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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Kitty In the Woods"

   The other day I seen a discarded Tuxedo cat in the woods. He or she quickly, in a cats usual sneaky way disappeared into the brush behind a building...Yesterday I think I seen that same cat who is still out there in the cold....I happened to have a can of cat food in my car because I do these things just in case I see a kitten in the woods when I go by. I fed this cat with the hopes that it comes back to eat the food. I have done that many times and when I return the next day the food is gone. I always think that at least there is creature out there with a full belly.
    I don’t know why people, if they qualify as people? Subhuman would be more like it, would drop off a cat or any creature for that matter to try and survive in the woods. It would be just as easy and they would feel better about themselves if they would just go to the humane society leave it there. I realize saying that to someone like this is like talking to a brick... There are no questions asked if you do this. I describe people who drop off creatures to survive on their own in the woods like this....
    They are usually losers and cruel to their kids and family. They have no conscience and are insensitive to their co-workers and parents. They have no social skills and have the habit of walking with their head down and only smile if they want something. They never say thank you or please and they very seldom make eye contact. They will lie if put on the spot even if it’s a very simple meaningless thing. Psychopaths like this will be caught sooner or later doing something inappropriate to other animals or creatures. They don’t like themselves and will try to be something or someone else. They are not very creative and are not responsible. They live dull boring lives. If you spot one of these bottom-feeders wandering the streets call your local psycho pickup for recycling. You will doing the world a favor...

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Teresa Lynn Johnson said...

Yikes! Our wards would be packed...You are a good man L.J.! Unfortunately... There are tons of creeps... You make a difference and that is all that you can do...If you think about it too much, like I do...You'll go crazy, and then the
"Good Guy" is locked up instead of the creep that doesn't care about anyone, or anything, but himself... I wish there were more like you! Thank You for all that you do my Friend! Love, Teresa :)