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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"On Becoming a Vegetarian"

Update....So far so good..I have been successful in changing my diet. I have not eaten steroid or hormone injected beef or pork since the beginning of December. I very seldom go to a fast food restaurant but I haven't been in one of those places for 3 weeks. I still eat eggs but only the ones that are for sale on the street where I live. I can actually see the free roaming chickens that lay those eggs roaming around the back yard. They are not mass produced in a place where they torture the chickens by confining them in small cages and feeding them chemically enhanced food and I will not eat the chicken sold in any of the Supermarkets... Did you know Pizza without meat is delicious? The only hard part about this diet is knowing what meals to fix...My girlfriend helps me with that with her ideas.. She a really special person.. I feel better just knowing I choose what is in the food that I eat..On the cost, granted at times it is a little more expensive but I've discovered that there is always a sale on food in the freezer case for vegetarians.

On the cell phone charging.... I am still using last years model. The one that only maybe needs charging every three days... So here we go with another day in this very dangerous country. ...God bless all the kids going to school today... Now, where did I put that bullet proof vest?

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