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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I went to breakfast yesterday with my friends. What a wonderful bunch of people. Its really nice to have a sort of a second family here at the shoreline. Its where I spent Thanksgiving. I suppose I’m going to have to go up to see how the other half is doing pretty soon. My real family. I haven’t been there in a while..I don’t know this for sure but I’ll bet they are doing just fine without me..I’m getting the Mustang ready for the trip. I had an oil change done yesterday..It was 500 miles over the time but it really doesn’t need that much work. I spent a small fortune on it this past year..Plus I just got car insurance bill. Isn't that a nice Christmas present? A freaking car insurance bill. Oh well that’s life..Nothing much else going on. I went to the beach at sunset last night. I only say that because it was so cold that I could only stay for 40 minutes. I did find some sea glass and a dime so the the time was well spent..Boring huh. Well I love it..I have those little heaters for my mittens and a warm parka. Its cold but I go prepared. Its like when I worked on the runway at the airport…

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