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Sunday, December 9, 2012

"Giants - Saints"

Comment ....... Here we go again ... Is that what you are thinking? ... Well, I don't know about this afternoons game .. I can only speculate...There are a few if's ... If they are over that embarrassing ONE point loss last week to the Redskins .. If the injury's aren't that bad. If they can get motivated after that ONE point loss last week. Did I say that already?  Oh, sorry about that .. If Manning can find a receiver that will NOT DROP the ball.. If the field goal kicker can kick a field goal longer than 40 yards once and a while... If he made that field goal last week in the first quarter they wouldn't have lost the game by ONE point ....They would have won by TWO ...... Seriously ... Today if the Giants win, it won't be by much. The Saints have a good team ...  Giants 17 - Saints 14.....C'mon now, you didn't expect me to pick the Saints now did you?

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