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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

© " My Life in a Nutshell "

© " My Life in a Nutshell "

                                                "That S--T Storm"

I had an idea the other day and I think I'm going to try it...In 2008 I wrote a blog in a place called Live Journal. Its a paid for site and I take great pride in knowing that I wrote 1000 consecutive entry's. It was sort of a goal. Rain or shine, day or night on vacation, sitting on the beach with my lap top, I did it. Don't laugh you try it, its not easy. I thought because I did all this work I would share my priceless pages with you. There are stories about my Mom who is in Heaven now, a few ex-girl friends and my sons or lack of them and my super best friend and constant house mate and companion, Willie my cat. Pictures included. Each day, well maybe not each day but once and a while I will sent a link to that site with the title of the page. Just click the link.. You know the rest... Enjoy

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