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Sunday, April 21, 2013

"True or False"

      I don't know if this is true or by the time the story got to me it changed… A friend of mine has a friend who lives in Boston and she has a daughter that ran in the Boston Marathon. She was in the vicinity of the finish line and heard one or both of the explosions… No, she was not hurt but was terrified and went home right away to be consoled by her parents and to see what really happened…

      Note…. As you know, the Police and Swat teams (Military, they all look alike now,) literally Locked down and closed the city of Boston.. They stopped everyone from coming in or leaving the city. No one and I mean no one could leave their house or where they were staying at the time.. Think about all that power and what would happen if they wanted to do something to you. (They can shut down a major city with millions of people!) Under the threat of a gun they kept you in your house as a prisoner.. All transportation was shut down. You could not drive your car.. If you were caught in the street they would question you and I don’t know what else. However, I know that if you didn't do as they said, they would find a reason to lock you up. You were guilty until they proved you weren’t!  What happened to me in Old Sayboook Connecticut last summer is an example. One of the questions they asked me was, among many other things was If I had any weapons in the car? ...Link below....

       Back to the girl who was terrified by the explosions. Upon arriving home she did what any teenager would do.. She tried to text her friends and share what happened to her. When she tried she found out that she couldn’t text anybody or call anybody on her cell phone. Did the government shut down cell phone service? Did they shut down the internet in Boston? Can they do this? What the terrorists did in Boston was scary but, if true it gave them (Government) a chance to test their will on the honest people… What will happen next? (Gun control?) Stay tuned for chapter two.. I mean now its sounding like a movie on the Si-Fi channel.. I will go out on a limb here and say the terrorists are rolling around on their cave floors laughing. Believe it or not they are in control of us because what happened in Boston is what they want.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"Bike Stonington Wants its Own Path"

Comment by me.... Being an avid bike rider myself I thought I would publish this article I read the other day..It seems no one is thinking about making safer it for the kids who want to ride their bikes to school. Maybe some older folks would like to exercise during the summer by riding their bike downtown or from one town to another...At the speeds some people go on Stonington's narrow shoulderless roads these days a special roadway is only fair.. In Suffield, E. Granby and Simsbury Connecticut they have paved over the old railroad tracks and repaired the bridges over rivers to make bike trails..I've ridden most of these trials and the silence, peace and serenity is truly amazing...There are miles and miles of these paved trails starting in Massachusetts across the State all way to the shoreline.. Why not a few trials here..I know this would be asking too much but with a little foresight and planing it just might be possible to connect them all.

Note.... The bike trail In Greenfield Mass that has a repaired single track bridge (pictured above) that goes over the Connecticut river so don't tell me it cant be done...    

The link below are the trails in Connecticut. Call me a dreamer but wouldn't it be nice if they were all connected..


The article below was written by Westerly R.I. Sun Staff Writer LESLIE ROVETTI
Published: April 3, 2013

