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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

“Nostalgia or Sentimental Recollection”

I remember stuttering when I was very young. It was in Kindergarten and I think the other kids laughed at me. It was a funny feeling thinking the word but not being able to say it. Dad told me, “to try to slow down talking and to think before I said something”. I remember trying really hard to slow down talking. It took a while but I did and it worked and the stuttering passed. I remember not have to have think about it anymore. I started taking naps in the afternoon because when I was a little kid I remember reading about the Mexicans taking a Siesta. It was explained to me by my teacher in Geography class that they do this every day and it was a custom and part of their daily life. They even showed a picture of a guy with a big hat called a Sombrero sitting down sleeping. I remember in Kindergarten when the teacher gave us cardboard mats to lay on for an afternoon nap. To this day when given the opportunity I take a nap. I have been doing this every day for years. Its neat to remember the way it was. It was so much better then.

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