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Monday, February 28, 2011

"Slow Down"

Yay….Spring is just around the corner! Watch out for these little guys crossing the street……..

Sunday, February 27, 2011

“I Could Be Wrong by a Few Mills”

The price of Gasoline in America is predicted to go to $4.00. The way the administration is trying to control the world again I’m really starting to be scared. It was $3.55 a gallon here yesterday although I seen a sign for $3.39. Here is the way I figure it. If you go slow and only use your car on work days but definitely not on Saturdays and Sundays and certainty not for vacation you will use an average of $40 dollars a week or $2080 dollars a year. To break it down. It costs $106.50 to fill up a 30 gallon tank. You figure it out. If you do this once a week it will cost you $5538 dollars a year .…Of coarse its times 2 for a 2 car family that works. That will cost $11,076 per year per family…If you are lucky enough to work but work at a low paying job or any of the fast food restaurants or chain department stores you will not be able to drive to work and buy food to eat. It will be too expensive. According to my figures an American Dollar today is worth minus $.75 cents. Like soon it will cost you $2 to buy a $1 dollar bill. Hey, I could be wrong by a few Mills by at this point what’s a few Mills. After Trillion comes Quadrillion. Obama will be spending that soon. Hmmm, I wonder if his mom and gave him a charge card when he was too young. If she did, she must have paid the bills. He thinks those monthly bills will somehow magically disappear. He is all about instant gratification. He knows nothing of the consequences. It seems like he doesn't care about people and how they live. Congratulations to the first black President and I mean that but that’s all he is, the first black President. Now here we go again, advising a mad man to quit. Huh! He is making waves and not minding our own business. Why doesn't he put a freeze on the rising gas prices? Why doesn’t he at least talk about that? They hate America now. Just wait.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”

The weather here yesterday was chilly, damp, rainy and unpredictable just like our Government. Our Governor is going around the State trying to convince people that his budget plan is the right way to go. He wants to raise taxes and cut programs…On the Federal side, the U.S. government will shut down on March 4th. Stay tuned for that. That means all federal employees except The President the Senators and Congress will be furloughed. It looks like they will have to get their own coffee in the morning. The Obama administration will somehow pay 35 Billion tax, or newly printed dollars ($35,000,000,000.00) to Boeing Aircraft. To me that’s astounding. They are going to built new refueling tanker planes. They are like new 707’s. Neat huh…Can you imagine the debt he will leave when he’s gone? And oh yes he will be gone. That’s like you and your wife just got laid off and you are behind on your car and house payments but you go out and charge on your charge card a house full of new furniture. Yes, its good for the workers but bad for the taxpayers. Its insane isn’t it? ….Someone on CNN yesterday said that Osama Ben Laden and Al Qaeda is responsible for the all the craziness in the Middle East. I said that 2 weeks ago...Why is everyone afraid to say that? Its got his finger prints all over it. Its about time these people catch up with reality….While all this is going on. Pakistan has a CIA agent in prison. From what I understand he shot and killed 2 guys who were trying to rob him. Good for him on that. Our Government said to release him because he has diplomatic immunity. They won’t…How much aid would I stop sending to that country? All of it, that’s how much. Its time to send in Black ops and get him out of jail...Just like in Robert Redford’s Movie “Spy Game” I seen a sign for gas yesterday. $ 3.55.9 cents a gallon…..OMG I’m going out of my mind…

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"A Trillion looks like This"

From what I understand its the greed and corruption in the Middle East is what is causing all the rioting and discord. Here in the United States some of the reasons our Politicians are worried about the economy in the United States is because there is almost no money left to steal here and they are going to get caught with their hand in the till. Its becoming too noticeable if money is missing. Maybe if you see the numbers you will think before you charge anything. A Thousand dollars looks like this $1000.00. Now keep that in mind when I say a Million dollars looks like this.$1,000,000.00 That’s a thousand dollars times a thousand or a hundred thousand dollars times ten. Get the point? A million dollars looks like this. ($1,000,000.00) times a thousand looks like this. $1,000,000,000. 00 That’s a Billion dollars. Today they are talking in the Trillions and that looks like this……$1,000,000,000,000.00 and that’s only one Trillion…

Remember that thousand dollars, $1000. Well, even with America being overcrowded the way it is. I’m sorry but that doesn’t count for much because 30 million (30,000,000) of those people are illegal and don’t pay taxes anyway. It would take a 1000 years or100 life times for each real citizen of America to pay back the kind of money the United States is spending now.

