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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Military Seeks New Body Armor for Women in Combat"

Military seeks new body armor design for women in combat - Wichita Military Affairs |

With the adoption of questionable policies to allow woman into combat roles, the military is struggling to design body armor that fits around women’s breasts, hips and shoulders and allows more maneuverability on the battlefield.
Lt. Colonel Frank Lozano, describes the problem in a recent Christian Science Monitor article this way:
“It rubbed on the hips, and the vests were too long in the front, so that when you had female soldiers climbing stairs or climbing up a hill or a tree, or sitting for a long time in a vehicle, that would create pressure points that in some instances could impact blood flow and cause some discomfort”

 Comment ....I was sitting here blissfully thinking of how quiet it was around here when this item popped up in my mail box....Picture shown above is the new Terminator design...If I didn't see this I wouldn't believe it...Are you ready for your Grand Daughter to wear this style when she joins or is drafted into the Military? Just think! It all started when Gloria Steinem burnt her bra..

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