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Friday, November 19, 2010


Someone paid me a compliment yesterday and it made my day, hell it made my week. Its hard to explain what it was. It was something that I suggested to her and she actually talked about me and what I said in a speech she made to a of a group of people. It was about something I taught her and she mentioned my name and where to go to see me. This is the second time this has happened that I know about and I am so pleased that I am getting to someone and they are learning. I realize that my experience in what I do is vast and at times overwhelming to some people but when I hear that I have touched someone in this way I feel like I am accomplishing something and maybe saving someone from a life of misery. I needed that compliment yesterday. When the holidays roll around I get, well its not depressed but wishing my family was closer, not in distance but in friendliness..I know I am not alone with these feelings and some of it is my fault but it could be better. I have many friends in fact I am going to a dinner party Saturday night. These people are my second family and I love them all like they were blood relations. I have been invited to 3 parties so far this Holiday. Its hard to say no so I’m not going to.. I am going to go to as many as I can. No, I’m not a famous or an important person and its difficult to write about myself like this. This is not really about me it’s about a brave young lady doing something that is really hard to do. I just gave her a nudge to point her in the right direction and I feel good about that…

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