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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Animal Welfare Activists Targeted In Bills to Curb Investigations"

Animal welfare activists targeted in bills to curb investigations - The Washington Post

Headline in Washington Post yesterday......

   “SACRAMENTO, Calif. In an effort led by the meat and poultry industries, state legislators nationwide are introducing laws to make it harder for animal welfare advocates to investigate cruelty and food safety. Some bills would make it illegal to take photographs at a farming operation. Others want to make it a crime to lie on an application for a job at a plant“. 

Comment..........SOUNDS LIKE THEY WANT TO KILL IN PRIVATE, TO HIDE THEIR BRUTALITY. IF THE CROOKED POLITICIANS PASS THIS, IT IS THE SAME AS A LICENSE TO KILL ANYWAY THEY WANT!!! I TOLD YOU THESE MONSTERS WERE EVIL. Duck, Geese, Chickens, Pigs, Cows, Sheep, in fact any living creature that breaths air has brains! They feel pain! They have feelings! If you hurt them, they cry! If you don’t feed them, they starve to death! If you don’t give them water they die of thirst. These are the same people that grind baby male chickens live (peeps) because they don't lay eggs then mix the remains to feed the chickens…If they don't grind them up, they throw them in a dumpster and suffocate them to death... The same people that send horses from America  (race horses and horses that are too old to work) to Europe by ship to be slaughtered for food. They are cruel and merciless. If someone doesn't watch and report them God only know what you will be eating for fast food...Do you want to know how they make chicken nuggets?...I don't think so....Believe me, its only about greed and the profit margin…


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