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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Things I've Said & a Few Quotes

There are times people ask me questions. These are just some of the answers...

 Addiction ... There is no “Cure” for addiction. Once you stop using drugs or alcohol you cannot start again. If you do it will be like you never stopped and it will get worst. The progression of the addiction disease never stops. Total abstinence for the rest of your life is the only way to get better. Addiction is a disease like Cancer, or Sugar Diabetes. There is no cure.
NSA ... The only solution is a neat little bar code or a GPS implant somewhere on your body… They have them on dogs and cats why not on humans? It just makes sense…. Cashier Amy in Walmart wasn’t shocked and she actually thought I was serious when I told her Walmart was going to put a bar-code on her neck to be able find her...To her the idea was just one of those things that will happen sooner or later and acceptable……How do you know there isn’t some kind of locator on your body right now? A microscopic pin point GPS that can hear and find you ……. Wait, there is and you carry it wherever you go ... its called a cell phone ….. Wait again, the reason the Government doesn’t care how many people there are in this country is…What’s the first thing they buy when they get to this country? A cell phone … Wow …. I could be on to something……………..

On Chem trails ... I believe something is going on...But If you can get a picture of the smoke coming from a jet engine at say 50 or 60,000 feet you can hang around an airport long enough to get a shot of (more than one) truck being loaded with, not fuel but chemicals. I'd like to see that. If I wanted to get picture I would follow the tanker (any oil or aviation fuel tanker truck) to see where he goes. I would even be persistent enough to get a sample?

If I have learned anything from this relatively short life span we have, its two things. Choices and Burning Bridges. Always leave a little room for negotiation.   L.J. Ferrari

Fast food ... Did you tell them what was in that hamburger? Its not exactly beef. Maybe a little beef chemical flavor but don't forget they grind up every part of the cow. Private parts, brains tongues and God only knows what else. Keep in mind they don't waste anything. You could mention that they bleach wash that meat and add chemicals, growth hormones and steroids. Mention the torture and pain of a slaughter house. Yes, whether a creature was grown for food or not. It can feel pain...They know when they are going to be killed. Did you ever hear a pig scream?

Drugs ... We have entire generations of kids on psych drugs, Adderall, Ritalin, and the list keeps growing. I am convinced that there's a significant test and correlation between these drugs and so many of the episodes we have seen over the years. It's too easy to prescribe these ADD drugs and diagnose every undisciplined kid as having a deficit or learning disorder. Instead of good discipline and parenting, we reach for the Med X.

Some of my favorite words and sentences.

"C'est Si Bon"


What happened to Abracadabra?

"Lucy, I think you've got some 'splainin' to do."

That's so cute and very (apropos). I have never used the word "apropos" in a sentence.

Line from the movie "Out of the Furnace". ... "Church ain't over till all the snakes are back in the bag."

 She's FFF, that is why she looks like she does ... FFF means "Fast Food Fat"

Fast food again ... That was years ago and now with the way they mass produce chicken, cattle and pigs and the way they slaughter them I will never eat meat again. The Beef and Pigs are injected with growth hormones to mass produce them. The same thing with Chickens. They are locked in small cage's suffering and crying used only for their eggs and then slaughtered for fast food nuggets. Believe me they mince and feed you everything on that chicken including the fat and skin. It’s the same with fish. The oceans are poisoned with Mercury. Remember the Mercury warnings? They don’t tell you that anymore. Its worse now. Now its oil, radiation and what ever else they dump in the ocean. Don’t you ever believe that they care because they don’t. Its all about their profit margin. Remember when you could trust the producers of food. Well don’t! Look at all the over weight people from eating McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Wendy’s limping around this country. Believe me, No one cares!

Question ... Why aren't there anymore coupons in the mail?

On police presence .... Did you notice there are no cops around anymore? OK, maybe a few traffic cops but on streets downtown and in buildings? Where did they all go?

Answer ... They are watching you on security cameras from places you wouldn't believe..

P.S ... 3/11/2014 ... Fox news from New York reported that McDonald's stock was down this morning. That is the best news I've heard in a long time. Maybe some lives will be saved..

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