Press one if you can‘t read English, just kidding…All these figures are accurate and correct, give or take a few Billion of coarse…..I mean who really cares? Washington doesn’t. The next time you go the store if things keep going the way there are a half of gallon of 2% milk will cost $ 2.50 that means a gallon will be $5.00 a gallon and if you, never mind you get the point….Just think of the crooked Politian with that stack of $100 dollar bills in his freezer behind the frozen Pizza.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"When Will This be Over"

I have just about had it with this weather. Last week we had a few teasers of sunshine here in Connecticut and I was able to actually walk around outside for a few minutes with just a shirt on. Now its back to bundling up like a freaking Eskimo. Its February 22 and I am starting to feel a little depressed. I want all this dirty snow to go away. Depressed is not the right word though. Its more like I’m feeling sorry for myself and listless. Yesterday I went to breakfast with friends in a snowstorm. I didn’t care. I was not going to sit home and only wish I was out. I went on the highway. Rt. 95 and all the crazy people were going 70 and 80 MPH on that snowy, icy cold road. I always think, what is so important and where in Gods are they going that they have to risk life and limb to get there? Is anyone really going to care if you are a few minutes late in bad weather? I left a little early and was there on time. We all had a good time but its not the same when the Sun is behind those dark gray clouds. It did clear up but I came home right after. I was down and I let myself feel that way at least for the afternoon. Besides I nap better when I’m like that. At about 5 PM I went to gym and walked about a mile and a half on the thread mill. I felt better after that. Someone said we are supposed to have another storm sometime this week. I hate that and when things like this happen and I feel this way. I swear more and as my father used to say I have a “Shorter fuse“. I don’t like being like that. At least I am in touch with my feelings. If someone was here I’d be taking it out on them I suppose. Its takes good weather to bring out the best in me.. The thing is I know that a lot of people feel like this and I take great pleasure in knowing that I’m not alone in feeling like I do…

Monday, February 21, 2011

“Happy Presidents Day”

Presidents day!…Who in Gods name thought of that. I’ll bet a President did.. Did you notice, that the mini riots are starting here in the United States? Here in this country they call them demonstrations. Its starting because of Government spending and there is talk and threats off a Government shutdown. I hear that in places, Police and teachers are being laid off and school programs are being cut and the unions that support them are being attacked. You don’t have to be a genius to know that’s the dumbest thing you could possibly do. What happened to all those politicians you voted for this election that said they were going to fix things. I say, as a gift to the taxpayers, President Obama should donate his $400,000 a year salary to the Roland Burris and Rod Blogovitch family. He should also fire his Secret Service protection and get rid of all the new helicopters and of coarse Air force one, two, three and four. I don’t know what this president is doing to help this country. Sorry but I can’t help it and I don’t mean any disrespect but I don’t think he is the brightest bulb on the tree. We knew Bush wasn’t smart. He went to war because Saddam threatened his father. Remember when he lied about WMD during the State of the Union address. Of coarse you remember the Bush smirk and how he gave all that money to his pals at the oil companies. Now we have Obama and it looks like he has no idea what is happening around him. Is he blind or does he just ignore this stuff thinking he can print money and spend the problems away? Think about this! He came from the most corrupt State in the union, Illinois. Hey, who’s to say? You never know. I don’t know why but I keep thinking he is doing this on purpose. This country is in a bad way and will never be right again because of Bush’s decision making and Obama’s spending. I have an odd feeling that if he wasn’t Black, impeachment talks would be just around the corner. Hey, it could still happen but I don’t think anybody in Washington has the brains or guts to do anything. They are all too busy filling their own pockets. Its funny but when people say things, I can hear the echoes of all the Black people saying its a racial thing. At this point in History I believe that we the taxpayers can NEVER, EVER comfortably pay back the money that the Government is spending now. Its absolutely out of control and no one is doing anything about it. I have never even heard of some the numbers that they talk about…Its outrageous….President Day…..What’s a President? I haven’t seen one in years…The link below is how much money that guy that lives in the White House makes now….Check it out…

