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Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Take a Breath"

Written on February 11, 2009 ....I wonder how Stephanie feels now almost 5 years later and does she still work there?

An Easthampton Massachusetts car wash employee had the scare of her short life yesterday morning when her scarf got caught in that (the way I understand it) “Big spinning wheel“. Being a scarf wearer myself I am aware of the, loose clothing rule. For example, never wear a scarf while checking a running fan belt on the engine of a car. The results of getting caught in the belt can be devastating. I guess for 19 year old Stephanie Carpluk (not making that up) of Chicopee Mass. the same rule applies when walking through the bay of a windy, noisy car wash to do whatever they do in that dangerous place. It seemed that her scarf got caught in that big spinning wheel that cleans the grill, hood, top, and rear of the car. The wind and turbulence this causes, must have suddenly caught her scarf in that wheel and pulled her up. It was strangling her. I can only imagine the helplessness, desperation and sudden fear of feeling that thick tightness griping tighter and tighter around her neck. She must have tried to get it off but didn’t have time. The surprise of that sudden pulling jolt and then her feet leaving the ground and being so helpless only moments later feeling herself passing out. All this happened in seconds with no time to even think of what to do. Stephanie hung there until a fast thinking John O’Leary cut her down with his knife. He administered mouth to mouth recitation till Stephanie came back while another customer called 911. The eternally grateful Stephanie was released from the hospital with deep red marks around her neck and dark bruises around her eyes and face. That is one kid that is going to wake up very sore but with a new out look on life. I love stories like that…Its like something out of a horror movie…I don’t know why Stephanie was in that bay like that but if she keeps that job I would suggest that she turn off the main breaker to stop all moving parts before trying to fix anything…I am sure she learned a thing or two or three....

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