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Saturday, December 28, 2013

“I’m Stuck in the Past”

The other day I wrote about the TV mini series “Great Expectations” and “Downton Abbey”. I also enjoy reading Jane Austin and Anita Shrive novels about the past. I also mentioned how I wished I was living back in that time period. When I left the house the other day I was thinking about that. As I was driving to the store and as I usually do, going the long way around. I noticed that when I go someplace, it could be anywhere. To the store or just to go out for the sake of going out. I always go by way of the back roads and through neighborhoods with shortcuts where the older homes are. They remind me of growing up and where I used to live. The roads I travel on, on my way to getting there are quiet and you very seldom see any other cars. Years ago there weren’t that many cars and I like it that way. I just came to realized that I’m living in the past…Sort of. Then during one of my walks on the beach where I meditate, I really thought about it and if were up to me things remain the same. Yes, I do have all the modern conveniences plus and my car is a 2005 Mustang…I bought it new. The point is it’s a Mustang and not a foreign car. I try not to buy anything foreign. I wear corduroy pants and leather boots in the winter, now get this, with suspenders and I dress nicely all the time. I ride a bicycle in the summer and I have been doing that for years. My diet is eat anything I want, only half as much. I noticed s while ago that I eat just like my Dad. In fact I eat the same kinds of foods he did. He was born in 1915. Then there is what I watch on TV or in the movies. I lean toward the older movies and of coarse movies about the seventeen and eighteen hundreds and I love the way the people lived then. Stories about Kings and Queens are my favorite…The way I see it, if I lived during that time period I would have been a gentleman and a man who enjoys helping people. I would have rode a horse to where ever I went. A Mustang perhaps? ….Now, I actually believe I am stuck in the 1950s or 60s. I refuse to accept progress and what it passes for these days, in any way shape or form. In my opinion we are going no where in this country much too fast for the sake of greed and we are taking no hostages. I absolutely refuse to be greedy nor will go after any money. Believe it or not money doesn't mean that much to me..I want to be free and feel safe where I am. I will not take any chances and move forward into this dog eat dog world  Why should I go forward into this complicated mess we call a country? I refuse and will do everything I can, not to pay high prices for anything. I do not watch advertising or commercials on TV. I won’t buy anything because the other person has it or because it’s the thing to do. If I want something I will do research to look for the right store and if the price is to high I will wait for a sale. I will not rush anywhere and I am never late for doing anything. I am courteous and kind. I respect the old and young alike. I smile and talk to anyone. I’m stuck in the 50s and I love it. I will not move...

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