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Saturday, August 8, 2009

"A Saga Ends"

Fifteen years in prison for O.J Simpson…Eligible for parole in nine years. Simpson, sixty years old and a college graduate by way of a football scholarship is still a liar and a thug and will go to prison for armed robbery. A suitable end for a suspected double murderer . A classic example of what goes around comes around. Sooner or later if you live long enough your past will catch up with you. You can run but you can’t hide. You can cover it up with smiles and jokes. It will find you. The lies will continuously surface and you will be put in the spot light and every one will know. Where ever you go, who ever you know, the lies and guilt will follow and at times will be overwhelming. After a while even to smile will hurt so much that you will have to pretend happiness. It’s the pain of worry and guilt. That nagging little voice in your head you try not to listen to but you have to because it will get louder. Remember, I said, “Our minds are our worst enemy“. That would be your conscience reminding you that it won’t forget until the day you die. Its often silent but like a time bomb it will remind you on an occasion when you least expect it. The people you hurt, you will see as reminders and they will be your constant anchors keeping you aware not letting you forget even if you could. Any happiness you feel is superficial and meaningless. Your elation won’t last. It will be just a fleeting moment before its deflated into that sick feeling of guilt and you begin to think and suffer all over again. Now its prison. Will it be institution green or gray? One or the other we knew it would be. That daily boring existence of sleeping behind bars. Being awakened at night in that constant dull roar that is always there and never seems to go away. Listening to the slamming cell doors and screaming nightmares of your mates. Then there is always the crying and howling of the others that pass the time in confinement with you. No private room for you O.J. a cell mate is in order for you, not of your choice but one of theirs. Will you be lucky or sad? Will you be happy sharing the same toilet with no privacy? That’s up to you to say. I won’t wish you well because I don’t know you, I just know of you and from what they say you are not a nice person. Will you have nightmares? Will you relive that night when you were looking through the window and seen what Nicole and Ron were doing in the house? Will you have “Those” nightmares? I don’t know? So the OJ. Simpson saga is over and after ten years of denial, that smirk and grin are gone replaced with fear and that,“ I cant believe this is happening to me” look. A promise was made and I certainly hope that you continue to look for the real killer while you are in prison. Whatever happens, as always, its up to you…

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