Friday, February 18, 2011

“The Implosion of America”

Wait! What’s going on? This thing in Egypt is over. The people won! There is going to be a change in leadership…There will be elections in 6 months. 300 protesters are dead…Happiness again. Yeah right! Don’t hold your breath! I didn’t watch the riots. I don’t even know what the issues were. However, I do know it’s a Muslim country and what happens there is none of our business because we cannot change anything. I do know we have more than we can handle now, here in the United States. I do know, that somehow, someway the United States taxpayers are going to end up paying for all that Insanity. Look at what they are doing now! The Federal Government and the State are raising taxes on people who are already Tax poor and have no jobs. Hold it, that’s another subject. Now, there are riots in Iran. Would you believe, Iran is banning riots and killing rioters? Huh? Isn’t that another Muslim country? Now, There are riots in a place called Bahrain and the protesters are being killed. The King says he’s sorry. OMG, Did I just say King? There are Riots in Libya where 14 were killed and there was riot in Italy. The only difference is, the riots in Italy are because of a slime ball Prime Minister or whatever he is. Some old guy messing with a 17 year old girl…Lets go back to the to the top of the page. Egypt? I don’t believe for a minute that Morebuick or whatever his weird name is, is gone. He installed a Military leader to his office and left to go to his Castle in some resort somewhere. He has $70 Billon dollars so I assume it’s a Castle. I mean I would have a castle if I had that kind of money but I digress. He made that General and put him where he is today. He promoted him to a freaking General. They are pals! Elections? When? When he damn well pleases, that’s when. If you have a half of a brain you should be able to figure out that somehow the guy our Presidents have sent American troops to find at the cost of Billions by the way, Osama Ben Laden has a hand in all this rioting in the Middle East. This looks like the execution a well planned operation by the, guess what? Right, the Radical Muslims. They even have a new name. Would you believe the “The Brotherhood“. I’ll bet you have never heard of that till now. I do know that this group believes in the old way and will make the woman wear the Robes and Burkas. Meanwhile in the U.S. our Federal taxes are going up and they are cutting programs that are needed. In the State of Connecticut gas for your car is going up and the price of food is going up. New Taxes on everything including haircuts and the money you get when you trade your car in…What idiot thinks up these things…What do they do sit in a dope ring and say, “Lets see if we can make the residents of Connecticut more desperate and miserable than they already are.” That means the 300,000 people that get food stamps and are on Welfare in the State of Connecticut will need a raise. That means more donations to the food pantry. Americans don’t like winter riots so the riot or as I call it, the “American Implosion” here will start here in the summer….Stay tuned…

Link to the time bomb…….

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

“President For a Year” Part 3

Part 3
“President For a Year”
“In Conclusion”

There will be a Ban all television commercials starting immediately. Ban all suggestive material which includes music and video games designed to entice teenagers to be violent, have sex or use drugs. Anyone caught importing drugs from any country into the U.S. will be arrested for attempted murder. This includes the street drug dealers or anybody that has anything to do with illegal drugs. No exceptions. Any drug addict who wants help can have it as long as they deem it necessary. It will paid for in full by the money that will be confiscated from any and all the countries that have drug money in any bank in the U.S. Treatment is free to citizens only. Then I woke up……………..Think this is Extreme and a fantasy? I would be the first one to agree with you. If this or any part of this is done, I believe the smiles you don’t see anymore would come back. There would be less crowded roads and highways. It would be less crowded everywhere. The air would be clean. Can you imagine looking up at night and seeing the stars again? Did you know there is so much pollution that your kids have never seen the stars the way it was? Can you imagine drinking the water out of the faucet in a real glass instead of a plastic bottle? Can you imagine getting gas at your local gas station and seeing a High School kid named John instead of Abdul working the cash register? Can you remember when you heard the name Mohamed you thought of a Heavy Weight Champion instead of a bomb blast somewhere? Gas would be $49.9 cents a gallon the way its supposed to be. People would trust one another again. A deal sealed with a hand shake would work instead of signing 6 copies. Families would stay together instead of being torn apart and ruined by alcoholism, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. Honesty and morals would be a mainstay and the thing to do. Love would be what real love is supposed to be about and not just a passing desire for a few years or until you are tired of one another. Marriage would be when, “Through sickness and health” meant just that. The perfect family where Dad works and Mom watches the kids just might reappear. Maybe the kids would be outside playing in the yard instead going on the internet or playing video games. Just maybe a movie would be shown without a gun or death in it. Yes, and to all you people that will say this country was founded by certain principles, your right but most of those principles don’t exist anymore. You are right though, I would be the first to tell you the old words to the Constitution are there but Lawyers and corruption have changed and twisted the words to make them be whatever they want them to be. It seems we are so busy fixing the world problems we are not watching what is happening in our own back yard. Our country is growing faster than our coping skills can handle it. Maybe it would take some tough decisions and limit setting to fix things but right now the United States is not United. Right now, it has no future. If you think it does, you have been blinded by all the lies and manipulation. If the United States continues on the path it is going, well you think about it. Project a little into the future…You will see what I mean and if you don’t, may God bless you. Your going to need it. L.J. Ferrari