STONINGTON Connecticut - "Bike Stonington, a small, grass-roots organization, is looking for a little pavement. Its goal is to improve access and safety for bicyclists in and around Stonington. The group is small, but it's pushing an idea that is catching on nationwide.
Jennifer Lacker, a Stonington resident and avid bicyclist, was at one time on the board of Mystic Community Bikes, which provides free bike rentals in downtown Mystic for visitors. At that time, she learned that the town of Groton had a bike plan, but Stonington did not. She spoke with some officials in Stonington Town Hall, but found little interest in starting one...."There just isn't anyone in Town Hall who bikes," she said.
Her next attempt was to start a municipal bicycle board, perhaps as a subcommittee of the Planning and Zoning Commission. That didn't work out either, but Lacker persevered, and with a handful of other devoted bicyclists, finally found some tread in forming a citizens group to promote biking.
Their work is kicking into high gear with the knowledge that the state plans to repave Route 27 in Mystic in October.
Route 27 can be bumper-to-bumper with tourists in the summer, and Lacker said that could be alleviated if more people were encouraged to use bicycles. She envisions bike racks at local hotels, where tourists could park their cars and travel to the Mystic attractions by bicycle. As it is now, Route 27 is not particularly bicycle-friendly, she said.
"We have bikes going on the sidewalk, because no one wants to
ride there (on the road)," said Lacker, adding that biking from downtown to the aquarium is "hairy and scary."
A bicycle lane on Route 27 could also connect with bike trails planned for the Coogan property, she said, and could benefit local businesses. When the road is painted after the repaving, car lanes could be reduced by a foot to allow room for bike lanes, she said.
The need for more bike paths was noted in the Mystic Mobility study conducted a few years ago by the late William Haase, who was the town's planning director.
The group is also looking ahead to the 49 roads that Stonington plans to pave over the next three years. They would like to see some safe areas for bicyclists there as well.
"It should be safe for our kids to bike to school," she said.
In the future, the group would like to develop maps of area bike trails, and provide education for drivers as well as bicyclists.
"Bicyclists need to obey the law as well," she said.
The group is soliciting new members, and will have a table set up at the Mystic Cycle Centre on Route 1 on Saturday, April 6. They also have a Facebook page under the name Bike Stonington.
The group will consult with a Planning and Zoning Commission subcommittee that is working on the town's Plan of Conservation and Development.
The subcommittee asked for their help after a survey indicated that residents were looking for more bicycling opportunities. When they're done with that, the goal is to design and implement a bike plan for Stonington.
"We've got to ask for what we want here," said Lacker".


Sunday, April 14, 2013

"The Proof is Everywhere"

Each morning I get what they call a "Google Alert Email Alert"...What happens is I is pick the topic or name of a person and they send me all the information about that person or event in the form of an EM. This happens once a day or how ever how many times I want it..I also get Em's and updates from most of the local newspaper news or local channel headline news. I do this because I don't watch television news. Sometimes but very rarely I watch sports on TV.....After getting these alerts for a while I discovered its the same news every day...Its exactly the same, I couldn't believe it...Its always all about the most outrageous things people do to each other, their pets, wives, kids or mothers and fathers...The question is, do we really need to know these very disturbing things? I noticed the only thing different is the names and the towns and cities they come from. It never changes it just goes and on and on. Why are people acting out with this kind of behavior you may ask?

     Yes, there are some sick people but the United States is not a happy place and it hasn't been for a long time. The trigger is things are changing faster than people can cope...Its the Trillions of dollars of National Debt but its mostly the hurtfully high gas prices. Do you really know how much a Trillion of anything is let alone a Billion? Paying $4.00 a gallon for something worth maybe .50 cents a gallon, if that. American Politicians will not say a word about that...Why?.. Because Washington with all its lawyer manipulation and legal corruption in the form of donations from oil company's and God only knows who else, that's why. Its because of greed and self interest and if they can't steal it they just legalize it and take it anyway. That's why. We are at a point where I don't have to prove anything saying what I say. Just look around you! The proof is everywhere.

     Of coarse then there are the decaying morals and family values of the younger generation. Think about that son and daughter you may have or your little niece and nephew. There are young kids somewhere in your family. If you don't have any, think about your friends son and daughter. Who will they be having sex with in say, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years? Well, actually the question should be how many guys will she be having sex with? How many young girls will he be having sex with?...That TV in your house is programing them constantly. Its always saying everybody does it, why not you? Over and over It is saying to your kids you can't have real fun unless you drink alcohol and use drugs. Do you think it can't happen to your son and your daughter? Wanna bet? Take the time to check and see what they are doing on that laptop you bought for them for school...

 And lastly, Government spending and Welfare are out of control  The Foreign aid alone is outrageous.. Bail outs? You have got to be kidding, The Banks and the Stock Market have very few rules. What rules they have if you can call them that, have been stretched to the limit. A Lawyer will just manipulate the words to fix the problem. No one will take responsibility. No one will make the tough decisions. What I just wrote here just scratches the surface.They just talk, talk, and more talk. Its all about those deals and with who..You just pay and pay. It cannot continue. Lines have to be drawn. It can't last. Something is going to happen. The United States government is in serious trouble. Something has to give...Do you remember when stories ended with, "And they lived happily ever after"? Well, ...... "That will never happen now...

