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Saturday, October 24, 2009

" Mr Spitzer "

I wrote this when Mr. Spitzer got caught. You know what happened shortly after that...

OK, so what. Mr Spitzer got caught with his pants down..A little play on words there..I wasn't going to say anything but...I don't see anything wrong with seeing a lady of the evening if your single. He's not single and that makes it not right. He's cheating on his wife and that tells me the commutation between him and his wife is not good. Having said that. I am single and have been with some very beautiful and interesting ladies myself. See, I am single and I am not a Governor setting an example, I can say that. The part that bothers me is the Executive's of the New York stock exchange going on CNN and saying that Mr Spitzer was too tough and vigilant and always keeping an eye on the (In my opinion) the unsavory people in the Stock Exchange. Those fools being upset tells me he was doing a great job keeping an eye on THEM. It seems as they are happy that that Mr. Spitzer got caught. Having said all that.. Does that mean that the crooks are going to have an open season on cheating the stock holders? I mean they are calling him bad names and are thrilled the he got caught. Watch out all you stock people or whatever you are call yourselves the cheating and stealing will begin soon if it already hasn't. He's gone now and the rats will soon come out to play..God bless him and his family......I wrote this on March 12, 2008. If I can see what was going to happen why couldn't someone else? I have never seen anything like what happened yesterday. I think its sick and I don't know how our new President is going to fix it. Its like Bush cronies are stealing one last time to make sure they screw up this country before they have to leave. Its almost funny to watch these idiots scramble for the cash.....Its amazing how no one cares. Greed is really powerful.

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