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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

" I Went Back to My Old Phone"

I have a cordless vacuum cleaner that I use every day and only have to charge it once a week. ..  If they can do that, what about a cell phone?  I got tired of constantly plugging my phone into a charger so I did it... I went back to my old, well not really that old, cell phone...I reinstalled the Sim card and picture card and now I don't have to charge it every morning, afternoon and night.. They never tell you that you need to carry a charger with you all day long...To start with, here are the other things I'd like to warn you about. The WiFi in restaurants, coffee shops and fast food places is a prime place for those greedy, slimy advertiser's and I'm being very nice calling them that, to hack into your account password and use your name to sent boring trash to other people who think it is coming from you. The only safe place to use the WiFi is at your local public library and sometimes I wonder about that. I think that hack stuff happens because those phones have that password save on it and also because you have to click accept to get into their system. I had the famous Android phone and I admit with the 4G it was fast with very few problems except for the constant drain on the battery. I tried to remove or stop all the things that would drain the battery (running programs) and even went to the local cell phone technician who when I told her what I wanted, she laughed and said, "good luck with that". She tried her best and she did delete some stuff but I think she made it worse than when brought it to her... Heather has always been very nice to me and has been doing her job for a long time so I trust her. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to these things. The phone I use now has Internet if I want it but no WiFi. So far Its been 2 days since I charged it. This old phone also has a much better camera with a faster shutter speed and a radio that you don't have to pay for. It has better ring tones and its easy to handle. I think its less droppable. If you know what I mean? The screen is a smidgen smaller but I can do all the things I did with the other phone...Except WiFi of coarse. However, I can turn on the Internet and pay for it but I very seldom do if ever...So the now the old phone is my primary phone and the new phone is shut off and in the closet and I'm glad...

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