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Sunday, February 27, 2011

“I Could Be Wrong by a Few Mills”

The price of Gasoline in America is predicted to go to $4.00. The way the administration is trying to control the world again I’m really starting to be scared. It was $3.55 a gallon here yesterday although I seen a sign for $3.39. Here is the way I figure it. If you go slow and only use your car on work days but definitely not on Saturdays and Sundays and certainty not for vacation you will use an average of $40 dollars a week or $2080 dollars a year. To break it down. It costs $106.50 to fill up a 30 gallon tank. You figure it out. If you do this once a week it will cost you $5538 dollars a year .…Of coarse its times 2 for a 2 car family that works. That will cost $11,076 per year per family…If you are lucky enough to work but work at a low paying job or any of the fast food restaurants or chain department stores you will not be able to drive to work and buy food to eat. It will be too expensive. According to my figures an American Dollar today is worth minus $.75 cents. Like soon it will cost you $2 to buy a $1 dollar bill. Hey, I could be wrong by a few Mills by at this point what’s a few Mills. After Trillion comes Quadrillion. Obama will be spending that soon. Hmmm, I wonder if his mom and gave him a charge card when he was too young. If she did, she must have paid the bills. He thinks those monthly bills will somehow magically disappear. He is all about instant gratification. He knows nothing of the consequences. It seems like he doesn't care about people and how they live. Congratulations to the first black President and I mean that but that’s all he is, the first black President. Now here we go again, advising a mad man to quit. Huh! He is making waves and not minding our own business. Why doesn't he put a freeze on the rising gas prices? Why doesn’t he at least talk about that? They hate America now. Just wait.

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