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Friday, February 22, 2013

"Its My Responsibility"

    Ah, where to begin? Today I need to go to the car wash.. I know, don’t say it, I know the doors on the car will freeze and so will my hands but I want to have a clean car.. I don’t like all that salt and chemical stuff they use now. That’s the reason I am giving. Yesterday a complete stranger asked me, “How I could drive that beautiful car in all this slush and muck“.. I felt so bad the car was dirty I almost went last night but it was really too cold. Still, I have a responsibility to my Mustang fans to keep the car clean and I will.
    I bought a new coffee maker yesterday and would you believe it didn’t come with filters?  So on my way home late last night I stopped to buy some. The only place that was open was a discount kind of place that sells all kinds of stuff “Dirt cheap“. I found a package of 200 filters for 1 dollar plus tax. That’s correct, you read that right,1 whole dollar. I went the register with a big smile and said to the girl, “Hi, this isn’t going be a big sale because I  only want these coffee filters”. She said “How bad do you want these filters, sir”? I hate it when people call me sir… I replied, “Oh, I don’t know, tomorrow morning coffee bad”. She replied, "Well in that case you got it and to my surprise she said, 'thank you for the beautiful smile", she went on to say “These days no one is smiling and I needed that“. I told her that “I was glad that I was able to help her“. That statement along with those filters made my day… There was a reason there were no filters in that box. Sometimes it’s the littlest things you need to notice…

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