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“President For a Year” “Part 2”

“Part 2”
“President For a Year”
“No Exceptions”
No Lawyers of any kind will be allowed to run for any Federal or State office for the next 10 years. There will be no postponements or delays of any kind for any trial. Reduce the health benefits to all federal employees. Cancel all health benefits to Congressmen and Senators with more than 4 years of service. Make it mandatory that they buy their own Health Insurance. Cancel pensions to the same unless they have 20 years service and are 62 years old. There are no exceptions. From this moment on a 25% pay reduction to all Federal employees. No exceptions. All Federal aid to States will be stopped for Welfare or food stamps and only people who have been citizens of this country for 10 years will be eligible for Welfare and food stamps. No exceptions. There will be no Federal or State bail outs of any type for anyone. No exceptions. From this moment the Treasury Dept. will stop the printing of U.S. currency for 5 years. Reduce the Federal work force by 30% over the next year. No exceptions. Reduce the Federal car pool by 75% over the next year...All contracts to build special motor vehicles is cancelled. Reduce the Pentagon staff by 50% over the next year. Reduce Military spending by 50% over the next 6 months ...There will be No more Private Jet flights for any reason. No exceptions. All and any air fare to anywhere will be paid for by the person making the flight. No exceptions. No reimbursements for Federal employees for any reasons. All government credit cards will turned in and destroyed. All multi millionaires with over 3 million dollars will pay a 50% tax on all assets. Billionaires are not exempt they will pay a 75% tax on all assets. All oil imported from anywhere will be stopped. All oil companies with wells within 1500 miles of the U.S. mainland will reduce the price of the barrel of oil by 75% or be shut down. No exceptions. All oil from Alaska will be shipped to the mainland United States. No Exceptions. A 500% import tax will be levied on all imports from China or anywhere else. No exceptions. Any environmental damage due to oil spills or for any reason will be paid for in full by the oil company with a 100% penalty tax. No exceptions. Anyone found responsible for environmental damage will be arrested for Terrorism and executed if found guilty. That includes the CEO’s and mid level management of all oil companies. All suspected Terrorists that enter this country Illegally will be shot immediately. Any bonuses paid to anyone with Federal or tax dollars constitutes fraud and they will be prosecuted to full extent of the law. No foreign cars will be allowed to be imported into the U.S. No exceptions. No American cars will exported. All American Drug companies will reduce the price of all medication by 95%. The retirement age for Seniors will be returned to 62 with a full Government Social Security pension. Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 the final chaptor….

Monday, February 14, 2011

ANIMAL CRACKERS [Shamrock Edit] (HQ)

“President For a Year”

