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Thursday, May 22, 2014

"Chelsea Groton Bank" - DO NOT USE THIS BANK!

Do you save your change? I mean when you get home from work do you have change in your pocket like a few quarters, nickles, dimes and penny's? Do you put them in a bank or in a jar to save for a rainy day? I learned from my Dad many years ago to do this. Well, for the first time ever Chelsea Groton Bank in Groton Connecticut wanted to charge me 3 percent of my fifty dollars in coins to turn my coins in. I surprised the lady who did this by saying she should have told me before she put the change into the machine so she decided she couldn't charge me. She didn't charge me this time but I will never bring anymore coins to that bank.
             Contagious Greed has its slimy fingers everywhere now. I've been a customer of that bank for 4 years and at times used 4 branches. Most times the tellers have that blank stare or that aloof look like they have the social skills of a ground mole. Needless to say, I am very angry. I will never ever suggest or tell anyone to use this Bank. I never said anything because at times people do have a bad day but there are also times I have been treated rudely, sometimes ignored and now I feel dirty like a scum that has its greasy hand in my pocket.

Please, I implore you! Do not use this bank....

The branch Manager wasn't there today. The bank I went to is below..
The locations link is below that....

Mary Conti
Branch Manager

1319 Goldstar Highway
Phone 860-448-4242




paula contreras said...

Yes, it's come to this everywhere, and yes like you said Greed. They charge you for everything!

L.J. Ferrari said...

I realize I will be ignored but I’m going to say it anyway… I save my change? When I get home from whatever I do during the day I have change in my pocket like a few quarters, nickels, dimes and penny's? I put them in a bank or in a jar to save for a rainy day? I learned from my Dad many years ago to do this. This is the way I learned at a very young age to save money. Now, even when I buy gas for my car not only do I feel dirty, when I go to your bank to turn in my meager savings in coins to perhaps buy lunch for my girlfriend and myself, I feel insulted. Why do I have to pay you? What gives you the right to charge me for cashing in my coins? I’m the customer it should be a privilege for you do this for me! I should charge you!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This is the worst bank in southeastern ct. It used to be a friendly community bank, but no more. The people think they are doing you a favor by letting you be a customer of theirs. I closed all my accounts and went to another bank that treats me with respect and friendliness.