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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

I seen Matthew McConaughey in the movie "The Wolf of Wall street", which by the way I turned off after about a half an hour. Boy am I glad I don't pay to see these things. It was labeled as "black comedy" and it was horrible. Scorsese really went too far here. (For money and shock value I guess?) He should stick to crime movies. There was nothing "black funny", whatever that is, about it. Drug addicts, drunks and greed to the extent of a very serious sickness. Its like they glorify this behavior. Fiction yes but if you did the things they did in the movie you would be dead. Its like Scorsese is encouraging people to do this. Does he have kids? Does he realize kids will see this trash and try what they were doing in this horrible excuse of a movie. Believe me here, its not OK. You will die.. In the first scene, it looks like Mr. McConaughey lost so much weight he looked like he was very sick or had terminal Cancer. DiCaprio sniffing Cocaine out of a hookers rectum is just a little much. All though I'm sure drug addicts have done this. Its thinking about that insanity the next day that really messes you up... I don't know about the rest of this trash movie because I had to shut it off it. It turned my stomach. On Mr. McConaughey. Lose weight yes, I can see that. With all that weight inducing chemical fed live stock in the supermarkets and fast food, its like a poison. I believe people absorb this chemical or have allergy's to this stuff. Its the reason for all the 40 and 50 year old overweight people limping around in your local Walmart. I lost weight because I became a vegetarian. I lost it around my stomach but I don't look like death warmed over and lastly, it surprises me DiCaprio would take a part like this? Why would talent like him waste their time on this horrible loser film.

P.S. Tomorrow or the next day I am going to watch  "The Dallas Buyers Club" in which Matt plays an HIV victim. No matter what the part I would never subject myself to that just to make a movie.. Realism or not..But that's just me..

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