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Sunday, February 26, 2017

"Violence in Our Country"

Comment... I  don't have a TV but I do watch my favorite shows on the Internet on free TV sites.. I get the news via e-mails of my choice from all the news stations. Been doing that for years.. I notice its getting worse and worse... In fact I delete all the nasty stuff...  Note... All commercial free...Read on below..

                    I think the violence on TV these days stimulates the copycats and the Psychopaths into thinking that they can get away with the things they see on TV or in the movies because they think they are smarter. Did you notice that lately they are putting the most insane things on the TV news? They do this so people will generate more news. In a sense they are reshaping our cultural values.               
                The young people of today are, for the most part not being taught at home or in school. Look at the epidemic of bullying lately. Years ago they learned by limit setting and their parents example. Today it’s the drug addict movie star or some other twisted thing on Facebook or YouTube. They see these things and guess what? Right, they are on the news and you are saying. ”Awww isn’t that a shame…

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