they want. With the advent of the internet anything goes. Remember, there is no limit to what money will buy. Its around this time, if she already hasn’t, will start to use drugs just to get through the day and night. When this happens in time she will get caught and lose her job and will meet the “Famous pimp” who will put her in that sleazy motel and beat her and as they say, “To set the bitch straight” and have her work the street doing some really sick things. She will have many abortions and sexually transmitted diseases, STD’s. Did you ever see a teenage girl with a tongue stud and that mysterious rash around her mouth? I think you get the point. Having said all that does she realize that her life expectancy will be very short. She will probably, if someone doesn’t murder her, overdose on drugs or commit suicide before she is fifty. Her Psychiatric problems will start at about at about 30. The doctor will put her on anti-depressants but she will still use drugs. What will happen to her will cause irreparable damage. She will have trauma for the rest of her life if she lives. I know this because I have heard all the stories and seen the worst. There are no successful whores. All this because she couldn’t find a job. No, there is more to that story. You have got to be kidding. This kid was sexually abused or worse. It was a TV show looking to entice young girls into that life with glitz by saying its a form of entertainment because its legal in that state. The scum that do this and the network should be……..I’m getting sick……. To be Continued….

"Illinois Crooked Politian"

I can’t help it, all this is so unbelievable, I would be remiss if I didn’t update the Rod, almost ex-governor and the almost Senator Burris fiasco and it looks like Rod stirred up a hornets nest again. Burris was turned away from the Senate only to be invited to watch the swearing in ceremony from the sidelines. What a kick in the lower extremities. Wow, another History making event. I almost can’t stand it. The gaggle of reporters, cameras bobbing up and down, surrounding a proud but defiant Burris as he walked towards the Senate chamber, head held high, only to be stopped at the door. How exciting! It doesn’t get any better that that. Last year Burris would have said, in his whiney voice, this is racial discrimination but now this story is about a den of thieves and that is a little different. Rod messed this guy up really bad. Burris wants that seat in the Senate so bad he is lusting over it. Right now that doesn’t smell right. He can do nothing but dream of the power he almost had. Is Burris blind? He should know, anything Rod has done, or will do from now on is under the “Proverbial cloud of suspicion“. How do the people know that Burris didn’t pay for Obama’s seat in advance before the Feds found out…I heard somewhere Jessie Jackson’s name being mentioned for something but he is too busy sharpening those knives to help or be of any use to anyone. I think a lot of the smart politicians, if there is such a thing in Illinois, don’t want to know Jackson now and are not returning those phone calls. We know, Jessie and Rod are pigs and I’ll bet Burris no novice to the Illinois offensive word club. The Senator job, slowly slipping away must have caused some backroom terminology and name calling from that so-called experienced, want-a-be Senator. These morons have no pride and are willing to make fools of themselves when they are so desperate to get something. Believe me, by the sound of Burris high pitched voice he is really desperate. Its later on, that circle of fools will be remembered as the just another of a long list of Illinois crooked Politian’s. It just gives guys like me something write about.

"A Saga Ends"

Fifteen years in prison for O.J Simpson…Eligible for parole in nine years. Simpson, sixty years old and a college graduate by way of a football scholarship is still a liar and a thug and will go to prison for armed robbery. A suitable end for a suspected double murderer . A classic example of what goes around comes around. Sooner or later if you live long enough your past will catch up with you. You can run but you can’t hide. You can cover it up with smiles and jokes. It will find you. The lies will continuously surface and you will be put in the spot light and every one will know. Where ever you go, who ever you know, the lies and guilt will follow and at times will be overwhelming. After a while even to smile will hurt so much that you will have to pretend happiness. It’s the pain of worry and guilt. That nagging little voice in your head you try not to listen to but you have to because it will get louder. Remember, I said, “Our minds are our worst enemy“. That would be your conscience reminding you that it won’t forget until the day you die. Its often silent but like a time bomb it will remind you on an occasion when you least expect it. The people you hurt, you will see as reminders and they will be your constant anchors keeping you aware not letting you forget even if you could. Any happiness you feel is superficial and meaningless. Your elation won’t last. It will be just a fleeting moment before its deflated into that sick feeling of guilt and you begin to think and suffer all over again. Now its prison. Will it be institution green or gray? One or the other we knew it would be. That daily boring existence of sleeping behind bars. Being awakened at night in that constant dull roar that is always there and never seems to go away. Listening to the slamming cell doors and screaming nightmares of your mates. Then there is always the crying and howling of the others that pass the time in confinement with you. No private room for you O.J. a cell mate is in order for you, not of your choice but one of theirs. Will you be lucky or sad? Will you be happy sharing the same toilet with no privacy? That’s up to you to say. I won’t wish you well because I don’t know you, I just know of you and from what they say you are not a nice person. Will you have nightmares? Will you relive that night when you were looking through the window and seen what Nicole and Ron were doing in the house? Will you have “Those” nightmares? I don’t know? So the OJ. Simpson saga is over and after ten years of denial, that smirk and grin are gone replaced with fear and that,“ I cant believe this is happening to me” look. A promise was made and I certainly hope that you continue to look for the real killer while you are in prison. Whatever happens, as always, its up to you…


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a player in any forum? Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer and to be put in a position to have the crowd in a home stadium cheer for your team and you? I would like to have done that just to feel the energy that comes from the crowd that surrounds you. I have been to Major league baseball and NFL football games and sitting in a crowded stadium cheering for the home team and I have felt it. Yesterday I was watching the playoffs and thought what if all eyes were on me and what it would feel like to have all that energy directed at me. Personally, I think it would be addicting…Would all those aches and pains you have when you got older be worth it? I watch these extraordinary athletes in excellent physical condition and I wish I could be younger just to compete. I played baseball and softball for fun for years but a guy always dreams about what it would be like if only.. What if I went to a different school and my grades were better? Maybe if my parents encouraged me more to practice and to try out for the team. Maybe if I wasn’t so interested in that cute cheerleader and studied more. Those little errors in judgment years ago that turned me down those side roads of life and let fate take control instead of allowing more creative thinking to guide me past the pitfalls of what I thought was fun. Those few beers with what I thought were friends was biggest mistake I ever made. That false sense of courage and bravado was all I needed to change the coarse of my life. Its so much worse now with the intensity of the drugs and the fruity disguises and flavors they put in the alcohol of today. It does the same thing. It corrupts the mind. It doesn’t take much to get a wishful thinking teen, hooked and started down the road of life unaware that it’s the road to bad decision making, pain and Hell. The moment a teen or young person takes that drug or drink their life expectancy shortens. All the careful living under their parents supervision and guidance is dissolved in a blend of booze and drugs. Some of the smarter and luckier ones will persevere but those with addictive personalities will succumb to the false momentary pleasure. Time will go on and it won’t take long to realize that you need to drink more or use more drugs to get the same high that you had not to long ago. That’s when you start to feel the guilt and to get rid of that you drink or use more. Later on in life but not too much later you will self-destruct. The cycle has begun. You know what I mean. That is moment you start to circle the drain…When I was a young man I took a test that a publisher sent me. .It had to do with writing an essay. I wrote it and sent it in. Low and behold a few weeks later two men in suits came to my house and wanted to sent me to school to be a writer and I didn’t do it. A few years later the U.S. Government came to me and wanted me to become an Air Traffic Controller. I didn’t do that. There were many decisions that I made that I wish I chose differently but there are no excuses. I just wish I had a clearer mind at the time and that would have let me make better choices and maybe have the time to think of a better future. Part of the answer is never be afraid to ask a responsible person. What if I ?