Part 1
“President For a Year”
" A Fantasy but what if?
I was sitting at my computer the other day and this weird feeling came over me. It was like I was in a different place…First, it was like I blinked, Like a bright light came on and then went off. Then there was a blur. Startled, I looked out the window and I was in Washington D.C. “Larry, you are the President of the United States“…I turned around and there I was sitting alone behind this big desk in the Oval office. I knew it was the Oval office because I have seen many pictures of Presidents sitting there. I had this odd feeling like I was about to make a major decision. Then it came to me, like the dawn of the day…Mr. President what are you going to do to fix the country? I replied, “I afraid its going to take some tough decisions to get this nation back on its feet and bring the economy back to where it was“. Then all of a sudden I was standing in front of a group of people and I heard myself say. “I want all our troops and I mean everybody, the Army, the Marines, the Navy and the Air Force from wherever they are, brought home immediately starting now. I want all Federal contractors in all countries fired immediately“. Seal and secure the borders around America, Alaska and Hawaii and no one will be allowed to enter unless they are a citizen. Anyone caught with false papers or identification will be arrested for fraud with a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. No exceptions, no parole. Anyone that is in the county who isn’t a citizen must learn to speak English and become a citizen in 30 days or they will be deported to where they came from. No exceptions. Order all foreign aid to all countries be stopped for 2 years. Order the FBI and all Federal Agencies to investigate all U.S. Senators and Congressmen for corruption whether they are suspected or not. Everyone must undergo a mandatory lie detector test. No exceptions. Under no circumstances can any lobbyist or anyone with a donation of any kind come in contact with any public servant or Government employee. If they do and they are caught they will be arrested for corruption and fraud. There will be no Federal aid to any State until Federal investigations of all Governors and all State Senators and Congressmen is complete which includes lie detector tests for everyone. The Penalty for a conviction of corruption will be 50 years with no parole. This sentence will be served in a real prison and not a resort prison. From this moment all Federal and State resort prisons will be closed. The prisoners that are there now will all be sent to a Maximum security prison. I feel there is no greater crime than to betray the public trust…From this moment on only court appointed attorneys will be allowed to defend someone for corruption cases. Tune in tomorrow for part 2.…..

Thursday, February 10, 2011

“My Personal Code of Conduct”

I live my life by certain rules. Its more of a “Code of Conduct” than anything else. I said that to someone the other day and surprised myself. I started to think about it and this is what I came up with. I mean, I know that there are things I won’t do or lines I won’t cross. Its also knowing the consequences that prevents me from upsetting the apple cart.

1. I must realize that I can’t control the things that happen around me or the decisions that other people make.

2. I have to remember each day, that somewhere there is a God that will help me to NOT wonder why everything is happening, not only to me but to everyone else.

3. I must remember each day to let that God take care of me and the people around me but I cannot to stop caring about everyone.

4. Take a long look at myself and my behavior now and in the past and try not to repeat the negative things.

5. Discuss and tell the truth to someone or my God about my negative behavior.

6. Have the desire and the ability to let past discretions be forgiven and not to hold grudges.

7. I must have humility realizing that everything isn’t always about me.

8. If necessary make a list, on paper of people I have hurt or have been at fault for hurting.

9. I will apologize to the people that I have offended, not getting anyone angry while doing this. This could be complicated but it is possible.

10. Each day I must remember the things I have done and if I do anything to hurt someone voluntarily or involuntarily, immediately admit it and apologize.

11. I must work on these rules each day, not expecting things to change overnight.

12. Having discovered that by living by this code, I should be helping others with kindness and patience and living each day being tolerant with everyone.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

“What's Left of the United States”

Now it’s the Muslim Brotherhood. What’s that all about? What's going to be next? Why doesn’t this Egyptian dictator, president or whatever he is just leave. Can’t he tell the people don’t want him in office? Its like this Castro thing. He just won’t die but in the past if you didn’t like him you would suddenly disappear like you didn’t exist. Now that’s an example of persistence and power. From what I understand this Egypt guy has stolen $70 Billion dollars. Not bad for a country where the average salary for a poor person is $40 dollars a month. I mean that’s taking greed to the extreme. This guy is one sick dude but normal for ex-military. Castro was ex-military . It must be in the blood. Is this brotherhood thing a radical Muslim group? Is this the religion that blows up school children? Are they the peaceful kind that take a bride at 12 or 13 and make her dress in robes and masks like in the middle ages. They talk about losing money in the tourist industry. My question is who in their right mind still goes to places like this?..I realize that you could get shot or blown up in the United States but going to the Middle East is like asking for trouble…”Hey, Hun today we are going to the street market and get some ethnic food”. “Yeah right sweetie, not on your best day. It would just our luck to have a freak with a bomb strapped to his body blow himself up while we are there”. I have done my best staying away from watching all this Egypt crap because it is just an escalation of the war against the United States or what's left of the United States. It started years ago with Iran then later in Iraq now Afghanistan. It’s a little different in Egypt now but it means the same thing. Sooner or later it will be here more than it is now. If you think the prices and the insanity is bad in the United States now. Just wait! Its going to get worse..

