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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"Tree Removal Mohegan Park in Norwich Connecticut"

 By the people and for the people is gone and in the past. Now its profits over people. To whom it may concern. The people of Norwich don’t care about those 200,000 visitors?   There are too many “Visitors”  driving through the city now…All of a sudden “Surprise” they cut the trees down because they don’t care what people say.. Remember! “Profits over People”. True, I don’t live in Norwich now but I did in the past for a very long time.. I moved to take care of my parents in their last years but mostly because the “City Fathers” allowed them to build that horrible casino. These days, once or twice a week only because of its beauty I return, to walk or ride my bike in Mohegan park. However everything must change. The wonderful children’s Zoo is gone. Taftville is a ghost town, downtown is starting to accumulate empty buildings and the Marina is not what it used to be… Now that beautiful serine park is slowly being striped and ruined because of greed and legal corruption.  Hey, the old school is disappearing so why should they care? The feelings of the neighbors that have owned homes around park for years don’t count. This flagrant abuse of power and the not caring is evident. If I hurt anyone with my words here, it was my intention. Now you know how I feel…

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