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Monday, December 30, 2013

"A Milestone"

    Its been almost 3 years and I still don't watch TV…..I guess there is a science to giving up something…  Something addicting that is?… Until they banned cigarette commercials. They programmed you to smoke and it turned out to be addicting and millions of smokers died of lung cancer and related diseases. How long will it be before they ban beer commercials. Did you notice there are no Hard Liquor commercials? What about beer, it does the same thing?…Drink too much and they say, “You are having fun“. They want you to believe you are having fun and you think you are. Ask yourself If its so much fun how come you suffer the next day if you drink too much?  Now the Greedy Bastards sell beer on Sundays here in Connecticut. That way they can get you to do more crazy things for the 11 o’clock news and guess what? (((Spend more money)))…Well, as for me, I feel better each day by not watching television and those insane commercials. I think if I write about it gets easier. Anyway, in a sense I have not been watching for a long time. I was turning it on but muting the commercials but now, even when you mute everything there are hidden commercials. You can’t do that anymore. I have to shut it off. These days watching television is not good for your mental health and behavior…I know they have been using it to reach into your mind. Not only watching every move you make in the stores but using the plastic bar code cards to keep tract of what you buy…Now you feel compelled to spend money you don’t have by way of the television…All you Moms that plant your kids in front of the TV to give them something to do…The Bastards are programming your kids to do, God only knows what? In a sense you are allowing strangers to mess with your kids mind.  Here is a test to see if they are being brainwashed…Shut it off and tell them to go out and play…I don’t have to tell you what the result will be. Do I? Try it yourself. Don’t watch TV, go to the park. Take a bike ride. Put on some commercial free music on the stereo. If you can’t do this for even a day you have been programmed..

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