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Friday, November 19, 2010


The only good thing about this Charles Rangel thing in Washington is that he will be forever be known as just another crooked thief politician. His family will feel the shame of his greed and dishonesty. His legacy will be another poor example to the black people he represented and the blacks that fill the majority of the prisons we pay taxes for. He is in the category of, Oh! him he's just another crook like the rest of them. You would think because he's black he would be more vigilant and careful but no he's just like the rest the scum that’s locked up. Charlie just slipped through the cracks and blended in with the rest until he got caught. So instead of being a drug dealer he's worse! He’s a crooked public servant who betrayed the American people and cares only for himself, disregarding the people he serves. I have got to be careful how I use the word servant. I don’t want Charlie to say I’m picking on him because he’s black…

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