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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Could This Be Germ Warfare?

People killing each other everywhere, now the plague ... Or something that looks like the plague.. Think about it. Our troops will be going into infected areas. Is someone NOT telling us something? What if you get sick with a minor problem and have to go to a hospital. Hospitals are bad enough these days, will you get sick and die now? What if you needed a hospital for a minor procedure, could you be infected? Could this be Germ warfare? We went to the mall today and did you know there are Army posters everywhere saying join up for a career and better life. Are they kidding???  Is that some kind of joke???  This is not a war like years ago. The wars of years ago we gave names to like World War I or World War II because they ENDED!!! Now its on going death. There will be no end.
I feel really sorry for your sons and daughters that don't know any better. The ones that walk around staring at that little machine in their hand. Its so sad....The worst of it is, some poor fool will believe their lies and actually join... 

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