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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Medical Weed and Addiction

I realize that I am probably over reacting but some how I don't think so. You need a doctors  proscription to buy this stuff. Right? I guess that makes OK to smoke because a Doctor said its OK.  Read on...   

So let me see if I got this right? Under the guise of the word (Medical).
They are going to grow and sell, with a prescription dope, pot, cannabis, reefer, Mary-Jane and weed in Connecticut legally to an already addicted pill popping, cocaine sniffing, crack and alcohol using society. They are knowingly and intentionally going to help turn our youth quicker into drug addicts for money.
           Somehow I think the cigarette companies were behind this from the beginning via campaign donations and bribes. I can see the Dope farms with their armed guards around the green houses and the marijuana fields in Virginia. The People that grow this poison are in reality legalized drug dealers like in the ghettos and the back alleys. Can you smoke this poison and drive? When they stop you and they will. Will they make you give a blood test or will they make you pee in a cup. Oh and where will they do this? On the side of the road perhaps. Why not? They already feel your crotch when they search you. Will the armed swat team police shoot you if you don’t stop when they tell you. Keep in mind the drones will be flying above you watching.
      I am hearing about the jobs this will create. People working in the green houses adding chemicals to make it grow faster so the greedy bastards can make more money. Growing this stuff is perfect for bending the rules.
      Sign in the window. Now hiring. Drug dealers wanted to work in your local package store or corner convenience store. Will the next shooting be in a school or a Mall? Some how I believe that those killers were or on some kind of drugs when they killed all those people and ruined families lives forever. Remember when they said, "he went postal"? Have they thought of a name for someone shoots people in a school or mall or will they stick with “The Shooter”. I mean, that is getting kind of boring.  
            Mom and Dad, if such a thing still exists. I implore you to keep your eye on the kids when they go to the park or you could be in for a lifetime of pain and heartache… Believe me here, there are always consequences from using any kind of mind altering drugs and chemicals. Do you have the addiction gene? Is someone in your family now or in the past a drug addict? Young minds are easy to addict. All the television they watch. Those Reality shows. Those visions of grandeur.. The drug dealers know this and are counting on it! Think about that, addiction is just a moment away. Lock the house… If you need to ask, what does he mean lock the house? You haven’t been there yet! I have…..

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