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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“President For a Year” “Part 2”

“Part 2”
“President For a Year”
“No Exceptions”
No Lawyers of any kind will be allowed to run for any Federal or State office for the next 10 years. There will be no postponements or delays of any kind for any trial. Reduce the health benefits to all federal employees. Cancel all health benefits to Congressmen and Senators with more than 4 years of service. Make it mandatory that they buy their own Health Insurance. Cancel pensions to the same unless they have 20 years service and are 62 years old. There are no exceptions. From this moment on a 25% pay reduction to all Federal employees. No exceptions. All Federal aid to States will be stopped for Welfare or food stamps and only people who have been citizens of this country for 10 years will be eligible for Welfare and food stamps. No exceptions. There will be no Federal or State bail outs of any type for anyone. No exceptions. From this moment the Treasury Dept. will stop the printing of U.S. currency for 5 years. Reduce the Federal work force by 30% over the next year. No exceptions. Reduce the Federal car pool by 75% over the next year...All contracts to build special motor vehicles is cancelled. Reduce the Pentagon staff by 50% over the next year. Reduce Military spending by 50% over the next 6 months ...There will be No more Private Jet flights for any reason. No exceptions. All and any air fare to anywhere will be paid for by the person making the flight. No exceptions. No reimbursements for Federal employees for any reasons. All government credit cards will turned in and destroyed. All multi millionaires with over 3 million dollars will pay a 50% tax on all assets. Billionaires are not exempt they will pay a 75% tax on all assets. All oil imported from anywhere will be stopped. All oil companies with wells within 1500 miles of the U.S. mainland will reduce the price of the barrel of oil by 75% or be shut down. No exceptions. All oil from Alaska will be shipped to the mainland United States. No Exceptions. A 500% import tax will be levied on all imports from China or anywhere else. No exceptions. Any environmental damage due to oil spills or for any reason will be paid for in full by the oil company with a 100% penalty tax. No exceptions. Anyone found responsible for environmental damage will be arrested for Terrorism and executed if found guilty. That includes the CEO’s and mid level management of all oil companies. All suspected Terrorists that enter this country Illegally will be shot immediately. Any bonuses paid to anyone with Federal or tax dollars constitutes fraud and they will be prosecuted to full extent of the law. No foreign cars will be allowed to be imported into the U.S. No exceptions. No American cars will exported. All American Drug companies will reduce the price of all medication by 95%. The retirement age for Seniors will be returned to 62 with a full Government Social Security pension. Tune in tomorrow for Part 3 the final chaptor….

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