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Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Illinois Crooked Politian"

I can’t help it, all this is so unbelievable, I would be remiss if I didn’t update the Rod, almost ex-governor and the almost Senator Burris fiasco and it looks like Rod stirred up a hornets nest again. Burris was turned away from the Senate only to be invited to watch the swearing in ceremony from the sidelines. What a kick in the lower extremities. Wow, another History making event. I almost can’t stand it. The gaggle of reporters, cameras bobbing up and down, surrounding a proud but defiant Burris as he walked towards the Senate chamber, head held high, only to be stopped at the door. How exciting! It doesn’t get any better that that. Last year Burris would have said, in his whiney voice, this is racial discrimination but now this story is about a den of thieves and that is a little different. Rod messed this guy up really bad. Burris wants that seat in the Senate so bad he is lusting over it. Right now that doesn’t smell right. He can do nothing but dream of the power he almost had. Is Burris blind? He should know, anything Rod has done, or will do from now on is under the “Proverbial cloud of suspicion“. How do the people know that Burris didn’t pay for Obama’s seat in advance before the Feds found out…I heard somewhere Jessie Jackson’s name being mentioned for something but he is too busy sharpening those knives to help or be of any use to anyone. I think a lot of the smart politicians, if there is such a thing in Illinois, don’t want to know Jackson now and are not returning those phone calls. We know, Jessie and Rod are pigs and I’ll bet Burris no novice to the Illinois offensive word club. The Senator job, slowly slipping away must have caused some backroom terminology and name calling from that so-called experienced, want-a-be Senator. These morons have no pride and are willing to make fools of themselves when they are so desperate to get something. Believe me, by the sound of Burris high pitched voice he is really desperate. Its later on, that circle of fools will be remembered as the just another of a long list of Illinois crooked Politian’s. It just gives guys like me something write about.

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