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Coupons Not To Be Confused With Coupons"

Well, its another Tuesday..No snow here but a lot of rain…It’s a blessing of sorts. I don’t care if there is a flood I’m going out in a little while… I cannot stay home for another day. Actually, not going out for a freaking day is really weird. In a sense its good because I do an 18 minute mile on the thread mill. I am getting better at it every day. Now its part of my routine. Meanwhile the United States postal service is losing $123 million dollars a day….Folks, that’s per day and you know what that means! A glimpse at real time Debt clock. Check the link below to see how much your kids, kids will have to pay in the form of taxes and corruption in the future. Meanwhile in the coupon section of your daily family newspaper advertising in the form of a dollar off on a colorful box of condoms that looks like a box of chocolates or a vibration product a Valentine gift. This is something that the perverts that write “Glee” could use in the script….. “Now, isn’t that special”

Monday, February 7, 2011

"Late Again"

The Super Bowl…What an event! …Having this High Definition TV actually puts me at the game..I recorded the half time show and it will be up on UTube soon. This morning its breakfast with friends and snow this afternoon. What else is new? I am doing a 19 minute mile on the Nordic Track. Is that good? The Gas prices are climbing again..Is Obama or any of our newly elected thieves and morons going to do something about this? Sorry…I’m getting upset again. I can’t help it..Who can afford the high prices of gas and heating oil? I don’t know..I never had to pay that much..I bought the mandatory 100 gallons of heating oil for $80 and it lasted for a month. I never thought the price was that high…Wow, now what do people do? I get angry for them, I guess. I put gas in my Mustang, $20 for 6 gallons. Now that is sick! I am starting to shorten the trips between here and there. I keep it at 65 on the highway and believe me I could do a continuous 90 if I wanted to. The idiots still pass me out like I’m not moving…Its unbelievable. Do you remember when the National speed limit on major highways was 55? If the cops caught you doing 65 or 70 you would end up in the lockup for speeding and reckless driving…Now 80 or 90 is normal..I don’t know how the State Police patrol this? I see them on the side of the road with their radar guns. I mean how fast can you go? It says 65. I know everybody is doing 80. Did you notice that there are more cops dying by being crashed into than in the past?..Most of the freaks that speed on the highway don’t realize that death is 2 feet away when you pass someone out at that speed. One nudge and its ass over bandbox and everyone near or around you is hurt or dead. I mean where are you going that’s so important that you need to risk your life getting there? I slow down because I really don’t need to be anywhere fast and the price of gas is too high..Hey, that’s where I came in……Later guys..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"Super Bowl"

I don’t know what to say…Would you believe the Packers are the favorite to win by three? I kinda like the Steelers for their toughness. I like the Packers for their consistency. Both teams have great quarterbacks and receivers. Both teams have a great secondary. The kickers are accurate. Both defensive teams show no weaknesses. Both offensive teams provide adequate protection for the fullback or giving the quarterback just enough time to throw the ball. …What to do, what to do? I have a feeling this will be a close game. The key is coaching and injuries and of coarse having the will to win when your back is against the wall. Will the kicker make that 42 yard field goal with 3 seconds left on the clock? Can the Quarterbacks stay healthy? Can they throw that pinpoint pass between 2 defenders to the back of the end zone for a winning touchdown? Today, that’s what its all about…My team isn’t in the game today so I don’t want to pick anybody….As always, I’ll watch the game but will look forward to Furgie on the half time show and for the first time since last years Super Bowl, I will watch commercials. Good luck to both teams. Can I say that?

