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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"U.S. To Launch Peace Talks With Taliban?"

U.S. to launch peace talks with Taliban - The Washington Post


"The Obama administration will start formal peace talks with the Taliban on Thursday in the Persian Gulf state of Qatar, the first direct political contact between them since early last year and the initial step in what the administration hopes will lead to a negotiated end to the protracted war in Afghanistan."

Comment and you knew there would be........

     Is Obama going to Qatar to personally negotiate or will he send Hillery and Huma Abedin? You remember them don't you? How do they know if the Taliban negotiators aren't wearing bombs? Will they strip search them or make them walk through bomb detectors before letting them in the negotiation room? Will they do this in different rooms? Who will be ordered to do this? Will they send woman negotiators? If they do will they be wearing burkas? Check picture....Is it a volunteer job? I can hear it now. "OK guys and gals I need a few volunteers to sit in a room with a bunch of brutal murderers that might have bombs strapped to them.  And lastly. Will we give them money? I mean why not, we pay for everything now and I'll bet the bottom line here is about cash...


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