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Monday, November 23, 2015

"Aw Have a Heart"

Mr. Chaney got his heart a long time ago.. This is a memory post..

Ok, I’m back for a while because there are things I just can’t resist writing about and one of them is our old friend Dick Chaney.
Dick Chaney needs a heart. Any volunteers out there? Cash money on the barrel head……Wait, wait lets go back a little. …Does the theory, “What goes around comes around”, really work? Is it true? OJ Simpson hired three Lawyers and got off from a double murder charge. Only later he did end up in prison on a unrelated charge…It came around for him. Actor Robert Blake hired a big Hollywood Lawyer and got off a murder charge. Has it come around for him? He disappeared, we really don’t know. I do know he doesn’t have a career anymore. The same lawyer that got him off, got Michael Jackson off from a child molestation charge. Then Michael hired a Drug dealer Doctor to give him drugs. How's that working out for you Michael? If the super rich want something they just buy it or hire someone to do their bidding. Other recipients or will soon be winners of the “Goes around award” are….Lindsey Lohan. If this young actress doesn’t stop using drugs and drinking it will come around for her..Remember Heath Ledger, well it came around for him as it will for Charlie Sheen if he doesn’t make a decision to stop abusing himself. I realize this has nothing to do Mr.Chaney but let me finish. Can you figure out yet where I’m going with this?…Remember Congressman Gary Condit from California? He was the one having sex with that young intern until she got murdered. Years later someone else got arrested the crime but for a long time everyone thought he did it…It came around for him…He lost his job and I’ll bet people still think he did it. Remember Anna Nichol Smith, Judy Garland, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Chris Farley, Andy Gibb, James Belushi and so many more lost their lives due to the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol…I’m getting off track here but lets just say it did come around for this group of people, all famous, rich and thought they could buy anything….Now back to Dick…Well, this guy has a pile and I mean a huge pile of money from the oil company's and it would probably take you and I and all our relatives 40 years to spend. Now, he is sitting on this fortune, that he can’t take with him by the way. Oh and by gosh, what to do…Dick needs a heart..He’s 72 years old and wants to be on the heart list..How far down on that list is he, you ask? Actually quite far. 3169 people long. They say the list is for the near death or people with less than 6 months to live. Here's the question here? Will his Billions of dollars get him higher on the list or can he buy a heart? Sadly, Mr. Chaney has had this condition for about 30 years. I think it has to do with the severity of his illness and his projected life span. Is it coming around for the ex-vice President?…We will see. If he suddenly has a new heart, did his cash buy it? Hey, a big donation here and there. Remember he’s a Politian with connections and power. Its not like he hasn't paid for this and that before. Will he use his influence to get a heart? Of coarse, it could be that maybe its time for things to come around to him. Remember, “Goes around comes around”.. Good Luck Mr. Chaney. I wish you well. We now know money can buy Doctors, Lawyers and drugs. We will soon see if money can buy hearts and happiness…

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