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Sunday, November 9, 2014

WARNING….. Beware of Advertisements on Twitter!

The other day I noticed there were advertisements for a soft drink. Don't you love the way they say "soft drink" like it can't hurt you so sit down and pour that bowl of sugar down your throat. Or eat this Pizza it tastes good. Failing to mention the grease alone will raise your cholesterol blood pressure to heart attack levels.  Anyway I digress, read the directions below to get rid of those ads..

If you want to block those ads the tool is on the advertisers site.. Go to the Twitter site and click on that little gear and then click block. It will disappear.. There is also a disregard button. You can use that also..Since Twitter has changed things around it is a little more confusing...Gee I wonder why they changed....

Note!...If advertising appears on my Tweet page and I see it I will tell every one NOT to buy or spend anything you sell or try to sell.

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