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Sunday, February 9, 2014

She's Only An X

It was an Interesting day yesterday…My usual breakfast with friends but what was more interesting was, well not really that interesting but it was more of a “You never really know who is watching you day“….
     One of my Ex’s posted a comment on Twitter that she was reading my Facebook page and Journal. I should say she found my Journal ( link on the bottom of the page) and said, now get this, She said, “I’m amazed seeing inside his head". She went on in 140 characters or less…”I just can't conceive of that much intensity all the time!” I think she was talking about what I was writing about at the time. Not all my beautiful pictures. Alright now, was that a compliment or an insult?  Wait, hold it right there… “Intense”! Now that’s food for thought. Hell, I never thought it was intense. Although I am intensely angry with the changes and the complete disregard of what the future of our country and state will be. I haven’t been posting lately because I’m sure no one wants to read my constant condemnation of our so-called leaders, and law makers. I heard that one yesterday “Law Makers“!  What a joke…They all sit around trying to look serious when the TV cameras are on but behind the scenes they are making back room deals, laughing and telling jokes about how much they will be able to steal from your wallet. See what I mean? It always comes out like that… I can’t help it… I’m sorry...I try not to be upset but what can I say. Some  times I wish my head was in the sand or I was blind or ignorant to what's happening and could go around like nothing is going on.  Intense yes… I know I’m not the only one that feels like this… On me not posting. I can only say, I can’t think of anything good to say so I’m not saying anything… Did she insult me? I still can’t figure that out. What difference does it make, she's only an "X"



Anonymous said...

The way it was written insinuates you are constantly intense, so I doubt it was meant as a compliment. Whether or not she is correct or making a mountain out of a mole hill, why should you care about her opinion?

I understand how you feel about the state of the world and of the country. I'm of the same mind, which is why I rarely say anything about it. Now, I'm just trying to shift my focus onto more pleasant things.


L.J. Ferrari said...

Thank you Snow.. I always appreciate your comments..