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Monday, April 4, 2016

Change and Accept

Well, another day goes by and and I guess nothing is going to change. Nothing I say or do will help. So I am going to help myself.. I am going to stop complaining about the insanity and I am going to pray for the people responsible for the things that are happening in our world and to our country.....Does it sound like I grew up? Well, I have. I discovered that no matter how old we are. You can learn how to grow and in the past Six months I have I have grown to better myself. I feel much better as each day goes by. I accept the way it is and I will not talk about our Government or the way its being ruined by The Obama cronies who either no nothing about running a government or are total greedy morons. Why are there no investigations? I apologize to them for calling them bad names. I pray for all the manipulators, speculators and people including the Arabs, no virgin's for them, that are responsible for the economy in America and the way their fellow humans are suffering. ( Its greed, terrorism and control ) They will need every prayer because there is a special express elevator to the worst place in Hell for people like that. I pray for all the terrorists and savages so they will understand, God or Allah does not like it when you kill kids or people. No matter how angry you are or were brain washed and taught that it was OK. You too will be on that express elevator, believe it or not. I pray for all the people that don't like the people in the United States. Please remember most of us don't like the way our country takes over your country. We are just people who are lucky enough to be born here. I will pray for all of you. My Higher Power has a big job trying to help me understand how people can hurt other people....I know I can still say that......

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