Friday, April 12, 2013

"A Little of our History with North Korea"

Things don’t look so good now in North Korea. They have been a thorn in the side of the United States for a long time. So much so we have troops there on the 38th parallel. Someone said 60,000 strong. I could be wrong. Let me refresh your memory. We, the United States fought a conflict there in 1950 where 52,000 U.S. troops were killed and 670,000 were wounded. There was a big debate on whether to call it a war or a conflict. You be the judge. It was a political decision on what to call it because at the time when the Politician's, "did listen occasionally" to what the people wanted. The people of this country did not want war and didn’t want to go there. So at first our so-called leaders called it a conflict and said we were just going to help them a little. There was a lot of finger pointing and denial on why we were there in the first place. During this war/conflict, there were huge issues where the North Korean Army killed our prisoners of war. Prisoners of conflict? When and if they captured them they tied their wrists behind their backs with bailing wire and shot them in the head..There were black and white pictures showing this brutality. The so-called peace talks (negotiations) went on for months and ended when they made the 38th parallel. Not sure if we paid them money but we usually do. Years later, in 1968 the North Koreans captured a spy ship that was close to the North Korean coast. It was called the U.S.S. Pueblo. That incident almost put us on the brink of another war with them. They still have this ship and use it as a tourist attraction. I looked for it in North Korea on Google earth and found it. Its still there. The ship in the picture above is the Pueblo parked on the river. Commander Lloyd M. Bucher was in command at the time it was captured in North Korean waters. We negotiated for a long time to get the ships crew back. The Commander died in 1968. We don’t need a war with the North Koreans but I guess we have a commitment to protect South Korea. I don’t know the details. I started hearing rumblings from that corner of the world about a year ago, thinking we had better be careful. These folks talk Nuclear like they talk about rice. What's happening now could be the start of something really big and I don’t like what they are not saying. This administration better not screw this up. I’m sort of glad George isn’t in the White House because he would be looking for weapons of mass destruction and finding them this time…..    The picture above is the U.S.S. Pueblo tied on the shore of the Pyongyang river. It is the only U.S. ship that is being held captive.   The link below is the History..


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"Long Tail Cat?"

    The way societies are divided now. Its like we are living life in this order… The rich and poor…The rich, who seem like they are totally oblivious to your problems are being driven in their limos or driving themselves around in their new luxury cars and the poor who barely scrape along on with a junky car with no insurance, a menial job and welfare or no job at all. Its like there is no middle class. The rich who fly around in their corporate jets and the poor, if they lucky enough to get a loan have enough money to be almost stripped searched before they stuffed into an expensive over crowded passenger jet. In a sense there are no slaves but the rich who are catered to and waited on and the people who do it. No, they are not called “Slaves” but think about it?

Comment.......I don’t know what’s going on but in the past week I’ve heard someone say, “Life has an expiration date” three different times. Now, that’s weird. Is that a warning sign?

Quote........“Self righteous anger can be very enjoyable. In a perverse way we can actually take satisfaction from the fact many people annoy us, for it brings a comfortable feeling of superiority. Gossip barbed with anger, a polite form of murder by character assassination, has its satisfactions for us. We are not trying to help those we criticize. We are trying proclaim our righteousness.”……. William Wilson

Comment... My Mom was a wonderful cook and made the best meals year round but the most special to me was made on the holidays by my Grandmother. When I was very young, every Christmas the whole family would gather at her house on Grove St. in Windsor Locks Connecticut for her home made Raviolis. It was a feast with chicken and potatoes and all the Christmas trimmings… I think of my Mom all the time but going to my Grandmothers was the best…...I think about it every Christmas. Its one of my most treasured memories....Do people still do this?........

