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Monday, May 1, 2017

"Its Almost Time"

This is the newly repaired walkway where I am moving....

By the time you read this it will 7 days till move time and I can't wait. As each day goes by the anticipation gets greater. I told some of my friends here I feel weird about leaving now because I am going to miss them. I've had many hugs and people have shed tears for me because I'm leaving but I must remember I'm off to a more modern place. A home like environment where staff cares about people and helps them in this not so nice world.. I won't shoot this place down anymore because its served its purpose. It was an adventure and just another learning experience.. More on my travels in the future.. I'm thinking about going to South Carolina this summer because I really like it there.. Not to live but to visit some friends that I made when I was there that live in that area.. My life is amazing and I thank God everyday that I am still able jump in my Mustang and go anywhere I want at the drop of a hat.. Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future..

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