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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"Soup Kitchen In Your Neighborhood?"

Soup kitchen issue packs meeting - Norwich, CT - The Bulletin

“I am devastated as to what I am experiencing,” said Sharon Reilly, who has lived at 41 Park St. for more than 20 years. “I resent the lack of representation from our politicians as well as the underhanded actions of the diocese under the guise of kindness.”
Reilly’s husband, Mark Gagne, said they and other opponents appreciate the value St. Vincent de Paul has for the needy people it serves, but that its arrival to St. Joseph School has severely altered quality of life in the neighborhood.

Comment .... They moved from an easy access in downtown Norwich to the top of the hill in a vacant Catholic school is what they are talking about. The two places are like different worlds. Living in the area now must feel like you are bringing the enemy home to your back yard. People will argue and say, Larry have some compassion. Its a Catholic thing to help and feed the poor and being a Catholic I would agree and say the same thing. I remember the neighborhood they are talking about here. It was beautiful when the school was active but I also remember a few years ago the dwindling attendance. I thought then that they would find a good use for the old school never thinking they would try to do something like this. It just doesn't fit in there! Its like positive and negative. Its hard to believe they are putting something there should be in the center of city. Maybe over by the Town Hall or the Firehouse. Or maybe over near the Court House would be more appropriate. Forgive me here but I wouldn't want to look out my window only to see, "Staggering rift raft"  walking toward the soup kitchen past my grand children who playing in the front yard. Get the point? In Windsor Locks Connecticut the diocese sold the old Rectory and Catholic School I went to. They turned it into condos and apartments for low income people. No comment on that but you can just imagine?
Like most things these days the world is changing as we speak, faster than the mind can understand. Leaving the good honest people that worked hard in the dust. This issue has been going on for a while now.. However, I will bet not one of the Politicians or Lawyers that want this to happen, live in that neighborhood. 

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