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Saturday, November 20, 2010

"Mermaids Tears"

I have a new hobby….Wanna guess what it is?….. I have become a Sea Glass collector. That’s right Sea Glass. So far I have found no pieces of this kind of glass. When I am wandering the beaches I look for this rare piece and hope to find some soon. I’m not alone out there looking. There are always a few of us “Beachcombers“, yes, that title comes along with being a glass collector looking for this rare find. It’s a time consuming craft and the only risk is a nice tan or breathing in all that sea air…..I don’t care its worth it. My next project will be finding a suitable container for all the treasures I will find……For your information only and in case you want to become a collector I’ve put a link to Wikipedia so that you can tell this a very serious hobby. Everyone is welcome. There are thousands of miles of beaches to explore. Actually, I started looking for these “Sea Gems” about two weeks ago and so far I have found only a few, almost ready pieces….Just, not qualified enough to become “Mermaids Tears” so I threw them back into the ocean so that maybe in a 100 years or so someone else can find them….Today I will look for a container to store my treasures…Good luck to all you future glass hunters and I hope you find that elusive piece you have been looking for your whole life….. L.J. Ferrari

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