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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I realize that my posts have been short with a lot of useless information. Lately I haven’t been in the mood for much of anything… I’m tired of all the bad news and senseless political rhetorical chatter and excuses from the politicians and the wanna-be famous. Its like it’s a huge cycle and with the new year beginning its just starting all over again. Not one so-called leader in Washington is saying anything but the usual nonsense. No one is addressing the real issues. Rage, anger, welfare, illegal’s, immigration, crime, homelessness, drug addiction, drug smuggling, fraud in the system or the political corruption. No one is saying anything about the fact that there are too many people jammed into the cities and will talk about crime and over-population. No one will really say anything about conservation, the environment, joblessness, greed, education, bullying, gay issues or the prices of gas and food. No one will say one word about the cops now shooting unarmed people and getting away with it.. They all live in a bubble. They are all Lawyers. All they do is lie about each other. Not one of these morons knows anything about the real feelings of the people. They all went to private schools and were protected from the outside world. What do they know about emotional pain? These are the people that own the summer cottages and private beaches. These are the same Lawyers and Judges that let convicted murderers, if they have enough money, get a new trial. (((Michael Skakel))) They are all liars. I resent them all…Democrat and Republican.
        Ask yourself, when was the last time anyone one of these freaks flew on a airliner with other passengers? Now they all fly with private jets. When was the last time they were searched by an x-ray machine and were embarrassed and had their things pawed through. They all have people that do their flying, driving and shopping. They all have nannies, chefs, servants and public relations people that repair damage or put a spin on a bad story…Now get this, its all paid for by your tax dollar and the Lawyer loopholes and the new rules they made. Not one of these fools really cares about you and me. They have no idea what really happens when you are out of money and your credit cards are maxed out a week before payday and they are going to shut your lights off before you can pay the bill… They don‘t know the hopeless feeling it is when you don‘t have a job because a foreigner took it and you have to borrow money from your parents to heat the house, eat and feed the kids.

            See what I mean, I don’t have to tell you all this stuff. Its all the same and it will never change and to me its so boring because its been going on for years. The people of today are like clones and sheep being led around by the nose. I have been saying it for months…its only going to get worse and it is!… It will never get better and really change and if it does, the problems will still be there, only you will have to pay double for it… While you are doing that you might as well give them a raise and a new fleet of new bullet proof limos. They are going to need them in the future…..

Having said all that, welcome to 2014 and a very Happy New Year if that is at all possible.

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L.J. Ferrari said...

Skakel beat that little girl to death with a golf club iron and is a convicted murderer. If he gets a new trial the Judge has been bribed and is corrupt. That is how he got a new trial. They bribed a corrupt Judge with Kennedy money..