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Saturday, June 20, 2015

"The War Escalates"

      When will Obama put the Military in the streets of American cities?  Politicians with their rhetorical chatter only seem to pacify the gullible for one more day. Reality is, they have absolutely no idea what to do and the war in the United States continues to escalate. Each day the body count continues to rise around the country and in the cities. More and more innocent people and children are being shot in the streets. Could it be drug deals gone bad, could it be bigotry? Could it be suppressed anger and hatred towards our Lawmakers and Politicians? Fire fights are erupting and gun shots are ringing out in the city streets. Doctors and nurses are kept busy as emergency rooms are being filled with the dead and wounded. Its like the Revolution and Anarchy in the 60s and 70s with Viet Nam and the Hippy drug culture. Is it because of Muslim Terrorists and Unhappy Blacks and their drug culture?  Except now there is a huge drug addiction problem compounded with Pharmaceuticals and Alcoholism. All those are a trigger for anger, fear and paranoia.