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Friday, December 17, 2010


Post from April 6, 2009

I always have a problem on Mondays. Its always the same and I am not going to fight it. I am just going to let Mondays happen. At least I got a good nights sleep and I am not tired. I discovered yesterday that I really don’t like being tired. Well, I didn’t discover that but remembered from past stupidity. Being tired makes me grouchy and not nice to be around. I didn’t do or say anything bad to hurt anybody’s feelings but I could feel it. Its lucky I realize this because in the past I have been at times, a not so nice person. It’s an involuntary feeling that I am aware of now. If anybody knew this they could push that button and I would be someone that you wouldn’t want to be around. It seems that I have this energy tension that won’t go away. It doesn’t take much to trigger this anger. It doesn’t last long and its not a continuous but I know its there. I have no reason to be angry. I am not trying to control anything. At least I don’t think I am. To alleviate this anger I took 2 lengthy bike rides even though it was a chilly day. The only time I felt ok was when on one of these rides I met my friend Hillary and she gave my a big hug. You remember Hillary, the hottie I wrote about in a past Blog. I told her to stop dressing like an MTV bimbo. She was mad at me for 2 months but later thanked me for teaching her how to grow up. See, everything happens for a reason….Well today I feel great or at least not angry and I don’t have to hide from anybody so I think I will rejoin this troubled world and maybe return the favor and help someone. Thanks for being here and listening…

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