Friday, February 4, 2011

"Exercise Again"

I can’t believe its going to be a nice day today…Two days in a row. This could be habit forming. I didn't make it to the beach yesterday but you can bet I’ll be there for a while today. There are a lot of roofs collapsing around my State. Everybody is checking the roof on their house or business. They are hiring guys or getting prisoners to shovel off the roofs. Hey dude, be careful with those shingles. They are frozen and very brittle..Its like a mini panic. My son and grandson will be at the local grocery store tomorrow with his snow blower. Its just your normal everyday disaster. Yesterday someone mentioned global warming. I choose not to worry because by the time it really gets bad more that likely you and I won’t be here. I don’t like the high snow banks on the sides of the roads. Its very dangerous driving. I had that experience going to the doctor to remind me to slow down. It was close. I’m still exercising. I walked a mile on the treadmill yesterday. Its like going somewhere but not ever getting there…Weird..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Two good things happened. One, they made my building a smoke free building. I can imagine the panic I would be in if I still smoked. I stopped 10 years ago..Finally! In this world of absolute insanity something good is happening for the people instead of the tobacco companies. After years of pain and death its come to this. The smokers here have 11 months to quit or they have to move…There are a lot of second hand smoke complainers here. I almost can’t wait. The smokers are citing freedom and discrimination. Wow, addiction makes you say and do some crazy things. The second good thing is, me being sort of locked in my apartment building because of these snow storms. I’m not really locked in but it feels like it. I started using the exercise equipment in the gym in my building. OMG, this just may become a habit…I plug in my headset to my new phone yes, the one that has an FM radio and I rock and roll to strides on the Treadmill…There are bike machines also but I will start with walking first..I actually walked up a sweat twice yesterday. Things aren’t looking so bad after all. I like doing that. See what you can do if you really want to…

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Dennis Lehane"

Every once and a while I write a book report and this my contribution for this month…..I have just finished reading Mr. Lehane’s new book “Moonlight Mile”. Well, let me tell you, it’s definitely not a “Shutter Island” or “Mystic River”, that’s for sure. Sometimes I wonder if gifted author’s like Lehane will ever come back to their true form. Granted, the other books were what I would consider masterpieces but it seems that once these guys write a great book or two they lose something. Maybe its because the books are made into movies. I don’t know? Mr. Lehane is not alone when it comes to being stagnant. The others are, Paterson, Stanford and Flynn. Something is missing with the books they write today. They have become predictable and boring. Maybe they just write pulp fiction now. A lot of meaningless words, just enough to be able to put the book out there quicker than the next guy. This is what it has become. There are those who are consistently producing good material and taking their time between books. They are James Lee Burke, Wally Lamb and a few others. I recently discovered Pete Hamill. He has been writing books for years and his tales of New York are extraordinary. Lee Child is another good one and he sticks with one character. When you start reading, you are there with “Jack Reacher” till the end. At least you know what you are in for..There was a time when I looked forward to reading, or in my case listening to a book on CD by these guys but now I search for fresh talent. Or old talent as the case may be. Lahane’s new one, “Moonlight Mile” is disappointing to say the least. I did finish it but what can say and that’s a good thing. He needs to go back to the drawing board or go back to Boston where he belongs, then maybe he will be so inspired…

"Dennis Lehane"

Every once and a while I write a book report and this my contribution for this month…..I have just finished reading Mr. Lehane’s new book “Moonlight Mile”. Well, let me tell you, it’s definitely not a “Shutter Island” or “Mystic River”, that’s for sure. Sometimes I wonder if gifted author’s like Lehane will ever come back to their true form. Granted, the other books were what I would consider masterpieces but it seems that once these guys write a great book or two they lose something. Maybe its because the books are made into movies. I don’t know? Mr. Lehane is not alone when it comes to being stagnant. The others are, Paterson, Stanford and Flynn. Something is missing with the books they write today. They have become predictable and boring. Maybe they just write pulp fiction now. A lot of meaningless words, just enough to be able to put the book out there quicker than the next guy. This is what it has become. There are those who are consistently producing good material and taking their time between books. They are James Lee Burke, Wally Lamb and a few others. I recently discovered Pete Hamill. He has been writing books for years and his tales of New York are extraordinary. Lee Child is another good one and he sticks with one character. When you start reading, you are there with “Jack Reacher” till the end. At least you know what you are in for..There was a time when I looked forward to reading, or in my case listening to a book on CD by these guys but now I search for fresh talent. Or old talent as the case may be. Lahane’s new one, “Moonlight Mile” is disappointing to say the least. I did finish it but what can say and that’s a good thing. He needs to go back to the drawing board or go back to Boston where he belongs, then maybe he will be so inspired…