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Saturday, February 4, 2017


 There is something about killing an innocent animal that is wrong. Keeping the population in check .. Why? Are they eating to much? killing too many humans? Not enough room for them? Here is an example. There are too many humans. If you have enough money you can kill a select few. Say 50,000 Black people have to go because they eat too much. 25,000 Spanish people must be killed because there is no room for them to live.. Just like all those defenseless creatures. Why? Do research on Slaughter houses... Oh I forgot, you have to eat...They kill those animals not save them! They kill them to be able to brag about it..  Those Hunters losers and yes they are losers that think they are brave and macho. < I can still say that.. They are wanna-be cops or soldiers that couldn't past the test so they put on pretend camouflage clothes to kill harmless creatures that can't shoot back. The fact is they are bed-wetter cowards with visions of grandeur. They were never taught to be careful because believe me here, what goes around comes around.

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