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Friday, October 23, 2009

"The Girl in the Park"

I wrote this last year and I thought it was interesting.....Read On...Last night while resting in a park in my town after a long bike ride .I call it a cool down....I was sitting on a park bench watching the people walk by. It was just after dark and I noticed an attractive young girl sitting alone crying or what I thought was crying...There were tears in her eyes. Now folks if you have been reading any of what I have been writing you know I practicing to "Mind my own business"...Right? Well, Last night was one of those nights that I am glad I helped a woman in distress..I introduced myself and I thought that she would give me one of those "Get away from me looks". Boy, I was wrong. It seems she needed someone to talk to and a shoulder to lean on. (Just call me a father figure) We talked for a while and she told me her boy friend cheated on her and was drinking and screaming at her to get out...You know the story one thing led to another and...It was one of those times that I was really glad I am single...We had a very sexy evening at my apartment and she left at 4 AM. This was one of those one time things I know and if this wasn't my daily blog I would provide some details but I think you get the picture...I have seen her walking in town and I think I know where she lives but and please believe me, last night was a "flash in the pan" and that's that...She was much to young for me but what pleasant thoughts I am having......There is nothing hotter than revenge sex...The lesson here is to "Mind my own business except in extenuating circumstances". At least I know God loves me....

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