One of my favorite comments... "I feel like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs"

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Cut Throat Society"

         Save your money because the way it is these days with all this greed we are being conned, scammed and what I call “Over informationized” < (new word) It means bombarded with useless information from everywhere. Knowledge in the form of confusion that we will never use or even think about is now planted in our minds. We are being flooded with fast talking hypestirs < (another new word) from all over the world watching us with bar codes and computers to study for any possible way to trick us, convince us, sell to us or even to play to our sympathy’s for donations and money. They will even pay publicists to start rumors that will make us want to give or confuse us enough so they can take our money…Each day, you will be hum drummed into listening to the countless commercials on the radio in your car or TV (if you can still stand to watch it) trying to convince you buy something you don’t need. From cars to the expensive cell phones with the high monthly payments to computers, lottery tickets and clothes. Once they hook you on these things its too late. They are like those sleazy back alley drug dealers doing everything they can to make you come back and spend. Its been going on for years only now its worse than it ever was. Advertising agencies thrive on the millions of dollars you spend on things you really don‘t need or thought you wanted. They will literally do anything to make you think you want and need things. They will use every dirty trick in the book and some that aren't written yet to convince you to use technology, look prettier, feel better, be stronger, slimmer, healthier while telling you constantly its OK to be good to yourself. What they really want you to do is think they care but all they want is for you is to spend that last nickel and max out your all your credit cards. All they want is your last dollar for their bottom line…
   Please, keep this in mind before you buy anything or spend any money. I had a good job and never had to worry. It was that way in the past and if you had a good job and if you did it well you could be reasonably sure that you would have it long enough to retire. Those days are gone and now there are no guarantees. I call it a "cut throat society" and I don’t care who you are, because of greed and selfishness you could lose your job tomorrow. Those charges you have on your credit cards will not go away. Interest will accumulate every day whether you have a job or not, you still have to pay for that. All the rules about bankruptcy have changed. Those mortgage payments, loans, health care, rent, car payments, federal and state taxes all still have to be paid…  No matter what the government says or how they word it, gas is still $4 dollars a gallon with the summer travel season just around the corner. If you can still afford it you mustn't forget that you will get that really high vacation bill. Miss one payment for anything and the constant phone calls, letters from creditors and lawyers will begin. They will take your car away.The police will come to evict you. You can't imagine how many kids had to move back to their parents house with the new baby... The only guarantee is, that you will have thoughts of suicide…. Save your money, don’t buy anything unless you absolutely need it. Never, never be afraid to say, "I can't afford it". A good rule of thumb is, if you don’t have the money to pay cash, don’t buy it…You will survive and today that’s about all anyone can expect...

Monday, April 1, 2013

“Your Memories are Missing”

Since the digital picture age started a few years ago did you ever notice that there are no real pictures anymore? Remember, what they used to call a photograph? I mean pictures that you keep for 50 years to hand down to your kids for the “memories“. Those memories were triggered by those little pieces of paper...Yes, I agree, digital graphics are clear and it is faster than film but the real pictures on paper are missing. Remember pictures? The kind you had developed and put on paper. You took pictures with your little Brownie or if you could afford it, the 35mm camera that you bought in a real camera store. My wife’s grandfather gave me my first 35 because his hands shook and the pictures came out blurry…His name was George…You then took that roll of film to the local drug store and waited sometimes with anticipation to have them developed to see how they “came out“. Then you knew that years later your kids could look in that box in the back of the closet to see what Mom and Dad did with you and your brothers and sisters or your wonderful relatives years ago. I’ll bet you didn’t know families did mostly every thing together. Beaches, picnics and they visited each others homes almost every weekend. Mom and Dad even visited Grandma and Granddad and took pictures of them. Sometimes they bought little frames and put those paper pictures in them just to remember how wonderful their parents were… I see pictures of my Father and remember what a wonderful person he was and how he patiently and delicately guided me around the pitfalls of this dangerous world. To this day I have a picture of my Dad hanging where I can see it every day… Well no more. I mean no pictures on paper that you can save to see, say 10, 20, or even 50 years from now. Your kids and their kids won’t know who their Grand parents were, never mind what they looked like.. They won’t know who you were or what you looked like. They won’t have those precious memories that you have…This world and its odd society have even taken away your memories and your past.. Its almost like you are only here for a few years and then discarded.. Its like you don’t count anymore. In a little while you won’t exist…